Thursday, July 15, 2010

The End Of A Swimming Era!

Sadly our Esther Williams pool of 16 years has bit the dust! All my beautiful memories are going to the scrap yard! I was pregnant with my first child when we purchased this pool. It's been through 2 generations of dogs, and most recently my nephew and great nephew. We enjoyed many wonderful summers in this pool, and I'm certainly going to miss our favorite summer recreation right in our own backyard. We were going to purchase a new liner, and upon examing the walls my hubby found a bunch of pin holes all through them.

It couldn't of happened at the worse time, as we're experiencing one of the hottest summers here in PA. We've spent a lot of the past month, driving over to my sister's house to swim in her pool. Though it's been really nice to go there, it's not like swimming right out our own back door! Winter took it's toll on our roof, so we had to have all the shingles replaced this Spring. So purchasing a new pool is quite out of the question.

I've been having a run of bad luck for the past two weeks. I fell one day while walking Sierra dog, along a country field and almost broke my arm and wrist. The ground was so hard, it might as well have been cement. My wrist is still black and blue almost halfway down my arm. Of course I didn't go to the doctor, and have been nursing myself. Still walking Sierra 5 days a week, very gently I may say. Still doing all my chores slowly and gently! To say the least my spirit has been broken, and I know I must be very careful in my footing from now on. I push myself very hard always, and most things can't bring me down. But the pain has gotten to me this time!!

Our luck changed today when a friend of ours stopped over. It just so happens he had an extra pool, and he decided to give it to us. He had moved and thought he lost some pieces to it, and bought another pool. In the meantime, he found the lost pieces. It's a round pool not like our oval, but we'll still be able to swim. My hubby went and picked up the pool this evening.

I'm not sure if we'll get the pool up this Summer, because we want to move it to another location. Where we had the pool before, the leaves would always come in and make it turn green!! Too many trees, shedding too many leaves, especially during thunderstorms!! Plus with my bum arm, I'm limited to how much I can help!! Yet I sure would like to have the pool up and running, as the temps don't seem to be going down anytime soon! Unfortunately Summer is halfway over already.

Time sure flies, how's your Summer going so far! Our vegetable garden is coming along, with beets, zuccini, onions, radishes, and garlic. My flower garden is blooming beautifully too, and those glorious Sunflowers are back! Still working hard on the animal front. A reminder to keep all your pets cool in these hot Summer months!!

Stay right here Literally In The Moment with more updates to come!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We Deserve The Chance To Live ~ Poem For Urgent Dogs On Death Row!!

We Deserve The Chance To Live ~ (Poem for Urgent Dogs On Death Row)

Who will love me when I’m abandoned,
when all my hope is stripped away?
Where do I turn when I feel lonely?
Begging to live just one more day.

Who will embrace the sorrow in my eyes.
Speak out all the words I cannot say.
Hear my silent, frightened cries.
Begging to live just one more day.

Who will finally come to my rescue,
during my last dying hour I pray..
My worthy cause will not be forgotten.
Deserving to live just one more day.

Who will mourn my undue passing?
Never knowing the love I had to give.
Show me great miracles can still happen,
Because we all deserve the chance to live.

©Jo A. True-Burkholder 2010

In Memory of Missy tan dog pictured and all shelter dogs who are euthanized everyday. I’ve been networking Mystery aka Mister for the past two weeks, her momma Missy was euthanized on June 18, 2010. I was so affected by this beautiful and vibrant dog's death, that I decided to make them the poster dogs for my mission to bring awareness to the plight of Death Row Dogs. I was determined that Mistress would not have the same fate as her momma. I feel I let Missy down, her face will forever haunt me and remain on my pages, because I found her link a day too late.

Be a miracle~ please help me save Urgent Dogs On Death Row!! To bring worldwide awareness to their untimely plight, and ultimately to help save their lives. Did you know that one dog or cat is put down every 8 SECONDS according to the HSUS? This is an astonishing amount of dead dogs and cats littering our shelter trash bins!! Most like Missy are young, healthy and would make a great family pet!!

Join me in my passionate mission to save literally millions of beautiful healthy dogs and cats waiting desperately to be rescued, fostered, sponsored, and adopted!! So many of them go unnoticed like Missy and her baby Mystery. Their faces get lost because there're so many urgent dogs and cats filling our shelters daily.

Missy’s daughter Mystery has been rescued and given the chance, that both of them truly deserved. I had the pleasure of networking out this adorable pup only 4 months old. Contacting close to 60 rescues, a wonderful rescue has committed to taking Mistress and not a day too soon. I'm learning so much about what goes on behind rescue scenes and have profound respect for all involved. We had a circle of rescue ladies from 5 different states, hustling to make Mystery’s rescue possible including her shelter. She's now safe with her foster mom in Georgia, soon to be transported by ARF to her rescue in Minnesota!

Please make your sponsor donations, or help with transport or medical costs. Most shelters just simply don’t have funds to pay for all these costs. Some dogs simply need medical treatment to make them available for rescue or adoption. A large majority of shelters need funds to cover medical costs, and like Missy may be put down for an oversight cost of medical attention!!

We can’t let this happen to such beautiful souls, who have so much love to give us. Your dollars can be the only difference, between their life and death. Mystery is one lucky pup, and we almost didn't make it to save her. We couldn't help to save her momma, but I can rest knowing her sweet orphan puppy lives!!!

Thanks to some very special rescue ladies, her shelter coordinator, and foster mom, Mystery is SAFE!!! Mystery is a temp name, until she reaches her rescue!!

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