Thursday, June 10, 2010

Marriage Twenty Years In The Making~ Photos Then And Now!

June 2, 2010 marked our twentieth wedding anniversary. Time sure flies, and so much has happened in twenty years. We were a stunning young couple back then, working hard for our future together. I can't say it has been total bliss, or a storybook marriage. There were times I thought to leave, but stayed because of my deep love for my husband and child. I couldn't survive in a loveless relationship, or one which lacks passion and intimacy. I think most couples go through rough times, and if they're lucky come out together even stronger and closer.

If I can say one thing we lacked was taking time for ourselves to nourish our relationship. Helping family, kids, and work always came first. It was almost if we eventually didn't have real time for each other.

If I could share a word of wisdom it would be make time, before it's too late. Before you just become friends, and not lovers anymore! That doesn't mean just sex either, although intimacy is very important too.

It's just the little jestures I miss, like the long French kisses, a hug now and then, and just plain hand holding! Yes I did marry my best friend, but I can find a friend anywhere. Like the Lady Gaga song goes "I want your love, I don't want to be friends!"

I want it all, just like so many other women out there, alittle bit of the fairytale dream wouldn't hurt!! No one is perfect and I'm far from it. It takes a lot of patience and love to stay commited to each other. True love will always prevail, and you must work at it!! I always like a good fight, making up is the ultimate pleasure!!

Still the love of my life even after twenty years. There is no other man I'd rather be with.

Before we left, I wanted to venture back to our special day at the church, where the wedding photos above were taken by the fountain. As you can see the water is not running! The Mother Mary statue is still as beautiful as it was then. I hope to rescan my wedding photos at a later time, as my scanner is getting old and my bigger photos came out distorted. The reason I had to use smaller images than usual. The photos have a special finish to preserve them, and my scanner picked up on the coating!

We celebrated with a long awaited romantic weekend last weekend. We took a long drive into Pittsburgh and stayed at the Sheraton Station Square Hotel where the Gateway Clipper tours up and down the three rivers.
It rained so hard the whole time we were there, and we were under tornado watches. We worried about home, as we're putting on a new roof!! The shot above taken from our hotel room dark clouds looming! The beds were very comfortable, and the room was very nice. We had dinner at McCormick & Schmick's, of course I had seafood, and the food was fabulous! My honey surprised me with a beautiful tiger ring, that I had wanted!

The Pittsburgh Pirate game was sold out, so we went to check out the new Rivers Casino.
The casino was beautiful inside, and part was still under construction. We needed a players club card to play the slots, and the line was at least an hour wait. So we just looked around and left!

We took a wrong turn on the highway and I saw my life flash before my eyes as we crossed three lanes of traffic. So glad to be back at our hotel, we decided to drive no further. We walked around Station Square, and the fireworks at the Pirate Game were lighting the sky. The Hard Rock Cafe was just down the block from our hotel, so we walked there! A band played Fleetwood Mac, and they were good, but the Doors tribute band wasn't so hot. We left and called it a night, after a couple drinks.

The weekend seemed to go so fast, just like the flash of the last twenty years. Glad to be back where the parking is free, and not $3.00 an hour. The city is beautiful to visit, but we don't belong there!! I belong here on the beautiful countrysides walking Sierra dog, along this beautiful dairy farm above. I'm older now, enjoying the peaceful life, here where natures view is always beyond breathtaking!!
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