Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cool New Pittsburgh Steeler Song!

Dr. Rob Fishman a Chiropractor from Monroeville Pennsylvania recorded his original song: "We All Bleed Black And Gold," for The Pittsburgh Steelers fanbase. Dr. Fishman and good friend drummer Lou Franconi call themselves The Basement Brothers. They make a new Steeler song every year. A great rowdy song for all diehard Pittsburgh Steeler Fans. Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ice Sculptures ~ Ligonier, PA Icefest Photos 2009!

We took a ride up to the mountain again over the weekend, to see some amazing ice scuptures. It was a balmy 15 degrees last evening when we arrived at the Icefest, located in the diamond of Ligonier. I almost dropped my camera taking a couple shots, because my fingertips were frozen. It was approaching dusk , so I had to use my night flash the photos didn't turn out too bad! The bird above was just finished when we first arrived.

My husband bending down by the eagle in the shot! The ice sculptures are done by professional ice carvers from a company called Dimartino Ice in Jeannette. They have been doing the Ice Fest here in Ligonier for 18 years. Aren't they excellent?

The dragon was so much more detailed but due to the darkening sky the reflections didn't show.

I felt like a queen sitting in the bear chair, fitting for my love of animals! Cool how they made the chair so folks could be seated! My face seemed blurred, but at least the bear chair turned out!

This guy just makes you smile!

The bear was poised looking to the sky!

Could you imagine cutting the corners so perfectly on the ship!

They always do a huge piece in the gazebo, and this year it was Elvis Presley! He was my last photo, so the lighting was not perfect. The detail here was awesome!

Thanks to all the wonderful artists for displaying their fantastic art! My photos were only a small sampling of all the gorgeous sculptures displayed in the Icefest! With all the cold weather we've had here, the sculptures could remain for a good while.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

10 Things I Love Beginning With "J."

10 Things I Love Beginning With "J."

1. Jackets ~ I love different styles of jackets. My closet boasts a collection of many jackets and coats.

2. Japanese Heritage ~ I've always been proud of my Japanese ~American heritage.

3. Jazz Rock ~ I'm ultimately turned on by Jazz Rock, a perfect blend to fill your soul!

4. Jeans ~ An absoulte must have for my daily wardrobe repertoire!

5. Jewelry ~ What is a woman without a few pieces of Jewelry to make her feel beautiful.

6. Journalism ~ A writing outlet I've come to enjoy immensely! Posting articles to my blog!

7. Junk ~ My husband collects junk! The saying "One man's garbages is another man's treasure." Well my husband lives it! He'll go to any length to aquire his treasures! Stopping the car in the middle of the road, gawking into yards for discarded precious garbage. Times I pretend I don't know him!

8. June ~ The month of my wedding anniversary, and the beginning of my favorite season of all Summer!

9. Jubilant ~ I'm most jubilant when writing and shooting my photography.

10. Jokes ~ I like funny jokes and great comebacks!

Thanks to my friend Jose for this little ditty! I tag my buddy Jo J. with the letter "L." good friend Nazarina with the letter "B." Shirley with the letter "D." Nan with the Letter "T." and anyone else grab a letter! :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thriving Ivory Song!

Angels on the Moon

Love It! The lyrics are awesome!

Tiger Ranch Update 1-20-09! Trial Date Reset ~ New Charges Filed!!

Latest Tiger Ranch Update:
Tiger Ranch Linda Bruno Jailed Today ~ Sentencing Delayed! Update Oct 5, 2009!

Linda Bruno faced additional charges in a January 7, 2009 preliminary hearing. Seven charges of forgery, seven felony counts of public record tampering, and previous operation of an unlicensed veterinary practice, were brought before Judge Suzanne Blaschak in the hearing. She's accused of giving rabies shots to 7 cats, and forging a Veteranian signature on vaccination certificates, and running a veterinary practice without a license.

Lin Marie Bruno previously faced 604 counts of animial cruelty, which was scheduled to go to trial today January 20, 2009. Due to the additional charges, this preliminary hearing was held, and a new trial date has been set for July 13, 2009 according to the Defend Tiger Ranch site. She remains free on non-monetary bond, and ordered to have no further contact or care for animals. Her attorney Ron Valasek is trying to consolidate all charges so that there can be one trial. Lin Marie Bruno maintains her innocence, and sternly stands by her no-kill shelter!

So we'll have to wait another six months for the actual trial! All the bumps and turns of the justice system! I'm dying to know the outcome!

Additional Info:

Defend Tiger Ranch
Tiger Ranch Owner Has Preliminary Hearing
New Charges Added In Tiger Ranch Case

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gloaming ~ Quintilla Sunset Poem


Glorious roads journeyed upon
horizons outstretched to greet me
sunrays glow rare intensity
twilight mist conclude days foregone
golden paths light eternity.
©Jo A. True-Burkholder 2009

Photo ~ Evening Glory by Steven Mitchell

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Artic And Polar Bears Treading Thin Ice! Global Warming Endangered Species!

The Polar Bear has been listed as a threatened species, and these magnificent giants may disappear in the future. Their habitat disintegrating and damaged by devasting effects of global warming. Although we are trying to drill our own oil here in the U.S., the drilling could impact areas inhabited by polar bears. Let alone the oil from an oil spill getting into their fur, blocking their natural insulation from the cold artic air.

Threatened under the Endangered Species Act means the polar bear could become endangered and extinct if their habitat is not immediately protected! The disappearing ice has caused feeding and breeding problems, along with drownings from long distance swimming and have been reportedly resorting to cannibalism.

Can we afford to allow their eventual decline to happen? Sadly future generations may never get to view the stunning Polar Bear. The Polar Bear photo above taken by my daughter last Spring at the Pittsburgh Zoo. Is this what it’s come down to, locked in a controlled environment, than to be free in their own natural wild habitat?

Mass areas of the Arctic are literally melting away before our eyes. I found astounding photos of how Arctic ice has deteriorated over the past decade. Huge glaciers and snow caps are receding and dissipating further inland. Lack of ice contributes to early Spring runnoff, and considerably less water melting in Summer for irrigation, drinking water for animals, and sustainable water for marine life!

Close to twenty species have been recommended by Scientists as in danger of becoming extinct, you can find the list here in The Center for Biological Diverstity. Scrool down and click on species. I was amazed that honeybees are not on the list, but I see that the list is mostly comprised of marine wildlife!

I found a eye opening video about disappearing species on You Tube: Call Of Life ~ Facing The Mass Extinction!

We need to think seriously about the ever fading species around us, for our very existence thrives on their future survival. Let's all join the movement of ongoing awareness and global preservation!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Unique Christmas Gifts!

I thought my food blogger friends would appreciate some of my unique gifts. Brazilian nuts are my favorite, and are only sold at Christmas time here. Did you know the Brazil nut tree grows to 100-150 ft! The trees live between 500-1000 years. Brazilian nuts are 25% saturated fat, highest of all nuts!

They are rich in selenium, which has been linked to reduce the risk of breast and prostate cancer! Due to the hight fat content they don't keep very long! My husband wrapped these nuts up for me for Christmas. They have a buttery wonderful taste to them, much like the coconut but not sweet! I enjoyed them muchly!

I received the beautiful buddha from my mother-in-law. I found so much information on Buddha. I always try to find a meaning, and I find that almost everything does have a meaning. Buddha means enlightened one or awakened one, and is the embodiment of compassion and bliss. I found many names for Buddha which begins with Gautama, and Sakyamuni meaning "Sage of the Sakyas. Shi Ga is also another name.

Buddha went through stages of enlightenment, and in the third stage became known as the Four Noble Truths. You can read the full article of The Life of Buddha, very interesting! I found that the raised right hand is said to grant the absence of fear, or allows the faithful to live without fear or worldly troubles. He is my new protector of the New Year!

I recieved this garlic jar, which has the strangest resemblance to the magic mushrooms on the movie The 10th Kingdom. My favorite part of the movie when they drink the swamp water, and the magic mushrooms are singing Whiter Shade of Pale. The 10th Kingdom is an old favorite of my daughter and I. Found the episode on You Tube below:

Lastly but not least my beautiful purple cat slippers, these make me feel like a ritzy lady! Their eyes have green gems that sparkle in the light. I had a red and black pair, but wore them out and asked for a new pair. I also received an mp3 player so I can dance around to my new favorite music, while I clean the house!

What were your unique Chrismas gifts? Did you have a toned down Christmas in the wake of a bad economy! We kept ours to a minimum this year! I was more than happy with what I received!
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