Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Crime To Hang Laundry Outside?

I hung out my laundry today, as we've had a string of unsually warm weather for the month of November. I am reminded that other Pennsylvanians may not have the luxury of hanging their clothes outside. I take well advantage of nice sunny decently warm days to air dry my laundry outside! There is no better way to than to dry laundry than in the fresh air and natural sunlight!

Growing up in a poor family, I remember my own mother hanging clothes on the line. I always loved the smell of bed linens, taken straight off the line and put onto my bed. Have you ever wrapped yourself in a crisp bath towel dried outside? There is nothing fresher than laundry hung on the line!

With the whole world focused on everything GREEN, there is nothing more greener than hanging your Laundry OUTSIDE! The energy savings is none the less a great money saver, let alone the reduction of electrical usage and air emissions. I can't believe folks are actually being fined for stringing clotheslines.

Residents are complaining about seeing laundry on clotheslines. They need to get a LIFE and not worry about someone else's laundry! It a free country and we ALL have the right to hang our laundry out to dry if we desire. It's my yard and I'll hang my clothes out any time I wish! I never hang personal undergarments out, but all my other stuff is hung on clotheslines and will continue to be as long as I'm alive! Besides don't folks have anything else to do but gauk at the neighbors yard, on a beautiful sunshiny day? Go for a nice walk, even better yet walk your dog, or go for a nature hike!

Old fashioned ways are making a comeback, and hanging laundry is beneficial all around! When you see someone's laundry on clotheslines, consider the energy savings which this deep rooted tradition could be benefitting you!

My article is in response to: U.S. residents fight for the right to hang laundry

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fiery Final Fall Color Photos 2009!

I couldn't resist pulling over on a busy intersection, to grab a shot of the last red maples lighting up the horizon on my way to work! This beauty caught my eye and finally I gave in to my temptation to capture the colors laid before my eyes!

Many of her leaves were still intact, while the majority of the trees in the area are already left with naked limbs. Colors of gold, orange, and red, explode in the early November Fall sun! Brings back childhood memories of jumping and running through huge piles of raked leaves! Almost makes you want to dive right in!

Frosty mornings have left a toll on the blemished leaves shown here in the close up. Their beauty even more immacualte, as the sun shines through their transparent colors. The last of Fall is upon us, and we've been spoiled experiencing some awesome Indian Summer days here in Pennsylvania!

Knowing and dreading Winter is just around the corner. Yet every season celebrates a unique beauty of it's own, and I'll be waiting for the chance to catch the next great still frame!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Autumn Along Farmlands Of Pennsylvania Photos 2009!

The photo above is about 1 mile from my home downhill. Bountiful farmlands surround the area, even the cornstalks add a nice contrast to Fall tree colors!

I took this shot on the otherside of the road. I love looking out at the hills and farmlands as far as you can see!

I walk my sister's dog along this wonderful farm 5 nights a week! Going up a steep hill my farmer friends have planted huge maple trees next to their cornfields! The golden, deep orange colors are a beautiful contrast to the baby blue sky!

When I look into a sky like this, I almost feel as if Heaven is gazing down upon us! Luckily I took these photos the end of last week, tonight the leaves have about disappeared already!

Cow manure is spread on the fields Fall and Spring. You can tell how fertile the ground is here with the lush green grass! Deer graze in the cornfields, and hang close to the treelines for cover!

I like when they cut their fields down, so I can cross over to the otherside to visit the ponds! The trees are many colors here also.

Crossing the cut fields, we can head down toward the ponds! Notice the hills upon hills looking out into the horizon. Stunning scenery which is a trademark for our Pennsylvania landscape!

Lastly here is a photo I took at Twin Lakes along the canoe dock one day last week! Fall's peak colors are mirrored on the lake.

Sadly the leaves are coming down fast, as November's early morning frost lays on the ground. Fall exits with beautiful memories of brisk walks and crimson colors that are picture perfect! I enjoy every minute of my walks, and often carry my camera to capture the beauty!
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