Monday, March 31, 2008

A Poetry Tribute To My Japanese Mother


She took her last breath on a beautiful
windswept April morn, the Spring she
so long awaited for.

She is the voice which lives inside me,
the essence of the woman I've become.

She was the epitome of everything
good and grounded in my life.
She had a simple yet clear cut wisdom.

Bred in her native Japanese culture filled,
with pride and strength, always selfless,
respectable, and compassionate.

She taught me how to laugh at my faults,
and rejoice in every single moment.

Though her journey here has come to an
end, her free and loving spirit will always
live in the words I write.

She was and always will be my lifelong
inspiration, and I will miss her immensely
for the rest of my living days.

©Jo A. True-Burkholder 2006
In loving memory of my mother
Kimiko Monma True
July 1, 1930- April 6, 2006

This also appeared on my
website in 2006.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Tiger Ranch Cat Sanctuary Rally Latest Update!

Find Tiger Ranch Latest Update:
Tiger Ranch Linda Bruno Jailed Today ~ Sentencing Delayed! Update Oct, 5, 2009!

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!
Latest Information on the Tiger Ranch Saga! Almost a hundred supporters gathered at the District Justice office where Linda Bruno was scheduled for a hearing. The Valley News Dispatch reported that the hearing was rescheduled for April 3, 2008. The controversy still continues as the protesters of both sides are in a tug of war. Opinions are running high as evidence is collected and resurfacing in this very conflicting case. I still remain in the middle, unable to decide which way to go! Here is the latest on the rally which took place last Wednesday:

The Valley News Dispatch article and photos:

YouTube Tiger Ranch Rally Video:

Will be updating as the case continues to unravel! :)

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tiger Ranch Cat Sanctuary Controversy!!!

Latest Tiger Ranch Update:
Tiger Ranch Linda Bruno Jailed Today ~ Sentencing Delayed! Update Oct 5, 2009.

Hey All,

Over the past couple days, there has been additional news on Tiger Ranch. I have to say it all now puts me in the middle. I can honestly say I feel for both sides. My previous posts of videos show only one side, which was the raid on Tiger Ranch, I wish to show other video which also shows the owner Linda Bruno's side. She does make some valid points, as we all approach mortality in the human race, and we have to make a choice to live with brain damage, or just fade away gracefully. My own mother was given what they call comfort measures.

I can't say what is wrong or right, as the word controversy defines: "a prolonged public dispute concerning a matter of opinion," Opinion being the key word here. Everyone having a difference of opinion. I see this to be a very "prolonged dispute." One I will be watching with very intent interest.

I have received many hits on my blog because of this topic, it's not to draw attention to me, but as an avid animal lover to bring attention to animals who are abused. This is the very reason I could never work in a shelter, you need to have a strong backbone to work there. To see what they see every day.

Once I went to the vet with my sister, and another dog there had to be put to sleep, I cried my eyes out and I didn't even know the dog or the owners. So I could never work in an animal shelter, I'd make the owners cry! They'd have to comfort me!

Like Animal friends said "it's bringing attention to the plight of stray and feral cats." I also feel for the undercover worker who is getting death threats, can you imagine? For doing what you believe in! I am hoping that a lot of the cats and other animals get adopted inspite of it all! I pray for a happy ending. Well thanks for stopping and here are the additional video for your perusal:

Linda Bruno speaks:

Under cover worker:

Donation information below!
Support your local shelter by adoping a homeless pet, or give to your local shelter to help all the needy pets out there!

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Talk About An Expensive Cat!!

An interesting article I found on Yahoo yesterday about a designer cat of all things. The Ashera is a mixture of an African serval and Asian Leopard. The Ashera looks like a minature Leopard, and is said to be affectionate, and weighs up to 30 pounds. The cost $22,000 ~ is that not unreal! They are calling these cats hybrids, I never heard of it, and there are other types of hybrids being offered.

I thought $70.00 was a lot for my shelter cat, but he was a real deal. To have a cat spayed is between $60 - $200 not including my cat came with shots and microchip. The Ashera are a really beautiful breed, but I don't think I'll ever become rich enough to have one!

Here is the link with a photo of an Ashera:

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Updated Video of Tiger Ranch Sanctuary!!! Will Break Your Heart!!!

Latest Tiger Ranch Update:
Tiger Ranch Linda Bruno Jailed Today ~ Sentencing Delayed! Update Oct 5, 2009!

They showed another video of the sickly cats they had removed from Tiger Ranch Sanctuary. Any animal lover would be so upset by these photos, just breaks your heart. The one cat they showed in the video with it's eyes swollen shut looks just like my OP below!! Link here:::::::

A longer version of the undercover video is on YouTube:

Donation information for these poor cats appears below in my previous post.

Thanks for stopping!!! :) :)

Tiger Ranch Cat Sanctuary Update! Donations Information!

Newest Tiger Ranch Update:
Tiger Ranch Linda Bruno Jailed Today ~ Sentencing Delayed! Update Oct 5, 2009!

Documentary of Tiger Ranch:

Because of the overwhelming number of animals obtained at Tiger Ranch Sanctuary they are in need of donations. Information can
be found on the: Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals: PSPCA site. or for a list of items needed can be found at this link:

View my latest blog updated 8-17-08 video and comments on Tiger Ranch here:

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Appalling, Heart Wrenching!!

Dismayed to find that animal abuse is on the rise. These beautiful creatures which God created for our companionship and enjoyment are being tortured almost daily. In a surrounding county two separate incidents happened this week which caught my attention: Tiger Ranch was supposed to be a sanctuary for cats, and was found to be negligent in doing so, the news story appears here: The conditions there were horrible, and inhumane. The amount of sick cats were tremendous, and unimaginable. The lady owner should have to live in such conditions.

Another incident occured before Tiger Ranch was about three dogs being hung and burned, which they think may have been some kind of satanic ritual. The story appears here from the same county:

Another incident a couple weeks ago about a perfectly healthy St. Bernard shot in the head and dumped along the side of the road in a garbage bag in another surrounding county:

The list seems to go on and on this month. As an animal lover of both dogs and cats, I find this kind of treatment to be appalling and so unnecessary. I had to bury my cat of 17 years right before Christmas, I was devasted. We just adoped another cat from our local shelter, OP was a dropped off stray that was found in the oil pan of the shelter's van trying to keep warm. He will never again have to seek shelter in an oil pan, he will always know love in it's truest form as long as he lives. He is my baby, and so is my chocolate lab. New photos of OP appear above taken by my daughter. It was so hard for us to choose, like the lady at the shelter told us, "You pick one and you feel guilty leaving the rest."
OP has been a wonderful addition to our family, with my 13 year old lab not doing well, he will make her passing alittle more bearable. How could you look into those sweet and innocent eyes and not love them! How could anyone try to cause them harm or to let them suffer? Support your local shelter by adopting a homeless pet, or give to your local shelters who take in all the very needy animals. You will be very glad you did, the lifetime rewards of unconditional love are more than worth it.!
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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

First Buds of Spring!

Tulips I planted last Fall have budded! The temps here in the 40's today with plenty of sunshine ~ felt refreshing. It's great to be alive!

For winter's rains and ruins are over,
And all the season of snows and sins,
The days dividing lover and lover,
The light that loses, the night that wins;
And time remembered is grief forgotten,
And frosts are slain and flowers begotten,
And in green underwood and clover,
Blossom by blossom the spring begins.

~ Algernon Charles Swinburne ~

Friday, March 7, 2008

Women Empowered ~ International Women's Day

Women Empowered

All women are beautiful in their own uniqueness. We all love our children in the same way, striving for a brighter future. We wouldn’t be here without a woman giving birth, nurturing us through the many years of growing and learning. Do we not owe everything to the women who gave their lives, and in turn becoming mothers to give our lives to our own children?

Women born to be empowered in femininity and sexuality walking proudly in our step. To be loved for who we are, and all we can achieve if given a fair chance. Women have made many strides over the centuries, paving the way toward equality and women’s rights. Yet there are still atrocities taking place all across the international spectrum.

Imagine all women united living in modern equality. Imagine the dreams flourished in reality, imagine the world wide possibilities. Perhaps here in the near future a Woman president!

©Jo A. T.B.

Interesting Articles for International Women's Day ~ March 8, 2008

USA Today ~ Calls to end rape to mark world Women's Day

International Women's

International Women's Day NYC

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Monday, March 3, 2008

Invigorating Day!

A balmy 66 degrees today, on four inches of snowpack, and expecting rain tonight. Flooding is highly likely. I flung open all the doors and windows. Been breathing this same old circulated air too long. Sun was out earlier, now clouding up. I can't wait until Spring, the blackbirds are feeding in flocks. Soon the earth will awaken, bringing life back to everything. Dying to hang out my clothes and linens. Go for longer walks, garden, outdoor concerts, and carnivals and fairs, and swimming! I'm dreaming ~ funny what warmth will do to make you feel alive!

A fun list from Kate ~ Things that keep me from writing

Here is my list!

Things that keep me from writing:

~Not enough sleep ~ too tired.
~Early mornings ~ late evenings.

~Dreamer a true pisces.
~Sharing the computer with my daughter.
~Walking my dog daily ~ changing cat litter.
~Chores too many to name.
~Cooking all meals are homemade.
~Always giving my time to others.
~Watching my favorite shows.
~Very little meeeeeeeeee time.
~Lastly searching for new inspiration!

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