Friday, April 27, 2012

Amazing PA Baby Wildlife Photos Spring 2012

With the warmer than usual Winter, Spring came early to our PA region.  We had a very warm April spell, which prompted many of the wildlife to breed and produce early in the season.  When I was a young child,  I tried to rescue a baby bunny much like the one pictured above.  40 years later, I'm still trying to save the animal world. 

My Lab Bruno Leo found this sweet thing underneath one of our huge pine trees.  Luckily bunny wasn't a snack for my Bruno Leo.  The nest was dug out all over the ground.  I put the nest back together the best I could, and placed baby bunny back underneath it.  I tried not to handle baby bunny much, as the mother would smell my scent.  I hoped the mother would come back to tend and feed her baby.  That night was very cold, and the next day my daughter found bunny stiff underneath the nest.  I'm not quite sure what bunny died from, hunger, already internally damaged from another animal, or just froze to death. 

Sometimes I have to let nature take it's own course, and sadly bunny didn't make it to grow bigger.  I know I can't save the world, but at least I gave it a shot!!  Baby bunny's beauty will be forever preserved in my photo! 

My sister's dog Kikko found these adorable baby robins, in a backyard tree.  They weren't nested up very far, and they would've been doomed for sure had I not intervened.  I put Kikko in the house and moved the nest to another tree.  That night a storm came, and I worried about the baby robins, I went back to check on them, and one had fallen out of the nest and the nest was leaning almost falling from the branch I shoved it in.  So I picked up baby robin and moved the nest to a more secure tree location.  I checked their progress every few days, and yes they survived and all flew from the nest!

Hubby found these adorable Mom and baby Salamanders in Bruno's huge plastic water dish.  Not sure if they would've of survived in the water, as the nights are still freezing.  The sides of the plastic bucket very slippery and hard for them to get out.  Salamanders are said to go into the water only to breed.  The baby salamander kept sticking to it's mothers tail!  I put them on a sheet of white paper so I could get a decent shot of them together.  Arent they too cute!!  We let them go into the wooded area behind our home! 

Pictured here our sneaky Binx cat,  a stray we adopted last year brought me a fine present!  A baby gardner snake, which he kept repeatedly tossing over his head.  The snake just laid there and didn't move much!  Isn't he ornery looking, as if to say "Mom look at the prize I caught for you!"

A closer shot of the baby gartner snake, with all it's incredible markings.  The cement a color complementing it's stripped body!  I let Binx in, and the snake just slithered away!  So another snake survived to live around my yard.  My nephew spotted another one sunning  itself near my home, which was much bigger than this baby one!  I've learned to tolerate them, as they have as much right to be here and exist as we do.  We've many of them around here, and I find snakes quite intriguing to look at!  Snakes love the sun as we do to get warm! 

In conclusion, I went to reach for our water hose and who was lerking on the wrapped hose but this huge spider.  Luckily I looked before I grabbed the hose!  The spider legs spread were as big as my hand about 4 to 5 inches in length.  Hubby and I were able to get him in a bucket on a piece of plastic,  so I could grab a couple shots.  I was very afraid he would jump up at me, and better to be safe than sorry some spiders are very poisonous.  Found this interesting link for pics of PA spiders .

Growing up in the city, I rarely witnessed wildlife such as these pictured on my blog.  I noticed the wasps are already building their nests too, all around my house and pool.  So I must knock them down when the temps get lower at night.  One thing I don't like is bees building huge nests around my home. 

Enjoy your Spring and have a safe and happy one!  Respect and preserve our world, and Stay right here Literally In The Moment.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Ligonier PA Icefest Scupture Highlights 2012!

The ice storm which hit Pennsylvania on Friday Jan 20, 2012, left a thick layer of ice underneath at least 3 - 4 inches of snow our way! Couldn't even get into my husband's Toyota on Saturday morn for my commute to work! The truck doors were frozen solid. Luckily we were able to open my car doors, and start to defrost my windows. Much rather drive a 4 wheel drive on snowy days like this, but had no choice to drive my car. Roads were hazardous to say the least, snow covered and icey, yet I made it to work very close to on time!

Fitting the ice storm led the way for the 21st Annual Icefest held in Ligonier PA. Since I had to work Saturday, we headed toward the mountain on Sunday Jan 22, 2012. Temps hadn't rose out of the 20's all night so the icey snow was still hard and everywhere! I wore my boots with a good bit of tread, for fear I'd take a tumble on the icey sidewalks and roadways. The air in Ligonier was blowing when we arrived there, colder than back down the mountain at home! Sidewalks were very icey at the Diamond where the professional sculpters were busy at work. Be sure to click on photos to see in larger detail!! All ice scuptures are done by the awesome professional ice carvers of Demartino Ice ~

The first ice sculpture to catch my eye was this beautiful butterfly! In Japan, a butterfly represents a person's soul, living dying, or already dead. And if a butterfly lands near you, it means the person you love most is visiting you!

I was so impressed by these adorable replicas of Dora and her sidekick monkey Boots, that I decided to use them for my winter header. Aren't they just too cute and lovable?

Another very impressive ice scupture piece was this clown, with his open see through eyes! I couldn't believe how big, he was massive!! :)

One of the handsome Ice Carvers took a moment out to give me a smile. How much work and detail goes into every ice scupture they carve!

Another favorite of mine,was this cool giraffe, which stood taller than I! I'm close to 5' 5 inches so gives you an idea how tall this boy is!!

The grande finale was the galant Pegasus, which towered in the Gazabo and glistened in the sunlight. Oh such devine beauty against the blue sky and barren trees!

On the way out we caught one last glimpse of these 3 fish, displayed along a storefront wall! Aren't they just amazing! The Ligonier Icefest is always worth the trip, even in the ice and snow! I don't know how the Professional Ice Carvers come up with all the different displays every year!
I can't wait to see the ice scuptures Demartino Ice create for their displays next year!! If you need ice sculptures for any occasion, this is the place to order them!!

On our way out from Ligonier Diamond we headed across the highway to the top of Ligonier Valley cemetary. I took this shot of Laurel Mountains in the backround, where it looks as if the clouds are resting right on the icy white mountain tops. We headed up the road to Linn Run, where, I thought my life was flashing before me. The roads there were too icey for my car, but we slowly and finally made it back down!!

We then drove over to the museum, which I'll post some highlights of that exhibition soon! Hope all is well with you all. Wishing you a Happy New Year and stay right here Literally In The Moment.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

CoverGirl NatureLuxe Foundation And Gloss Balm ~ Go El Naturale!

I recently received my BzzKit from the BzzAgent CoverGirl NatureLuxe BzzCampaign. CoverGirl NatureLuxe Silk Foundation and CoverGirl NatureLuxe Gloss Balm came in a generous full size sample. I wore both the foundation and lip balm for Easter. The Silk foundation I chose in Oak makes me look like I have a slight tan, and doesn’t leave a visible line like most foundations do along the jawline. The foundation went on smooth and light, but didn’t seem to cover all the little flaws I have. If you’re looking for a light coverage foundation and have decent or perfect skin, I would recommend the CoverGirl NatureLuxe silk foundation.

I shared my CoverGirl BzzKit with my sixteen year old daughter, and she thought the foundation felt greasy when applying. In her words the foundation was “OK.” We tried the CoverGirl NatureLuxe Gloss Balm in genache, and we both loved it! In fact my daughter loved it so much she said she was keeping the Gloss Balm, which means I’ll have to go out and purchase my own!! We both liked the pearly tint, natural color, and great lip moisturizers in the CoverGirl NatureLuxe Gloss Balm. We’ll definitely purchase the CoverGirl NatureLuxe Gloss Balm again!!

Between my daughter and I, we give CoverGirl NatureLuxe Silk Foundation 4 Stars, and the CoverGirl NatureLuxe Gloss Balm 5 Stars!

You too can become a BzzAgent and receive and review new products from major companies you already purchase from!! Let me know if you join up!!

Update to my blogger friends and readers, my life has become very full. I've taken a short break from animal network rescuing, and have been busy with my own furry additions here at home. Promise to update on that aspect soon. One thing I've stayed very loyal to my writing and photography, as these are my first and foremost loves. Be it wrting for urgent animals, or reviews for products I like, or writing with my photos and poetry, my real passion never fails to enter my daily life! My love for animals is almost as strong as you know!

Hoping you're taking full advantage of your passions, and staying Literally In The Moment!!

CoverGirl photo courtesy of BzzAgent & CoverGirl!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Valspar~ Love The Look ~ Love The Paint!!

With anticipated thoughts of Spring just around the corner, are you planning to paint or remodel a room in your own home? I recieved my Valspar sample the beginning of February, and I was impressed. Of course I'm already a fan of Valspar paints and colors because I used Valspar paint previously 2 years ago on our Purple Bathroom Remodel. The light purple we used is still very appealing to this day!!

Valspar is giving away free sample kits which include a 7.7 Fl Oz paint sample in the color of your choice, color chip, coordinating colors envelope, rollers, and a coupon for $5.00 off your next gallon of Valspar paint. You can't beat that for a great advertising deal, and you can even try out a color that you choose. Hurry over to get your Free Sample kit, I believe the kits are still being offered!

After much debate, I chose the color Dancing Rose-1005-6A, which is the first color to the left in the color chip pictured above. Valspar offers you a choice of a million rainbow colors!! It's like literally being in a color candy store, and believe me there's no lack of choices here!! You'll find it difficult to pick one, as all are so inspiringly beautiful. I dare you to try to pick one!!!

You can trust in Valspar to give you a quality paint, and most of all a finished look you'll cherish for many years to come. I can say from my own experience with Valspar~ You'll love the look, and Love the Paint!!

Go grab your sample and let me know what color you decided on. My whole house really needs done. With the cost of living prices and gas on the rise, I'll have to settle for one room at a time! :)

Think EARLY Spring and stay right here Literally In The Moment!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Soap.Com Find Ease Of Shopping From Home!

A little over a week ago, I happened upon a wonderful new new shopping site called On the day I ordered they had a special promotion of half off on Pantene products, and also buy any Aussie product and get an Aussie styling product free. They only ran this special for one day!

My order before promotion code was $25.85 so it qualified for free shipping. I purchased a 25.4 fl oz Color Preserve Volume hair condition, a 25.4 fl oz Color preserve shine conditioner, a 12 fl oz color preserve smooth conditoner, a fine hair anti-breakage detangler 8.5 0z, an Aussie catch the wave mousse, and received a 10oz Aussie hair spray for my free product!!

The cost of one 25.4 oz Pantene hair conditoner went down to $3.78. I usually purchase my hair conditioner at Walmart, which is running these same hair conditioners online for $5.97. A savings of about $2.20 per bottle at I received $10.00 off my order because the promotion was for up to $10.00 off Pantene products. Still for $17.00 I made out like a bandit, and was able to stock up on our favorite hair products!! The biggest plus, I did it all from the convenience of my own home, and with the price of gas to travel 10 or more miles one way to my nearest Walmart was a huge savings in itself!

I receved my products in two days as promised, each product exactly as I ordered. I had a mix up with my free Aussie product and emailed their customer service. They got back to me almost immediately and called me to straighten out my order. I was very pleased with their service, and most of all the savings I received from their great promotion!! run by Marc Lore, and Vinit Bharara was created in 2010 "to make life easier for people." has a 1-800 number for your convenience, a liberal return policy, take manufacture coupons, and offers free 1- 2 day shipping on orders totaling $25 or more. What more could you ask for in an online shopping site.

You can bet, I'll be searching for more tremendous deals to stock up on!!

*This was not a paid review, but a shopping experience I wanted to share with you!*

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Southern Alleghenies Ligonier Regional Juried Art Exhibition Photos 2011!

Upon leaving the 2011 Ligonier Icefest last Sunday, we headed over to view the fine art displayed in the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art at Ligonier Valley. Featured there was the 15th Annual Regional Juried Art Exhibition. The exhibit was a beautiful delight to the eyes, and below is only a handful of my favorite pieces in this exibition. Click photos for larger view!!

*M4d0nn4,* by Artist Sam Howard was my overall favorite. A wonderful Oil painting so full of vibrant color, and the madonna like portrait girl resembles my sweet niece Megan right down to her pouty lips and puppy like eyes. Could definitely be her twin!! This equisite art piece grabbed me as soon as I walked in the door. The photo is 24x 18 and Not For Sale!!

Another stunner was *Regal Duo* done by Elizabeth Asche-Douglas. Excellent facial textures added wonder dimension to the faces in her portrait. Photo 12 x 12 done in Ultrachrome ink w/acrylic platform and is for sale at $750.00.

*Jackie* by Norma Rowley also grabbed at my heartstrings, as I've a deep softspot for Labs, and this baby reminds me of my beloved Sampson RIP. I apologize for all the reflections as the lighting at the museum is very bright, and bounces off the glass of the portraits. The photo is clean and sharp, right down to every hair on Jackie shinny fur coat. Photograph is a digital photo-enhanced like the majority of the photos I take here on Literally In The Moment. Photograph measures 13 3/4 x 13 3/4 and sells for $250.00.

*Kamala's Flower* by Karen Ferrick touched on a femine side with her lovely pink lotus flowers, and gorgeous green reflections. A grand size photo done in devine pastels, measuring 40 x 19 and sells for $1,200.00

In conclusion *Passion Flower* by Melinda Myers Grass was another awesome flower portrait to draw my eyes into. Pretty pastel colors and finest detail of the flower stamens and stigma!! This oil on panel portrait measures 12 x 16, and sells for $500.00.

The exhibit features many more talented artists, and I highly recommend a trip to the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art. You'll be very pleased at the exhibit, and who knows you might want to buy one or two for your art collecting pleasures!!
I'm excited to report, I received my new red camera last week, and will be tweaking and studying to get the right shots I desire!

Stay tuned to Literally In The Moment for more exciting photographs and stories.

*All Photographs copyright of their prospective artists please do not use without permission from the talented Artists.*

All Portraits ~Photographed by Jo ~

View another Exhibit I photographed at the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art here:

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ligonier PA Ice Sculptures 2011 Ice Fest Photos!

Zero degree windchills didn't prevent folks from attending the 20th annual Ligonier ice fest. The sun was deceiving today on this frigid Sunday afternoon, where the professional ice carvers from DiMartino Ice were busy creating their amazing ice sculptures, displayed on the Diamond in Ligonier PA. Folks were bundled in their warmest winter clothing, braving the cold to gaze at the glass like creations.

This ice carver was so intense in his creation, yet I went ahead and snapped a shot of him adding his beautiful finishing details to his ice sculpture. I'm amazed at the talent which goes into every piece they work on. Below are a few which caught my eye, but there a many more gorgeous sculptures displayed throughout the wonderful section of town!

The Zebra was a stunning piece which grabbed my eye right away. Notice the excellent detail on his mane!!

The squirrel was one of my favorites too. Adorable tail and face!!

The masquerade mask was another gorgeous ice scupture decorating the walkway. Check out the feathering and mask detail totally amazing!!

The guys always create a huge piece to sit on, this year it was a magnificent sleigh. Of course I had to grab a seat. I dressed in four layers, but forgot to wear two pair of gloves so my hands were frozen taking all my pictures. As you see, I'm wearing our Steeler colors!!! Isn't the sleigh extraordinary!!

We were so cold, we ducked into Abigales Coffeehouse to grab a hot chocolate, and tried to get warm. The chocolate chip cookies were luscious.

Another favorite of mine was the angel holding a dove. Isn't she just precious?

The four hawks above were a massive and awesome display on a storefront ledge!!

The penguin was also a nice touch to a storefront display of our Pittsburgh Steeler Spirit! Hubby couldn't wait to get home to watch the game, which the Steelers won. Way to go Steeler Champions!!

Last but not least was the Gazebo Grand finale, an astonishing, gigantic bird and heart ice sculpture which reached almost to the top of the gazebo. I don't know what the 90 represents, maybe someone will comment and let me know, so I can share it with you all!

If you're in the Ligonier area, be sure to take a drive or walk on the Diamond. The scuptures should remain in tact for awhile, as our PA weather has been stuck in freezing mode since the beginning of December. Very unusually cold for so long, but perfect weather for the beautiful ice scuptures to survive!! Thanks to the talented ice carvers from DiMartino Ice for another awesome display of their beautiful ice sculptures!!

Been busy the last 3 months, sadly lost a loving member of our animal family. Will post about it sometime in the future as our hearts slowly heal. My camera has been on the brink, I fear this is the last post my camera will take. I ordered a new one should come this week. We also stopped at the museum after the ice fest.

I'll have to make another post of the art exibit we saw, so stay tuned and stay right here Literally In The Moment.
View More of my Ice Fest photos from the past two years here:
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