Thursday, February 19, 2009

Loving Tribute To My Delilah Chocolate Labrador Retriever!

It's with heavy broken heart, I dedicate this post to my chocolate Labrador Retriever Delilah! She suffered a stroke on Tuesday and had to be put down with her loving family at her side. Pictured above is my daughter who is the same age as Delilah, and our tabby cat Bones who passed away Christmas of 2007! Delilah had just turned 14 in January 2009!

Delilah was a gorgeous pup. I picked her out of a litter which had 3 chocolate labs. She grabbed my attention immediately with her dark chocolate coat! We had bred our Sampson with a friends black Labrador, and Delilah was my first pick! The Labs were all AKC registered!

At the time we had Delilah in our home, we also had her father Sampson, and a dropped off Tabby stray Bones cat. I had just given birth to my daughter. My house and heart were overflowing with love!

Sampson taught Delilah every trick he knew, like running away, rolling in cow patties, laying in mud puddles, and dousing themselves in the perfume of putrid dead animals!

Sampson and Delilah swam in our swimming pool every Summer! My husband taught them to climb up the ladder to get out. We would throw their toys in and they would retrieve them, sometimes actually going under the water to get them! The chlorine however, was very hard on their skin taking out their natural oils. But at least I knew the water was clean that they were swimming in. The past couple years, Delilah was unable to swim in the pool, due to her joint problems, and not being able to pull herself up the ladder. They loved swimming in the pool!
When Sampson died, Delilah and Bones were best buddies often sleeping together!

When my Father-In-Law became ill, we frequently took care of his beagle puppy Snoopy. Delilah tolerated his young playfulness. She was already 12 by then, so we decided not to keep Snoopy because he would jump on her back all the the time!

When my Bones cat died the Christmas before last, I was so sad. I went out and adoted my new Cat OP from a shelter in my area. Delilah once again opened her heart to let another animal into our lives. OP was so afraid of Delilah, but they soon became best friends sleeping together everyday beside my desk!

Here is the last photo I shot of Delilah, when we had our last snow storm. She loved to stick her nose deep down in the snow, adding more white to her graying fur! I'm missing her so deeply, and my walks will never be the same without my Delilah!
I gave my life to her, and she gave her life to me unconditionally! My babies are all buried together in the same spot, by my tree stand. Saying goodbye is the hardest part of living to me! OP is not sure what to do without his buddy sleeping beside him, and keeps looking toward the door for Delilah to come in! Our home is so void, and quiet without her! Most of all I miss looking into those big browns always greeting me with a wagging tail. Delilah was a true blessing to our lives!
I can't wait to meet my babies on the otherside, down Heaven's country road! Tomodomo "together in company," as my Japanese cousin says!
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Friday, February 13, 2009

Smiley Tampa Florida Pit Bull Mix Puppy Still Missing! Do You Know Where Smiley IS!!

My best buddy is still missing her Smiley puppy, and she composed a video for him! She hasn't given up her search to find Smiley! I had the chance to meet the mother over the Holidays, and she's a real sweet dog! Smiley was stolen from his family when he was 3 months old on May 12, 2008, right out of my friend's backyard. Smiley is about a year old now, estimated weight 70lbs or more, and has distinctive markings as you will see in her video! My friend has gone to great lengths to find her puppy! There is up to a $5.000 Reward Now!! Here is her video!

If you find him or know where he is please call. 813-230-3128
email -

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As always thanks for stopping by and have a Great Valentines Day!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Sweet Valentine ~ Poem

My Sweet Valentine

My sweet valentine,
our love has only grown in time.
A love which continues strong,
though the daily grind goes on.
I kiss your lips so fine.

We face the world side by side,
with you my perfect guide.
In spite of life’s storms,
you stay in my arms,
along for the ride.

My sweet valentine,
where the sun brightly shines,

down on our harmony,
together we are complete.
Remain forever mine,
my sweet valentine.

©Jo A. True-Burkholder 2009

A Valentine Poem for all you romantics out there! I've always loved all the romantic and mushy stuff! Love poems are what makes the world go round. "My Sweet Valentine," is one of my favorites from my poem archives. Read another classic favorite poem of mine here in my blog archives: A Day For Lovers!

Literally In The Moment turns a year this month, and after over 100 posts I have to say it's been a blast. I've met so many wonderful writers, and enjoy reading all your blogs very much. Thanks to all of you for your presence here!

We've finally had a break in the weather in PA! The thick ice is rapidly melting with temps in the 50's! With the sun, it almost feels like Spring. The geese were flocking today, and the birds chirping. I haven't heard many birds in the thick of the ice cold weather we've been having! The warmer weather makes me feel invigorated!

One last note, I'm so excited! I was finally able to download my photoshop onto my new computer! Yes I'm back in the photo creative saddle again, another one of my passions. You can see my newest creation "Dual Colorsplash," on my blog header!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pittsburgh Steelers Win 6th Super Bowl! Our World NFL Champions!

Right down to the wire, the Pittsburgh Steelers pulled out all stops to bring in their 6th Super Bowl win! Ben Roethlisberger and Santonio Holmes teamed for the last needed touchdown, to make the final 27-23 win against the Arizona Cardinals. The game was a long tug of war between two great teams, but our Pittsburgh Steelers fought hard right down to the 35 second win!

Mike Tomlin becomes the youngest coach to win a Super Bowl, as well as receiver Ben Roethlisberger being the youngest quarterback receiver to win two Super Bowls! Ben was asked what he learned from this Super Bowl, and he replied "Anything is possible." Just when you think they're losing, they come right back showing what they're made of! A great defensive team, working together as champions! Thanks to two great teams for an incredible game and Steelers for the win!

Steeler Nation is proud of our Super Bowl NFL Champions! Pittsburgh Steelers Are Number 1!

Word Catayst ~ Valentine Issue! Bring It On Home Pittsburgh Steelers!

Word Catalyst has published their February Issue. The magazine never disappoints with all the wonderful writing energy delivered by well seasoned writers. I especially enjoyed the Love Lines section Editor Shirley Allard added in this time! Another one of my poems made the poetry section, here is a snipplet:

In The Shadows Of The Night

In The Shadows of the night,
our busy day is put to rest,
Beneath the soft moonlight.

Beautiful his vision to my sight.
I heed his beckoning call,
in the shadows of the night.

My caress to his skin of ivory white,

The rest can be read Here:

On another very important note:

Steeler Nation is extremely PSYCHED for Sunday's game! Pittsburgh Steeler merchandise is blowing off the shelves in record numbers. You can't find a fanbase more dedicated in supporting a football team, than the Pittsburgh Steeler Fans! We love our football team from the bottom of our hearts! A day of celebration, and partying will be going on all through Pennsylvania, and other states too! Pittsburgh even has a two hour delay for school Monday, in honor of the late night game!

Good Luck Pittsburgh Steelers~ Bring it on home Black And Gold!
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