Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cellphone Health Risk Update!!

Attention Blogger Friends and Readers Update 7-31-08:

Please read an interesting comment left on this post by Anonymous-Kathy, who has had her own experience with cellphone storage on the body. Could there be a link to where you actually carry your cellphone and cancer? Another very interesting topic brought to light! Thank you Kathy for sharing your personal insights and bringing your warning to our attention! Much luck in your recovery!

Just this evening another news story on risks of excessive use of cellphones. With more and more folks using cellphones, the debate continues in the long term effects of cellphone usage. Dr. Ronald Herberman director of University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute is proposing a study of cellphone useage and the health risks involved, one of which is cancer.

His advice is to limit your cellphone useage, and he is asking cellphone companies to release cellphone records to aid in his research and studies. He advices to look at low SAR, (Specific Absortion Rate) on manufacturer product features, when choosing a cellphone. One good thing cellphone companies are forging ahead to make safer cellphones!

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

This Is Your Brain On Cell Phones!

Can you imagine the effects of electromagnetic radiation on the human brain! The radiation emited is similar to microwave radiation. Cellphone usage has been linked to brain tumors, is harmful to an unborn fetus, and children exposed to cellphone radiation can have developemental problems. Cellphone usage has been linked to eye damage, and headaches. "They stress not exposing young children and infants to cellphones, because their skulls have not yet formed. leaving their brain vulnerable to damage.

Excessive use of cellphones is not recommened for adult health. By the way this video demonstrates, even slight use can have some unwanted effects. We are still being exposed to EMF radiation in all the wireless devices, WiFi buildings and towers put up everywhere, regardless if we have cellphones or not.

Cellphones emit different levels of radiation. Here are the ten highest radiation cell phones in the U.S.on Block When choosing a cellphone you may want to consider the lowest EMF rating you can find. Also available are shield or screen protectors starting at $1.99 , and QLink Pendant $99.95 that blocks EMF radiation, states to bring your body back to it's harmonious balance.

I don't own a cell phone, nor do I need one at the present time. Maybe a valid reason my daughter acts funny sometimes, to much cellphone and texting! I may consider buying her a shield to limit her radiation exposure. They say we will not know the true damaging effects until years down the road.

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sandcastle Waterpark Always A Fun Time!

Once a year we make our annual trip over to Sandcastle Waterpark. About an hour drive from our home, Sandcastle has water fun for the whole family. The huge water amusement park runs alongside the Monongahela river. Typical beautious wooded hillsides of Pennyslvania surround the river. The grass lounge area has huge willow trees you can plant yourself under to grab some shade, or if you prefer you can lounge along the many sunny areas around the pool.

You can ride the numerous waterslides, or just chill out slowly tubing down the lazy river. There is a sandbar where you can catch some alcholic beverages, and all kind of food along the boardwalk, along with a clothing and jewelry gift shop. There are baby pools, and an adult pool area, and the Mon-Tsunami wave pool which is my favorite spot to ride the waves up to six feet. The day we went last Thursday was a sunny 80 degrees. We had rain the day before so the Mon river was pretty muddy. Love that muddy water!

You can't help but notice the enormous bridge and railroad trusses directly across the park! There were also a lot of boaters and jet skiers out in the water.

We weren't the only ones enjoying a swim. Geese swim as elegantly formated in the water as they do in the sky.

They always come in twos. In my romantic mind, these two are inseparable lovers. They remained together most of the day.

Me and my main man, steal a moment alone together.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Puppy Stolen From Tampa Florida Home! $1000 Reward!! Please Help Find Smiley!!!

Smiley an American Pit bull terrier -American Bulldog puppy mix was taken from one of my bestfriend's fenced in Tampa home on 5-12-08/2A.M. You have to be pretty low down and dirty to stoup so low to make a buck! She has been frantically trying to find Smiley a 5 month old male pup weighing around 50lbs. Another pup taken from her was sold within hours to a loving family. Smiley has not been found and she would appreciate anyone with any information on Smiley to contact her. She has been distributing flyers in her area, and surrounding areas, to no avail. Smiley was also my favorite out of the liter, very much resembling the famous dog on "The Little Rascals."

Even though I'm from PA, I am hoping to bring her story to everyone! The more eyes out there peeled the better. She loves Smiley and wants him back and so does the pups mother. A reward of $1,000 has been posted for the safe return of Smiley. If you know of anyone in the Florida area, please pass this along even to the shelters and rescue leagues. She is very concerned because this breed is often portrayed as mean, but it depends strickly on on the owners upbringing. Smiley's breed is often bred, sold, and abused. Please help my best friend find her precious dog Smiley!! Information below, along with her unfortunate story is also posted on her MySpace. Thanks for reading "Literally In The Moment," and being a part of my animal crusade! Information she sent to me on her distributed flyers is here:

Missing Large Puppy – Please Help Bring Smiley Safely Home!
$1,000 Reward + Danny Trejo (bad guy in Con Air and 200 others) will send you a Personally Autographed T-shirt & Picture!
Be a Hero help find “Smiley” APBT mix taken 05/12/08 2am Tampa, FL
White with Black markings, 1 ear, patch by tail, under eyes (like eyeliner)
Male 5 months old on 07/03/08, est. weight 50 lbs 2’+ ft high and growing
The other missing pup was found. Had been sold by Publix on W Hillsborough.
Has a good home near by off Old Memorial Hwy, Tampa, Florida.
If you bought this puppy please Let Us Know he is okay!
Call 813-230-3128 or or see all info at

Friday, July 18, 2008

$2,500 Reward For Dog Fed Glass Abuse!!

As an avid animal lover, a story a couple days ago grabbed my attention. Scooter a mixed breed dog of Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania, was deliberately fed glass. An x-ray revealed ground pieces of glass all through the poor dogs digestive system. Owner Maryann Stull is outraged, leaving her dog for four hours in his kennel, while going to a graduation party.

She found blood though her house and in her dogs’ bedding. Thinking Scooter had a bad cut, she took him to Veterinarian, Dr. John O’Laughlin. “This really had to taste good, “ said Dr. O’Laughlin. Glass was found in Scooter’s lungs, stomach, and chest cavity. In addition, Scooter had to undergo stitches for deep cuts to his tongue.

Stull has since set up surveilance cameras, and refuses to leave her dogs outside without supervision. Scooter is still recovering, but may be at risk for future complications.

Anyone with any information on this cruel and intentional act is to call Fayette Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals at 724-438-3121.

Story links and video here:
Reward Offered After Dog Fed Glass
Connellsville dog recovering after fed glass filled burger

Friday, July 11, 2008

Crack The Sky Rock Band Hits Pittsburgh 2008!

Rock Band Crack The Sky will play at the New Hazlett Theater in Pittsburgh next weekend July 19, 2008. We caught Crack The Sky in their "From the Greenhouse 89 Tour." when they came to Pittsburgh, shortly after the release of their album From the Greenhouse. Love this band they have a Pink Floyd like quality, especially in my favorite song From the Greenhouse. The vocals, guitar, and drums carry a euphoric rock excellence, that I’ve always been swept away with. Unfortunately we’re unable to make the concert due to events overlapping in our own area. I’m sure they'll be rocking the house down, and wish I could be there! Lyrics such as these still resonate even today. From an old Crack The Sky fan, here is my favorite song “From The Greenhouse,” still have my old concert T-shirt! Rock On!!

Crack The Sky Website
Crack The Sky History Information

Three days here without rain! Have a nice summer weekend!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

My Gardner Snake Buddy!

Living out here in the country, I’ve yet to get used to snakes. I don’t mind sharing my space with all creatures big and small. Yet when my immediate close proximity is invaded by a slithering snake underfoot, I get totally terrified. I gasp and stop my stride in mid air, taking great lengths to avoid stepping on one, even if it’s a small garden snake.

Our garden snakes live and hibernate under our huge cut log wood piles, and are often seen sunning themselves when the weather turns warm. Due to all the rain we’ve had, I’ve found them everywhere including my flowerbeds, by the pool, and in the backyard. Photo of my snake buddy above taken when hanging out clothes in the backyard today, he scared the crap out of me! I'm sure I scared him too, approaching him in my abrupt manner. I keep forgetting he suns himself there! Snakes blend in well with their terrain, and are hard to see until you are almost upon them. He crawled into the dog box and let me get a nice close shot.

The Gartner snake, or garden snake, or gardner snake is a Northern American snake, completely harmless, and typically found in American gardens, which is the origin of it’s name. The garden snake varies in species adapting to many different ecological habitats, on land or in wetlands close to streams. Living in a damp, wooded area, snakes are drawn around our home!

The San Francisco gartner snake in an endangered species, sporting red and orange patterns and a red head.
Don Robertson has a wonderful site on these stunning rare snakes.

Gardner snakes eat slugs, earthworms, insects, leeches, lizards, spiders, amphibians, birds, fish, and rodents.
Ribbon snakes, mine strongly resembles an Eastern Ribbon Snake not sure exactly what he is, eat small fish, tadpoles, salamanders, small frogs and toads, and insects. They swallow prey whole like many other snakes do! Maybe the reason why our toads have disappeared this season. Ribbon snakes rarely bite, but will emit a foul musk from their anal glands. My husband picked one up not too long ago, and it urinated on him, thus the foul musk!! I love living in the country, I see things here I never saw in the city. I’ve embraced a deep, profound love and respect for all living creatures!
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