Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Purple Bathroom Remodel ~ Home Decor Ideas!

Well it's been a busy couple months. painting the bathroom, picking out carpeting, and remodeling a couple rooms. We used a paint called Valspar signature colors in a color called ice crystal by Earth Elements. I just wanted to add a touch of purple to the walls, and it turned out beautifully. It looks almost a red tint here! I took photos before we added my wall art! I've also been doing some Spring cleaning and getting rid of some unwanted things we don't need.

We took OP for his first adult shots on Saturday, he did really well. While we were waiting out came a sleek black Labrador, and our hearts just sank. Just recently losing our Delilah, we are still missing her sooo much!

My bathroom is huge, I had to take my photos separately in sections. I chose a deep dark purple carpet in a Fraize since this is a very high traffic area. The last purple carpet was smashed to our foundation, didn't wear too well. We chose an 8 inch pad to use underneath, the pad makes all the difference in the overall feel of the carpet. We love it! Purple toilet set was purchased years ago in Kaufmann's before taken over by Macey's.

I had to take a photo of my dog and cat bath rug! Only an animal lover would pick such a thing, plus I've two nephews 2 years old! I purchased this at one of my favorite stores Ollies Bargain Outlet! They have so many nice bath towels, kitchen towels, and almost anything you need at real bargain prices.

The photo above is just a close up of the design on my shower curtain. Made by Saturday Knight LTD, 100 percent polyester and machine washable. My kind of shower curtain! I have an Artisian standard bone colored shower tub surround and toilet purchased at 84 lumber many years ago! They both still look like new, an excellent product!

My countertop is huge my daughter and I could both sit and primp up ourselves at this counter with room to spare. The curtains I special ordered from J.C. Penney many years ago. Purple is a very hard shade to find in bathroom products, especially curtains! There are as many shades of purple as there are in the rainbow!

The right corner of the counter I've a huge mirror I purchased when my store shut down years ago. We used these in the jewelry department for our customers. I wish I purchased another one, they are well made and very attractive. The butterfly is a flowerpot clip that I purchased at Walmart last year. I hate when you put stuff outside and they get rusted, weathered, and faded from the sun. So I just use them for inside decorations! The peacock feathers are real, a neighbor of ours actually has peacocks, and they gave my daughter a bunch of these feathers. I put in a vase behind the mirror to add height to the corner. Pansies in a vase with pot pourri, add more color.

OP was mad that I wasn't paying attention to him, this is one of his favorite spots especially looking out the window at birds! The purple butterfly was purchased fall of 2007 at Boscovs when they went out of business. Another outdoor ornamental piece, I couldn't bear to put out. OP likes to chew the butterfly attennas, and gets yelled at!

The wine glass is a rose color and slightly slanted at the top. I fill with pot pourri, and I buy a pot pourri fragrance to use when guests come to my home! You can also spray pot pourri with your favorite cologne! The roses are actually a lavender purple, excuse my lighting in these photos!

I brought in an additional lamp to get this shot. More accurate in color of the fraize carpet. It's like a grape. I've many corners in my home!

Lastly I just wanted to feature my origami birds, my mom made these for me before she died. She is always with me in many things in my life. She created beauty wherever and in whatever she touched. The rice bowl with purple flowers I purchased many years ago at the Ames store before they too shut down.

Well there you have it a purple bathroom in my style! I'm going to make a part two for my wall art! Happy Spring cleaning and decorating!


Dan said...

Jo, the bathroom looks wonderful; the small touches make it complete. My daughter begged for a purple room several years ago...I'm not certain she is so keen on it now that she's seventeen!

@nGeLine said...

Your bathroom look great with purple decoration.
I lazy to decorate my house because I lazy to clean it, hehe!! Simple decoration will more easy to clean (I'm a lazy girl)!!
I think you like purple's color because most of the things in your house are decorated in purple color. Purple looks beautiful and attractive. I begin to fall in love with purple color.

ochikeron said...

Oh my god! I can live in your bathroom!!!

I didn't know that the purple stuff is difficult to find. Your bathroom is gorgeous! We can't have that large bathroom in Japan!!! It is amazing that you painted by yourself to remodel! Is that common in your country? Because I remember there are a lot of large home retailers like home depot in your country!

I understand Dan's daughter. I now like pink, but when I was 15, I liked purple ;)

Jo Janoski said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Can you see my green jealous face? Oh, sorry! I know you like purple. lol

Jo A. T.B. said...

Thank you Dan, I'm all grown up and I still like my purple bathroom!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Thanks Angeline, I love to decorate. I don't like a lot of clutter, but simple pretty things to add beauty! Really the only room in my house that's purple is my bathroom!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Ochi,

Many folks have said that our bathroom is almost like a dance floor!

Yes we've painted almost every room in our house, and painted the outside too! I love to paint, really makes a room look complete! We do all our painting ourselves, I just repainted my bed head posts!

Every room in my house is a different color!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Thank you Jo, I'm glad it's finally finished! Now we can get to other things. You know how the work is never done in a house! Yes purple is one of my favorite colors!

ochikeron said...

Every room has a differnt color!?!?
How nice! You are an artist!!! Is that your preference? Or you both like to do that?

I really want to move.
I want to live in a house, not a coop. Our home is very small X(
I am asking my boyfriend to look for a new home, but he says he wants to stay close to me. I think he is rejecting my request with a good joke!!!

Do you have a big kitchen?
That's my dream!!!

Nazarina A said...

Hi Jo,
You were certainly a busy bee. I wish I could come over and soak in that bathroom. I'll bring lots of soaps and share with you! I love the purple, it is so girly.Is this a labor of love or what!!! Awesome Jo! Now you can over and do my spare bathroom which is not done yet. Those origami is just too precious! Even the butterfly next to Opi is pretty. I think Opi just wanted to have some peace and quiet in your bathroom ha! ha!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Ochi,

Yes it's my preference to have different colors, mostly dark colors. I love black too, like many oriental art is in!

I've a huge kitchen too, my kitchen and livingroom is open no wall between so it looks even bigger! I spend much time there cooking our meals!

Your boyfriend is funny, he knows the right comeback! :)

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Nazarina,

You know I wanted to feature your goatsmilk soap, but I wasn't sure if you wanted me too! We would have fun trying out all your great creations! I love purple, and black my favorite colors!

My origami a bit dusty, I've had them for awhile. You know the crazy thing is, I forget how to make them. I knew for so long, and then forgot. My mom would say I taught you long ago and you forget!

CouponAlbum said...

Outstanding home decor stuff!! You're purple bathroom is so cool... Love the butterfly...

Jo A. T.B. said...

Thanks coupon album! I love butterflies!

Karen Martin said...

Your bathroom looks so cute and purple, i love it. I am grown up but I still love it.
Nice to go through your bathroom.

Jo A. T.B. said...

Thank you Karen,
We love our purple bathroom, and the Fraize rug is wonderful I highly recommend this carpet! The wall color is a nice touch too!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hello BRLA

Sorry can't help you with remodeling in LA, clear across the country for me! The purple paint we purchased at Lowe's, carpet at a carpet outlet. Curtains and shower Curtain at J.C. Penny. I shopped around everywhere for all other items! :)

Jo A. T.B. said...

My blog is not an advertisement for your business. Please do not leave comments to advertise your business here, they will be deleted.

London Serviced Apartments Lady said...

I don't see enough purple in my day to day life! Your bathroom certainly looks very regal (purple is meant to signify wealth right)?

jade said...

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