Sunday, March 16, 2008

Appalling, Heart Wrenching!!

Dismayed to find that animal abuse is on the rise. These beautiful creatures which God created for our companionship and enjoyment are being tortured almost daily. In a surrounding county two separate incidents happened this week which caught my attention: Tiger Ranch was supposed to be a sanctuary for cats, and was found to be negligent in doing so, the news story appears here: The conditions there were horrible, and inhumane. The amount of sick cats were tremendous, and unimaginable. The lady owner should have to live in such conditions.

Another incident occured before Tiger Ranch was about three dogs being hung and burned, which they think may have been some kind of satanic ritual. The story appears here from the same county:

Another incident a couple weeks ago about a perfectly healthy St. Bernard shot in the head and dumped along the side of the road in a garbage bag in another surrounding county:

The list seems to go on and on this month. As an animal lover of both dogs and cats, I find this kind of treatment to be appalling and so unnecessary. I had to bury my cat of 17 years right before Christmas, I was devasted. We just adoped another cat from our local shelter, OP was a dropped off stray that was found in the oil pan of the shelter's van trying to keep warm. He will never again have to seek shelter in an oil pan, he will always know love in it's truest form as long as he lives. He is my baby, and so is my chocolate lab. New photos of OP appear above taken by my daughter. It was so hard for us to choose, like the lady at the shelter told us, "You pick one and you feel guilty leaving the rest."
OP has been a wonderful addition to our family, with my 13 year old lab not doing well, he will make her passing alittle more bearable. How could you look into those sweet and innocent eyes and not love them! How could anyone try to cause them harm or to let them suffer? Support your local shelter by adopting a homeless pet, or give to your local shelters who take in all the very needy animals. You will be very glad you did, the lifetime rewards of unconditional love are more than worth it.!
View my new and previous posts on Tiger Ranch here:


KATE EVANS said...

Thank you for this post.

I love the way animals are in the moment (to borrow from your blog name). They can teach us so much about living life now, and unconditional love, and the joy of a touch or a bowl of food!

Jo said...

Thanks for stopping by Kate! The animal abuse seems to be as bad as hate crimes anymore. I guess this lady meant well, but took in more than she could handle. She was an animal lover too, and I'm sure she will miss the ones she was close to. More than 400 cats were sent to Clarion county Humane Society, there were a lot in really bad shape, and many died! So sad!
They are asking for donations, I am creating a seperate post with the link. :)

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