Friday, April 27, 2012

Amazing PA Baby Wildlife Photos Spring 2012

With the warmer than usual Winter, Spring came early to our PA region.  We had a very warm April spell, which prompted many of the wildlife to breed and produce early in the season.  When I was a young child,  I tried to rescue a baby bunny much like the one pictured above.  40 years later, I'm still trying to save the animal world. 

My Lab Bruno Leo found this sweet thing underneath one of our huge pine trees.  Luckily bunny wasn't a snack for my Bruno Leo.  The nest was dug out all over the ground.  I put the nest back together the best I could, and placed baby bunny back underneath it.  I tried not to handle baby bunny much, as the mother would smell my scent.  I hoped the mother would come back to tend and feed her baby.  That night was very cold, and the next day my daughter found bunny stiff underneath the nest.  I'm not quite sure what bunny died from, hunger, already internally damaged from another animal, or just froze to death. 

Sometimes I have to let nature take it's own course, and sadly bunny didn't make it to grow bigger.  I know I can't save the world, but at least I gave it a shot!!  Baby bunny's beauty will be forever preserved in my photo! 

My sister's dog Kikko found these adorable baby robins, in a backyard tree.  They weren't nested up very far, and they would've been doomed for sure had I not intervened.  I put Kikko in the house and moved the nest to another tree.  That night a storm came, and I worried about the baby robins, I went back to check on them, and one had fallen out of the nest and the nest was leaning almost falling from the branch I shoved it in.  So I picked up baby robin and moved the nest to a more secure tree location.  I checked their progress every few days, and yes they survived and all flew from the nest!

Hubby found these adorable Mom and baby Salamanders in Bruno's huge plastic water dish.  Not sure if they would've of survived in the water, as the nights are still freezing.  The sides of the plastic bucket very slippery and hard for them to get out.  Salamanders are said to go into the water only to breed.  The baby salamander kept sticking to it's mothers tail!  I put them on a sheet of white paper so I could get a decent shot of them together.  Arent they too cute!!  We let them go into the wooded area behind our home! 

Pictured here our sneaky Binx cat,  a stray we adopted last year brought me a fine present!  A baby gardner snake, which he kept repeatedly tossing over his head.  The snake just laid there and didn't move much!  Isn't he ornery looking, as if to say "Mom look at the prize I caught for you!"

A closer shot of the baby gartner snake, with all it's incredible markings.  The cement a color complementing it's stripped body!  I let Binx in, and the snake just slithered away!  So another snake survived to live around my yard.  My nephew spotted another one sunning  itself near my home, which was much bigger than this baby one!  I've learned to tolerate them, as they have as much right to be here and exist as we do.  We've many of them around here, and I find snakes quite intriguing to look at!  Snakes love the sun as we do to get warm! 

In conclusion, I went to reach for our water hose and who was lerking on the wrapped hose but this huge spider.  Luckily I looked before I grabbed the hose!  The spider legs spread were as big as my hand about 4 to 5 inches in length.  Hubby and I were able to get him in a bucket on a piece of plastic,  so I could grab a couple shots.  I was very afraid he would jump up at me, and better to be safe than sorry some spiders are very poisonous.  Found this interesting link for pics of PA spiders .

Growing up in the city, I rarely witnessed wildlife such as these pictured on my blog.  I noticed the wasps are already building their nests too, all around my house and pool.  So I must knock them down when the temps get lower at night.  One thing I don't like is bees building huge nests around my home. 

Enjoy your Spring and have a safe and happy one!  Respect and preserve our world, and Stay right here Literally In The Moment.

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