Wednesday, October 27, 2010

URGENT LA, CA!! MYA Female Blue Pit Bull Terrier Needs Adopted or Rescued ASAP!!

**URGENT**Mya Id#A1129051 is a beautiful female blue Pit Bull Terrier in need of adoption or rescue. Maya is very sweet dog, walks well on a leash, takes food gently, and is good around other dogs per LA Animal services! Maya is 6 years old, and weighs 67lbs. HURRY Contact ASAP For Maya Id#a1129051~ You can tell Mya has an incredible personality!! Mya lived with a family for 5 years!!! Here's Mya's wonderful Video:

If you can help Mya please contact immediately:

LA City Animal Services -
West LA 11361 West Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA
Phone: 213 792 5811
Name: Samantha Westbrook

Dogs In Danger Link: "Make sure to include ID#a1129051 for Mya!!!!"

I've contacted a hundred wonderful rescues for Mya, but have had no luck in finding anyone to step up for her yet! I've been networking Mya on facebookfor awhile, with no sparks of interest!! Mya is very urgent, and out of time! Feel free to pass her information along to anyone who may be able to help her!

Mya is in a kill shelter, and running out of time as we speak! I want to make it clear, that the LA Animal Services has taken every opportunity to help Mya find a forever home. There're just way too many dogs in kill shelters and rescues.

Please if you can help donate, become a sponsor, adopt, foster, or volunteer, contact your nearest shelter or rescue. As the economic downturn continues, so does the plight for thousands of homeless animals!! I'm passionately trying to get their stories out there, they need an extra voice to help them!! If you're looking for a new pet, look no further than your local shelter, or rescue.

Thankful to these wonderful shelters, for supplying me with more information to pass along! They take excellent photos, and make videos to help each dog get the best exposure. Most of these folks are volunteers who devote their time to helping these animals get adopted!!

Look at Mya's cute face, how could anyone resist her. We can't let Mya be put down! Please help me save Mya!!!

Photos and Video courtesy of LA City Animal Services!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Remembrance For A Beautiful Poet Friend~ James C. Hartsell ~ Wintersong


The morning sun burns through the gray,
billowing clouds majestically
and all those winter days

when fog crept thought the flats,
like sorrow,
yield in celebration.

My nostrils suck the pungent smells
of green-grass fields
and winter's brown decay.

My soul soars high,
an eagle circling earth and sky
in self-enhancing rapture.

And in this mystic place where all things rush,
like prayers,
the world is such a lover.

@James C. Hartsell ~ Wintersong
Excerpt from Jim's book ~ Visions From The Trail

I wanted to celebrate the vast work of a beautiful Poet friend, who I met years ago on the Lovestories forum. Sadly Jim passed last Spring, totally immersed in networking urgent dogs to rescues, I just got wind of his passing. The poem above is a favorite of mine taken from his book Visions From The Trail, which Jim sent me years ago. Jim always went by the pen name Wintersong.
Jim was my mentor, every writer's friend, and celebrated life in his humble and wonderful artistry of words, stories, and photography. Jim had an uncanny eye for imagery, beauty, and a wonderful humor that left a smile to all of us here in the internet writing world. Jim had many admirers, including me who was like a kid with candy reading all his new writings.
Jim was an inspiration to many poets, and will be sadly missed by all his writer friends. He had a special way of seducing words to draw you into his exceptional free spirited mind. You can read more of Jim's beautiful work here at his last writing stomping ground The Peaceful Pub ~ The Poetry of Wintersong Also the beautiful memorial pages created for Jim by The Peaceful Pub here: Wintersong's Memorial Pages Some great poetry and memorials wirtten there from some old and new friends!!!
In 2004 I wrote a poem for Jim, and had the pleasure of posting it on the Gypsywriter's forum. You must let people you love know how you feel about them. Never let a day pass by, and not tell someone how much they mean to you. I was very inspired by Jim's talent, and I let him know that he was special to me as a Poet friend. I'll never regret that, he was grateful as usual for any praise of his writing which he truly deserved.
My heart goes out to Jim's family, knowing he is still missed and will forever be! Here is the poem I wrote for my Poet friend Jim~

The Maestro

of gold,
sweet refrains,
painted from memory.

in perfect
sculpted metaphors,
integrated silver linings.

eloquent words
of gifted verse,
quilled upon my heart.

©Jo A. True-Burkholder 2004
In Loving Memory of my Poet Friend
James C. Hartsell ~~ Wintersong

Jim will always be that "eagle soaring earth and sky," and now he's flying in Heaven blessing the whole dang universe with his humorus, artistic and talented verse!!
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