Monday, March 3, 2008

Invigorating Day!

A balmy 66 degrees today, on four inches of snowpack, and expecting rain tonight. Flooding is highly likely. I flung open all the doors and windows. Been breathing this same old circulated air too long. Sun was out earlier, now clouding up. I can't wait until Spring, the blackbirds are feeding in flocks. Soon the earth will awaken, bringing life back to everything. Dying to hang out my clothes and linens. Go for longer walks, garden, outdoor concerts, and carnivals and fairs, and swimming! I'm dreaming ~ funny what warmth will do to make you feel alive!

A fun list from Kate ~ Things that keep me from writing

Here is my list!

Things that keep me from writing:

~Not enough sleep ~ too tired.
~Early mornings ~ late evenings.

~Dreamer a true pisces.
~Sharing the computer with my daughter.
~Walking my dog daily ~ changing cat litter.
~Chores too many to name.
~Cooking all meals are homemade.
~Always giving my time to others.
~Watching my favorite shows.
~Very little meeeeeeeeee time.
~Lastly searching for new inspiration!


KATE EVANS said...

Damn, I should have put sex on my list too! :)

Jo said...

Never too late to add it in! I won't mind! Thanks for the idea! :)

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