Monday, July 21, 2008

Puppy Stolen From Tampa Florida Home! $1000 Reward!! Please Help Find Smiley!!!

Smiley an American Pit bull terrier -American Bulldog puppy mix was taken from one of my bestfriend's fenced in Tampa home on 5-12-08/2A.M. You have to be pretty low down and dirty to stoup so low to make a buck! She has been frantically trying to find Smiley a 5 month old male pup weighing around 50lbs. Another pup taken from her was sold within hours to a loving family. Smiley has not been found and she would appreciate anyone with any information on Smiley to contact her. She has been distributing flyers in her area, and surrounding areas, to no avail. Smiley was also my favorite out of the liter, very much resembling the famous dog on "The Little Rascals."

Even though I'm from PA, I am hoping to bring her story to everyone! The more eyes out there peeled the better. She loves Smiley and wants him back and so does the pups mother. A reward of $1,000 has been posted for the safe return of Smiley. If you know of anyone in the Florida area, please pass this along even to the shelters and rescue leagues. She is very concerned because this breed is often portrayed as mean, but it depends strickly on on the owners upbringing. Smiley's breed is often bred, sold, and abused. Please help my best friend find her precious dog Smiley!! Information below, along with her unfortunate story is also posted on her MySpace. Thanks for reading "Literally In The Moment," and being a part of my animal crusade! Information she sent to me on her distributed flyers is here:

Missing Large Puppy – Please Help Bring Smiley Safely Home!
$1,000 Reward + Danny Trejo (bad guy in Con Air and 200 others) will send you a Personally Autographed T-shirt & Picture!
Be a Hero help find “Smiley” APBT mix taken 05/12/08 2am Tampa, FL
White with Black markings, 1 ear, patch by tail, under eyes (like eyeliner)
Male 5 months old on 07/03/08, est. weight 50 lbs 2’+ ft high and growing
The other missing pup was found. Had been sold by Publix on W Hillsborough.
Has a good home near by off Old Memorial Hwy, Tampa, Florida.
If you bought this puppy please Let Us Know he is okay!
Call 813-230-3128 or or see all info at


Jo Janoski said...

What a tragedy! I hope they find him...

Jo A. T.B. said...

Yes it is Jo, I hope she finds him too! Thanks for stopping! :)

Kate Evans said...

I just don't get why someone would do this when there are soooo many dogs (especially of this breed) at shelters, ready to be adopted...

ochikeron said...

I don't get it :(
I hope Smiley comes back.

Is it a mischief or something that happens often?

ozymandiaz said...

As a fellow Floridian do owner I shall indeed keep my eyes open, but not to dampen any spirits, but the sad truth is, especially with bulldogs an rotties, dog ownership to many has little to do with affection or companionship, but is wrather a status thing. Many are trained to fight.
But you know this already.
I pray this is not the case.

Jo A. T.B. said...

I know Kate I feel the same way. But to steal a three month old pup, is pure profit. If you get one at the shelter you still have to $70.00 for my OP cat, and I think dogs are more. I don't know price at other shelters, to me no qualms about it, very cheap for a fixed animal. These guys just out to make a buck, sadly!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Ochi,

Unfortunately this type of crime is a regular occurance in her area. In the past 6 months, dogs have been taken out of pet stores of all things. Snatch and run. Can you believe it! Doesn't seem to be good area to raise full blood breeds. I'd certainly be worried, if I lived there. Crime everywhere though! I hope she finds him too.

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Ozzy,

I thought I read you were from Florida, certainly a beautiful place I would love to visit again.
Thanks and please let your friends know too. She just let me know he was missing, or I would've posted earlier. I think she just got the idea to post on the internet. She's been footing it the past two months with flyers.

She's very concerned Smiley may end up in the wrong hands as you said. Smiley had a very special appeal, and would've been my pick if I could have one. My friend wants him back, the other pup was stolen and sold to a good home! She would appreciate any help! As an animal lover you know what he means to her! Thanks for stopping Ozzy!

ochikeron said...

Hello jo!

Tampa, Florida, is such place?! I didn't know that!!! I've been to Florida once but might have been a safe place!!! How bad :(

Jo A. T.B. said...

There are bad things that happen everywhere Ochi! Not just limited to Florida. Crimes taking place in every state, and different countries too. Dogs have been abused, close to my area too. You can't leave your pets out anymore, some vicious folk with crazy minds.

terrymcdermott said...

How sas this is.

Jo A. T.B. said...

It's very sad Terry, she has gone to many measures to find him. She is very concerned for Smiley's safety. Hopefully someone, somewhere near her has seen him. We can only hope and pray he's ok.
I certainly hope she finds him! Thanks for stopping by! :)

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