Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ligonier PA Icefest 2010 ~ Photo Featured Ice Sculptures!

Once again the professional ice carvers from DiMartino Ice displayed their awesome ice sculptures, in the 19th Annual Ligonier Icefest 2010. Today was an unusually warm 40 plus degree and sunny day, which was causing the beautiful art pieces to slowly melt!

I call these two birds above "lovebirds," as my hubby and I posed behind them! The lovebirds were displayed outside a restaurant Casa Chapala. Click on any photo to see them even larger!

We started our tour on the town diamond, and the skier caught my eye immediately. There were so many people visiting the ice sculptures, I couldn't get a shot without the public walking into them!

The alligator was so gorgeous, with his raised head and immaculate jaw reaching upward. The scales on his body were so defined. One of my favorites!

The dolphin riding the wave was a big hit with the children. A towel was placed on his back so the kids could sit and pose for photos! The reason for the black snow surrounding the scuplture! Another one of my favorites!

Woody the woodpecker made quite an entrance here at the ice show, even though he was on meltdown! A few other sculptures were hit by the sun, but managed to stay in tact!

I captured one of the professional ice carvers here, adding his final touches to the Stanley Cup. It's amazing the amount of ice which is carved away, you can see discarded on the left side!

The finished carved Stanley Cup is displayed with pride for our Pittsburgh Penguins! In the backround you can see the back of the huge unique piece displayed inside the gazabo!

I call this one "The Guardian Angel." The sunset in the backround just adds a touch of beauty and glow to the whole sculpture. The definition of fine lines and detail outstanding!

We took a walk and there were a couple sculptures displayed along the storefronts. The one above represents our Pittsburgh Penguin hockey team. Go Penguins!

Last was a "Sunman," who was just adorable. His cute face and sunrays just automatically bring you a smile. You can see he was melting a bit from the days sun, yet still managed to keep his main composure.

Well this ends our ice sculpture tour for the year! I hope you enjoyed my photos as much as we enjoyed the icefest. If you're in the Pennsylvania area, the icefest is worth the trip to Ligonier, and will continue through January 24, 2009!

The talented professional ice carvers never fail to impress with their wonderful ice sculptures. Can't wait to see what they'll create next year!

You can view my last years photos of the 2009 Icefest Here: Ice Sculptures Ligonier PA Icefest Phots 2009.


terrymcdermott said...

These are totally awesome. I have never seen ice sculptures.

Jo A. T.B. said...

Thanks Terry! Well if you ever get a chance to see ice sculptures I highly recommend it!

ochikeron said...

Is it already a year since the last one?! Wow! Time flies!!!

What a nice photo with your hubby!!! Maybe it is first time you posted his pic. Many other ones were too dark. He-he :D

I want to ride on the dolphin, if possible... Very cute!!!

I totally enjoyed your tour!!!

Thanks for taking time to post them!!!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Ochi,

Yes it's been a year! Thanks, seems all our photos always turn out dark, because I don't take them! I'm sure you'd look cute on the dolphin!

Unknown said...


Sorry for late commenting for this post.The sculptures were just so amazingly done!!! They were so creative!

I love the dolphin one..

Jo A. T.B. said...

The ice carvers are very talented Jose, they deserve all the credit. I hope my pictures do their beautiful art justice!

nazarina said...

These are magnificent! You captured all their hard work on camera! They had the snow sculptures here in Breckenridge as well but I was too exhausted to take pictures after my near freezing, hard day of skiing. I swear my extremities were frost bitten!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Yes, their art sculptures are the best. I always enjoy making the trip up to see them! I know what you mean it's been real cold here too!

Ice Bars Los Angeles said...

ice carvers are awesome. I appreciate these types of work. Specially the dolphin sculptures very beautiful.

Jo A. T.B. said...

Thanks for stopping by Ice Bars Los Angeles! Seems you guys are pretty talented too! The day of the Icefest was very sunny and warming up so a lot of these sculptures succumbed to weather elements! Usually we're pretty cold at that time of year, and sculptures last up to a week! DiMartino Ice puts on a great icefest every year! I loved the lighted dishes you did on your site! Excellent work!

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