Friday, January 29, 2010

PA Winter Flooding ~ Kingston Dam 2010

We've had a mixed bag of weather here in Pennsylvania, for the last week in January 2010. All the snow we accumulated last 2 weeks melted, with warm temps and rain past weekend caused snow melt and flooding to occur. Many rivers in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas were overflowing their banks, and some roads were actually closed due to flooding!

The mild air quickly turned cold with yet another artic blast of extremely cold air engulfing our region again. I made my way across the busy highway and stood on the icey bridge to catch the above shot of Kingston Dam Spillway which was brimming over.

This shot taken from the center of the bridge. Here my old stomping grounds, where I used to party in the summer catching a suntan on the cement slab. The view is still quite breathtaking with the rushing Loyhanna lake, and hilly trees along the skyline! These shots were taken yesterday on our way up the mountain again!

This morning we woke to 4 degrees, and we're expected to remain very frigid for the next week. Presently all the water from our thaw has frozen, and turned into a thin sheet of ice on everything! I can't wait for Spring, let's get Winter over with already!

Have a great weekend! Thanks for visiting, and stay tuned to Literally In The Moment!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ligonier PA Icefest 2010 ~ Photo Featured Ice Sculptures!

Once again the professional ice carvers from DiMartino Ice displayed their awesome ice sculptures, in the 19th Annual Ligonier Icefest 2010. Today was an unusually warm 40 plus degree and sunny day, which was causing the beautiful art pieces to slowly melt!

I call these two birds above "lovebirds," as my hubby and I posed behind them! The lovebirds were displayed outside a restaurant Casa Chapala. Click on any photo to see them even larger!

We started our tour on the town diamond, and the skier caught my eye immediately. There were so many people visiting the ice sculptures, I couldn't get a shot without the public walking into them!

The alligator was so gorgeous, with his raised head and immaculate jaw reaching upward. The scales on his body were so defined. One of my favorites!

The dolphin riding the wave was a big hit with the children. A towel was placed on his back so the kids could sit and pose for photos! The reason for the black snow surrounding the scuplture! Another one of my favorites!

Woody the woodpecker made quite an entrance here at the ice show, even though he was on meltdown! A few other sculptures were hit by the sun, but managed to stay in tact!

I captured one of the professional ice carvers here, adding his final touches to the Stanley Cup. It's amazing the amount of ice which is carved away, you can see discarded on the left side!

The finished carved Stanley Cup is displayed with pride for our Pittsburgh Penguins! In the backround you can see the back of the huge unique piece displayed inside the gazabo!

I call this one "The Guardian Angel." The sunset in the backround just adds a touch of beauty and glow to the whole sculpture. The definition of fine lines and detail outstanding!

We took a walk and there were a couple sculptures displayed along the storefronts. The one above represents our Pittsburgh Penguin hockey team. Go Penguins!

Last was a "Sunman," who was just adorable. His cute face and sunrays just automatically bring you a smile. You can see he was melting a bit from the days sun, yet still managed to keep his main composure.

Well this ends our ice sculpture tour for the year! I hope you enjoyed my photos as much as we enjoyed the icefest. If you're in the Pennsylvania area, the icefest is worth the trip to Ligonier, and will continue through January 24, 2009!

The talented professional ice carvers never fail to impress with their wonderful ice sculptures. Can't wait to see what they'll create next year!

You can view my last years photos of the 2009 Icefest Here: Ice Sculptures Ligonier PA Icefest Phots 2009.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pennsylvania Snowfall 2010 Phenomenal Photos ~ Laurel Mountain & Derry Ridge!

Finally a break from all the snow we've had here in Pennsylvania for the past two weeks. I swear we had at least 15-16 inches of snow piling two to three inches at a time every single day! I shoveled snow almost twice daily.

Found this cool site which calculates how many calories you burn, when you shovel snow by hand here: I burned 286 calories per hour! At least I was burning off some holiday calories. You can see my front patio table snow gage above, where over a foot of snow piled like a snow cake!

We've a long driveway at least an 1/8 a mile coming from our top road. The snow kept piling up and we had trouble keeping up. My car sat for a couple days when we had a layer of sleet on top snow becoming too hazardous to drive! You can see how high we had to plow the snow in my header above!

Eventually the snow slowed a bit, then we were hit with an artic blast. Got so cold ~how cold did it get? Well cold enough to freeze our burning logs together! Dang I had a heck of time trying to bust those logs apart! In fact we've put such a dent in those logs, we may have to cut more very soon! You remember how huge our log pile was! The snow kept coming and my hands froze within minutes of shoveling, so I had to double glove!

Spectacular icicles formed like the ones in my photo above. Icicles are much like stalicites formed in caves or caverns, except for the fact that stalicites take thousands of years to come into formation!

Last week we headed up over the ridge, and I was so awestruck over the snow scenery on the ridge. I was terribly upset that I didn't have my camera, so my hubby took me back yesterday to catch some awesome shots on Derry Ridge as seen here in the photo!

It's as if we walked right into winter wonderland postcards. Snow covered the trees for miles, begging me to capture the beauty!

The further we went the deeper the snow and heavier the snow appeared on the scenery! Like we were driving into a totally different world!

As we approached Laurel Mountain, you could imediately notice the difference in snow coverage! It was as if someone had taken a frost gun and frosted the whole area. Totally breathtaking as the towering trees stretch on for miles, looming high in the sky with every frosty branch!

These pines reminded me of my friend Nazarina who posted a photo of the snow in Colorado on her blog last year! Pine branches were so heavy they touched the ground, and even worse were broken from the weight! Many tree branches were bent to the brink of breaking!

We could hardly see the road as we drove further up the mountain, even the powerlines were covered in snow! Still the trees were white glazed in such granduer, drawing us further into it's frozen world!

Each mile more magnificent than the next! Laurel Mountain is an incredible landmark to experience all Four seasons here in Pennsylvania. Each season simply exordinarily capitivating to envision.

Afraid of venturing any further, we decided to turn around when we saw only snowmobile tracks! Hardly anyone in sight but one skier, close to the entrance!
The astounding view was ever breathtaking as we made our second visual round down the mountain. This exemplary shot taken from our truck's front windshield!

Lastly but not leastly we caught one final glance as we exited the mountain. Looking out across frosted treetops lining the mountain as far as you can see. Here dusk was approaching fast, and the snow was still falling. Glad to head home to alittle warmer climate!
Hope you enjoyed looking at the snow world through my eyes here in Pennsylvania! The sun has made her entrance today, a gradual thaw to melt the ice tundra on my driveway!
Stay tuned until next time, remain focused and Literally In The Moment!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Tiger Ranch Linda Bruno Will Not Face Jail Time ~ Update 1-8-10!!

Linda Bruno previous owner of Tiger Ranch was sentenced today and will not face jail time. She's to serve 2 years house arrest, after which she'll be responsible for paying $200,000 restitution and $12,000 in fines. After serving house arrest, Linda Bruno is to serve an additional 27 years probation! Although she received no jail time, Linda Bruno could face jail if she violates any terms. She's still to receive physchiatric evaluation and treatment, and have no further contact with animals.

The prosecution provided evidence that 7819 cats were accepted at Tiger Ranch between 2006-2008. There were 486 cats taken in the Raid on Tiger Ranch in March of 2008. A total of 6484 cats were taken in the year 2007, I cannot even fathom that many cats being dropped off! There were 7333 cats that were missing or unexplained for. The total number of cats taken in and missing is a phenomenal number of cats!

The Tiger Ranch case has taken many turns since I've followed from the beginning, and I'm sure we haven't heard the last of Tiger Ranch! Anyone interested in adopting the remaining Tiger Ranch cats may find information here on my previous blog post: Adopt A Tiger Ranch Cat For The New Year 2010 , or click on the Tiger Ranch Sabrina cat photo on my right sidebar! Linda Bruno looked thinner as she faced her sentencing, surely the trial has taken a toll on her.

I agree with the one Vet who was interviewed that we should never let another Tiger Ranch happen. I still believe that if Linda Bruno had some help or had asked for help, especially the year she had taken in 6484 cats that she wouldn't be facing these charges today. Had she made an appeal to the recues and to the public, maybe the situation could've turned out differently. I truly hate to see an animal lover be beaten down.

Please read additional interesting comments and observations from actual witnesses of Tiger Ranch made to my blog post here scroll down comments: Tiger Ranch Linda Bruno Jailed Today ~ Sentencing Delayed ~ Update Oct 5, 2009. It's amazing how the support for and against Tiger Ranch has teetered back and forth!

Let us all be united in one thing Animal Welfare, and bringing the plight of these innocent critters to the forefront of our hearts! I may not have the money to help, but I do have the means to feature stories and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves! If you're in the market for a dog or cat, please check your local shelter or even better yet check a kill shelter in your surrounding area to adopt a pet on deathrow today! Don't forget animal shelters and rescues can sure use our donations in these tough economic times! Stay vigilant and keep to the cause!

Read all my Tiger Ranch blog posts here: Tiger Ranch ~ Literally In The Moment

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Big Cat Rescue Inspiring Tiger Video!

I've been a fan of Big Cat Rescue for years! I love the work they do to protect and rescue abused Tigers. Snorkels story will absolutely touch your heart. Recently I became a member of the Big Cat rescue community. This site is not only for Tiger lovers, but all animal lovers in general. You can join Big Cat Rescue, and look me up under hugecatlover! Big Cat Rescue is also on facebook! Nice to find so many animal lovers out there who are eager to support a great cause! It takes a lot of work to take care of these magnificent creatures.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Adopt A Tiger Ranch Cat For The New Year 2010!

Photo: Sabrina A Rescued Tiger Ranch Cat Courtesy Of Tails Wags N' At Site!

Keeping up with the Tiger Ranch Case, I found that the original Clarion shelter which took in Tiger Ranch rescued cats has since closed. Tiger Ranch cats are available for adoption at: Tails Wags N' At Shelter located at 728 Allegheny River Blvd, Verona PA.

Sabrina pictured above is only one of many Tiger Ranch cats rescued from Tiger Ranch Cat Sanctuary in Frazier Township. Needless to say which ever side you may be on, these beautiful felines are in need of a loving forever home. If you're looking for a cat, you'll just fall in love browsing through the photos of these cute and cuddly creatures listed here on these links from the Tails Wags N' At Site check them out~ You can see all their wonderful and different personalities:

Tails Wags N' At has also posted photos of the rescued cats who are fortunate to have found a home! Refer to their website for hours of operation.

In my atempt to report on the Tiger Ranch case, I missed posting links for the adoption of these poor sweet cats. So for my first post of the year, in honor of my own shelter cat OP, I wish to feature the Tiger Ranch Cats here on Literally In The Moment. I'll also put a permanent link on my sidebar so they'll be featured for anyone who is interested in a Tiger Ranch Cat adoption in the future!

A super benefit in adopting a shelter cat is they're already Litter Trained. Cats will love you unconditionally, and are very low maintenance in care. They're great companions and fun to have around your home! Adopt a shelter cat today and you'll be showered with a lifetime of love!
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