Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Hunting Widow!

The Hunting Widow

The first full burst of Fall’s wind shift , resurrects a mood change in Clyde Johnson. He reckons it’s time to let his beard fully grow in, and scope out the wooded paths he plans to traverse. His wife Sylvia has become accustomed to her husband’s long unannounced excursions throughout the years. His regular tardiness to dinner and early retreats to bed, true tell signs hunting season has arrived.

Guns are pulled out cleaned and polished. Clyde handles them with the dexterity, and skillfulness that Sylvia uses with her best china! His gun will be a constant companion for many hours during his wild hunting escapades. His disappearing acts are expected and tolerated this time of year. Gun sights are set, and triggers are checked. Targets drug out for target practice. Shots are fired piercing the silent air, startling nature into a frenzy.

Sylvia stands back quietly observing giving Clyde his own space. She knows disturbing him will do no good. His mindset on a strict one way track , “Huntin mode!” When first married she became a tad jealous of his yearly ritual, but she soon grew to understand. Clyde took time off for himself only during hunting season. Bear and deer were the two exclusive things which mattered to him for weeks on end. Leaving the house well before dawn, and punctually returning at nightfall.

When he had the good fortune to lug one home to her, you never saw a more proud or happier sight. Clyde was bringing home food for the table, as if this was all which validated him as a man. Bolstering his confidence up, so he could tell his buddies full play by play details of his astounding hunt. The huge boyish grin graced upon his face said it all!

A quick change from dried bloody clothes and he’s off. His final jaunt spinning out to the Elks Sportsman club, to pound down a few beers, and exchange hunting stories. Later pleasantly shit faced strolls back home, grabs a bite of dinner, a shower, and finally falls away exhausted into a heap onto their bed.

Sylvia has found her true calling, she‘s been dubbed a hunting widow for the all the support time she’s put in. She shakes her head in amusement at the beginning of yet another hunting season. Sylvia has many things to keep her mind and time occupied. She knows Clyde will be a happier man doing what he loves to do best. A happy man gives lots of good lovin, and the lovins will be delivered on a grand scale in just a couple weeks!

©Jo A. True-Burkholder 2008
The fields all around my home will become the killing fields directly in the morning. The shots will start as early as 4:00 AM. I always cringe at the thought of those beautiful creatures being killed. My area is crawling with hunters. I just pray that if they are shot they are killed, and not running around wounded. Once my dogs came upon a buck, his leg was hanging literally by the skin. It was such a sad sight, my husband had to put the sweet thing down. I do like venison, when prepared well to remove the gamey taste. Also the meat has much less fat than beef.
The above photo is an eight point which I had my husband mount. Look at his cute big black nose, and his big perky ears. He's a beautiful big buck, my favorite of the ones he's shot. Hubby will be out tomorrow trying to get his deer! Wishing all the hunters Happy Hunting!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Human Rage Out Of Control ~ My 15 Minutes Of Fame!

As if school shootings, and road rage are not enough for our society. We have another madness to add to the rage list~ parking rage. We've all been in the situation where we eye up a parking space in another lane, and when we get around the spot is taken by another driver coming down the other side! Most of us just go on with our lives and find another parking spot, but not a man in a neighboring county! He was so outraged at losing his parking space, he followed the other driver around the parking lot with a hammer! The full story appears here!

Things are getting pretty tense out there folks, better be careful you might end up getting shot over a prime parking spot! I remember one time getting yelled at by a couple, because we didn't park our sports car by their sports car. Go figure! People are so finatical, I swear it's getting worse by the day! I think some folks just need some plain anger management, or major counseling! Parking rage is nothing new, it's been going on for quite some time!

In fact when I worked in retail, we had to park our vehicles in the middle or end of the parking lot. This gave our customers the best spots to park in. I always thought it was better to park near the end, because there was less traffic buzzing in and out at the further parking spots. So I still follow this ritual today, parking my car away from others to protect it from getting doors slammed into it, or damage of any kind.

I did this one day recently at my regular grocery store, they were running a great meat sale, and knowing the upper parking lot would be packed, I used the lower further away parking lot! And you know, my car was still side swiped on the back bumper. The other car gone of course. I hope that person has a guilty conscious, what goes around - comes around! You can't have nothing nice, or keep nothing nice.

I agree with the fellow officer on the fact that it doesn't hurt any of us to walk that extra few feet, unless we are elderly and unable to do so. Stress levels are so high this time of year, it's better to avoid peak shopping hours! Check out the parking rage video that was featured on the news below, boggles the mind! With the economy so bad, folks are becoming even more greedy in their ways!

Good luck and be safe on your holiday shopping endeavors!

On another note, I wanted to thank Billy Jones from for featuring my poem "Words From A Female Sow," on his site on November 13, 2008. I just recently found the link. Thanks for my 15 minutes of fame, even though I didn't know about it. Mr. Jones site is very entertaining, love it!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Beware Petland Petstore Selling "Puppy Mill" Pups!!

I've been notified that the Humane Society has been investigating Petland Incorporated for eight months. In their investigation they found that Petland stores are selling puppies, which are being bred at huge puppy mills in Missouri and the midwest!

Many consumers don't know they're buying and supporting puppy mills by buying their pets at petstores. Please if you are looking to adopt a new pet, look no further than your local pet shelter. There are many dogs and puppies available, and some are full breed dogs just waiting for a good home!

A list of Petland stores are here, and you can take action here to help stop Puppy Mills take the the pledge to Stop Puppy Mills here.

I 'm elated with the accomplishments here in my own state, with the passage of the Pennsylvania Puppy Mill Dog Bill H.B. 2525! Also with the ethical treatment of caged farm animals in California with the passage of Proposition 2.

Thanks to the Humane Society for all they do to protect innocent animals. We can all support and be the voice of these sweet creatures who can't speak for themselves. Beware that you may be purchasing a puppy mill pet!

AWARDS ~ To Pay Forward!

I've received some awards from my friend Nazarina! I would like to pay these awards forward to my favorite poet and writer friends. Copy photo and save to your computer and add to your blog or website!

The Primo Arte Pico Award

Kate ~ Being and Writing
Jo Janoski ~ Jo Janoski's Blog
Ozzy ~ Ocellus
Dan ~ Poetic Justice
Maggie ~ A stone, a leaf, an unfound door...
Sumedh ~ Dripping Vanilla
Joyce ~ Following the Little God
Patty ~ Healing Body and Spirit
Maureen ~ Water :: Earth :: Wind :: Fire

Inspiration Award to

Jo J.

You all inspire me in many ways you know!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Lucky Three

Fanned Out by Charles Dana Gibson

Charlie Puckett stared at the entrance of an empty Dover Downs racetrack. He limped slowly over to the wooden sidewalk bench, and plopped himself down. He was dressed in his best Sunday black stripped sack suit, which had grown two sizes too small. The jacket’s bottom buttons left undone, allowing his beer gut to bulge out over his tight stripped trousers. A black round derby top hat, his newest prize possession, completed his whole attire.

Charlie was the last of “The Lucky Three.” The three elderly gents had made a pact as young lads. and ran like wild havoc throughout all their adult lives. Until a run of mortal bad luck, eventually caught up with the trio two years ago.

His ole friend Jimmy Johnson was tracked down by the bookie mafia, and beat to death for a measly ten thousand dollar debt. And just recently his buddy Alfred Dobbs suffered a fatal heart attack after winning one hundred thousand dollars at the racetrack. Alfred had placed a one hundred dollar bet on a horse named Eye candy. He squandered the one hundred dollars off his wife, when she left him. The unexpected excitement of the huge incredible win had done his already frail ticker in.

Charlie was feeling mighty lonely without his two close, rowdy sidekicks. His mind was a turning and a hankering, until a powerful revelation came. Why Mrs. Dobbs was still a fine lookin woman, plus she was now a rich one at that. He realized today would be a great day for a condolence visit, every good woman needs a ironclad shoulder to cry on.
Charlie stood up prying down his sack coat, and pulling up his trousers, but neither one would budge. Charlie walked proudly poised in his manly gait, taking a deep breath to muster up all his persuasive orneriness.

If he made haste, he’d be able to catch Mrs. Dobbs directly after church services. He tugged his derby top hat down closer to his head making his ears stick out even further. Charlie smiled thinking, perchance he could convince Mrs. Dobbs into spotting him a hundred bucks. Charlie was eager to place a wager on Eye candy, scheduled to run in the 5th tomorrow afternoon. The fortune hunter force of The Lucky Three, was still very much alive within him.

©Jo A. True-Burkholder 2008
My Blogfriend Jo Janoski has posted a wonderful sequel to my story above here "The Lucky Three Continues,"

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fall's Final Farewell

Mother nature has teased us the past week with her mild temperatures. We were in the 60's today, expecting rain and temps to drop to half that by Sunday. I couldn't resist taking a shot of my ornamental grass, which resembles peacock wheat to me. See the contrast of the wispy ends, against already barren trees, as the sun peaks through white clouds. I wasn't sure the grass would grow, but it flourished this Summer growing so huge!

This shot taken at the end of my road, and the leaves have already fallen off. Regretably a sign Winter will soon mark the horizon, with empty tree limbs. Isn't it stunning to see the beautiful reds, the true climax of Fall!

I call this one my lucky money tree! Reminds me of golden coins hanging from the branches. Makes you want to grab one, and hold it in your hand. I've had a great time taking Fall foilage photos. I'm hoping our Winter is a mild one! Have a great weekend, stay warm!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cool Browser Tester ~ Question For My Readers ~ Happy Veterans Day

I found a cool browser tester a couple months ago, which you can type in the url of your site, and view it in different standard window sizes. You can type the url address of your blog in there too, and see how other folks are viewing your blog site. Check It Out! Love It!

My questions to all my readers (even those who don't comment,) is what size monitor, and screen resolution do you use? I have a 19 inch flat screen monitor, and my resolution is 1360 x 765.

Mine isn't even listed in the standard sizes! I found my PassionsFlame site doesn't fit well in the standard size windows, so I'm thinking I may have to revamp everything!

My blog seems to fit in with the standard windows ok. Just wondering how you all see it! I seem to make things bigger pictures ect... because I've got the bigger screen monitor. I also read there are many more folks who use the 1024 x 768 size.

A day to appreciate our Vets, my father who has passed on, was a lifer in the U.S. Airforce, and served his country well. We honor the ultimate sacrafice of all our heroes who have served and are serving our country! They are the reason we are free to be!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Proposition 2 HAS PASSED! We Did It!!!!

Thanks to voters and animal activists everywhere for clinching the vote on Proposition 2. Factory animals will eventually be spared from living in cramped living quarters, and be able to move about more freely in their cages. Wayne Pacelle President of The Humane Society of the United States sponsored Propostion 2 as a part of his mission against inhumane animal conditions.

As an avid animal lover I'm elated to hear the news. We eat most of these animals, and they deserve to live their short lives in decent humane conditions. Modern times are a changing, for the better. I cannot honestly look at these animals living in factory farms, and not feel sorrow for their plight. It'll be an undertaking for the farmers, which to me are the heart of the world's foodchain. They'll be compensated for their new renovations, and they can also feel good about the ethical treatment of their animals.

Photo Credits: PETA ~ Vegan Outreach

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Proposition 2 Campaign ~ Words From A Female Sow ~ Poem Prompt!

Words From A Female Sow

Seweeeee I was born a female sow,
a lifetime spanning merely 3-4 years.
My factory farm life conditions now,
could bring many a human to tears.

Living in miniscule gestation crates,
with no area to turn around or lay.
Standing room only is my fate,
until I’m slain on slaughter day.

I can deliver you up to eight litters,
quickly growing wide as my enclosure.
Still considered one of God’s creatures,
my plight finally gaining public exposure.

Find pity in a hog’s short life measured,
as you eat my meat from your dinner plate.
My brief swine existence truly treasured,
with passage of Proposition 2, 2008!

©Jo A. True-Burkholder

A poem for Jo's Word Catalyst Prompt. My poem was also featured on November 13, 2008.
Did any of you catch Oprah's show on animal factory farms? I can surely empathize with both sides. But as an animal lover, I agree with Wayne Pacelli president of The Humane Society of The United States, on ethical treatment for all animals including the ones we eat! Makes me sad to see how tightly cramped in these cages the poor animals live! As seen on the show, there are farmers who do use space to animals advantage. Proposition 2 can make a difference in the short lives of all factory farm animals. Below is a video I found on Proposition 2, loved it! Please Vote yes on Proposition 2!

Sow Photo credit: Farm Sanctuary More on Factory Farms here: All , and lots of information on The Humane Society of the United States.
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