Monday, March 31, 2008

A Poetry Tribute To My Japanese Mother


She took her last breath on a beautiful
windswept April morn, the Spring she
so long awaited for.

She is the voice which lives inside me,
the essence of the woman I've become.

She was the epitome of everything
good and grounded in my life.
She had a simple yet clear cut wisdom.

Bred in her native Japanese culture filled,
with pride and strength, always selfless,
respectable, and compassionate.

She taught me how to laugh at my faults,
and rejoice in every single moment.

Though her journey here has come to an
end, her free and loving spirit will always
live in the words I write.

She was and always will be my lifelong
inspiration, and I will miss her immensely
for the rest of my living days.

©Jo A. True-Burkholder 2006
In loving memory of my mother
Kimiko Monma True
July 1, 1930- April 6, 2006

This also appeared on my
website in 2006.


Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Did I tell you that I have a beautiful Japanese daughter-in-law, and two beautiful half-Japanese grandchildren, Starfish and Bookworm, ages 11 and 6. I also have a lovely Filipina daughter-in-law, and two wonderful grandsons, Chime and Cake, who are 5 and 6.

Then I have 2 little Minnesota Swede grandsons, and a little Oregonian grandson. We have interesting holidays. This Easter we had a Japanese-Phillipino-American feast of lumpia (spring rolls), sushi, and ham and baked potatoes!

Your mother was beautiful, as are you!

ochikeron said...

Very nice and touching poem.
I heard from you about your mom, so I find something congenial in your words.
My mom is not that young. (Also my dad)
I need to cherish every moment spent with her.
I shouldn't forget this, since I can easily become selfish.
Thank you Jo!!!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hello Pepek,
You did not tell me about your Asian family. How wonderful, I always thought mixed children were beautiful. You have unique names for your grandchildren! What a nice Easter feast, never though of including sushi-next time I will!!
Thank you for your comments of mom and me. She is so sadly missed!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Ochi,
I'm glad you liked my poem, my mom meant a lot to me. Yes do cherish every moment. Mom often told me that she was going to die, she was very strong so I never believed she would ever go. It is easy to get absorbed in your own life, you forget that the clock is ticking. Mom was all we had! Life is different, and sad without her. Thanks for your nice comments! :)

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