Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Update Your Computer Against Conficker D !

The past week we've heard warnings about the Conficker D. worm virus, which could affect millions of computers worldwide possibly beginning April 1, 2009. Experts have been tracking the nasty worm since October 2008. Because the worm is so powerful in hijacking computers a $250.000 reward was offered by Microsoft back in February 2009, for information leading to the capture of the Conficker hackers! Computer experts are always trying to stay one step ahead!

They have identified four variants of the Conficker Worm A, B, C, and D.

Seven steps to protect your computer from viruses trojan worms, and spyware such as the Conficker:

1. Use a good Antivirus software. I use Trend Micro AntiVirus plus AntiSpyware.

2. I also use Webroot Spy Sweeper as a double whammy.

3. Be sure you're getting critical updates from microsoft. Go to tools and click on windows update to download the newest updates and patches!

4. Create a hardcopy backup of all your important files, program files, document files, and photo files ect.. My Webroot Spy Sweeper offers to do this online for me, but I'd rather make a hardcopy myself! You need to update this as often as you need to, depending on how much saved work you create!

5. Always be careful with emails don't open large file attachments, especially if you're not sure of the sender Don't Open The Email!

6. Be vigilant updating and running your software, daily, weekly, and monthly to protect your computer to the fullest compacity! My programs remind me, if a scan is not run! The protective software is no good if you don't stick with it! Remember hackers are out there constantly creating new viruses!

7. Pray you don't get a virus, trojan worm, or run out of memory! Like my daughter downloading millions of photos and all her songs to her ipod!

My new Windows Vista pretty much handles things in the backround automatically. My windows updates on a daily basis. But the experts are saying to update at least twice a day until the Conficker passes! Just in case they come up with new patches to the worm! I'm running my antivirus now as we speak to make sure my system is running smoothly.

I remember 9 years ago having a worm on my last computer, and it took me two months to get my programs back up and running! It was a nightmare! So far with all these products, my computer is well protected! Run all your protective programs and keep them updated at least daily until the virus issue passes!

If you have the Conficker worm you can remove and learn more about it on the Microsoft Site . You'll find a multitude of information there on any security issue you may have, and any New Security Information of interest!

I'm thankful for all the experts who fight daily to protect our computers. Many of us have become extremely dependent on our computers, for all our business and personal needs! Hopefully we'll all wake up on April fool's day without any computer headaches!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Interesting Art And Artists ~ Childrens Art!

Part II of my Purple Bathroom~Home Decor, is some of my different art I've displayed in my bathroom. The photo above is called " Flower Music," by Richard V Goetz. My painting is 707/1000. Richard V. Goetz was a much acclaimed award winning oil painter born 1915 until his death in 1991. His wife Edith Goetz was also a very talented artitist, who won many awards for her exhibitions. Their daughter Mary Anna Goetz has carried on the family artistry in her own beautiful landscape oil paintings! I love this painting about 21 inches by 18, matted 2 by 3 inches displayed in a huge black frame. I shot photo sideways kept getting glare, and because of the glass, was picking up my own image too!

Many of you will recognize "Los Ninos," by Ted DeGrazia in the photo above. Ted DeGrazia received worldwide recognition as his painting was used by UNICEF as a greeting card which sold millions. Mine is a laminated copy about 5x7, but it still brings much joy to me when I look at it. Children representing world peace and unity! Ted. DeGrazia's Oils, watercolors, and pastels are remarkable, and carry a high price range. The children are my favorite, he had a special way of showing their innocence and beauty! DeGrazia became a legend in his protest against inheritance taxes on works of art. He burned around 100 of his paintings in the Superstition Mountains in 1976 in protest of the tax! His paintings are worth many thousands now, Ted DeGrazia died in 1982. Ted DeGrazia held a philosophy which Artists and Writers can relate to in the present day, at least I know I can:

"(My best painting) is the next one. I haven't painted it yet. I am in competition only with myself, and that's tough, because I believe each thing I do must be better in some way than the last." ~ Ted DeGrazia

The above art is by none other than my daughter. I kept a lot of her art from grade school. this one I have taped to my desk. The detail is awesome if a bias mother can say so! Reminds me of Spring! Childrens art brings tremendous joy into my life! Their imaginations are untouchable.

The Indian girl and red fox are displayed on my bathroom door, so anyone sitting on the throne can admire the rare artwork! I felt bad because when my daughter brought her home, I asked why she painted the dog red, and she said" it's a fox mom! "

I'm proud of all my art, these are a few of my favorites. I learned so much researching the lives of two classic artists, and will continue to admire their work in the years to come. My daughter receives A's in Art class today, she's also very talented!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Purple Bathroom Remodel ~ Home Decor Ideas!

Well it's been a busy couple months. painting the bathroom, picking out carpeting, and remodeling a couple rooms. We used a paint called Valspar signature colors in a color called ice crystal by Earth Elements. I just wanted to add a touch of purple to the walls, and it turned out beautifully. It looks almost a red tint here! I took photos before we added my wall art! I've also been doing some Spring cleaning and getting rid of some unwanted things we don't need.

We took OP for his first adult shots on Saturday, he did really well. While we were waiting out came a sleek black Labrador, and our hearts just sank. Just recently losing our Delilah, we are still missing her sooo much!

My bathroom is huge, I had to take my photos separately in sections. I chose a deep dark purple carpet in a Fraize since this is a very high traffic area. The last purple carpet was smashed to our foundation, didn't wear too well. We chose an 8 inch pad to use underneath, the pad makes all the difference in the overall feel of the carpet. We love it! Purple toilet set was purchased years ago in Kaufmann's before taken over by Macey's.

I had to take a photo of my dog and cat bath rug! Only an animal lover would pick such a thing, plus I've two nephews 2 years old! I purchased this at one of my favorite stores Ollies Bargain Outlet! They have so many nice bath towels, kitchen towels, and almost anything you need at real bargain prices.

The photo above is just a close up of the design on my shower curtain. Made by Saturday Knight LTD, 100 percent polyester and machine washable. My kind of shower curtain! I have an Artisian standard bone colored shower tub surround and toilet purchased at 84 lumber many years ago! They both still look like new, an excellent product!

My countertop is huge my daughter and I could both sit and primp up ourselves at this counter with room to spare. The curtains I special ordered from J.C. Penney many years ago. Purple is a very hard shade to find in bathroom products, especially curtains! There are as many shades of purple as there are in the rainbow!

The right corner of the counter I've a huge mirror I purchased when my store shut down years ago. We used these in the jewelry department for our customers. I wish I purchased another one, they are well made and very attractive. The butterfly is a flowerpot clip that I purchased at Walmart last year. I hate when you put stuff outside and they get rusted, weathered, and faded from the sun. So I just use them for inside decorations! The peacock feathers are real, a neighbor of ours actually has peacocks, and they gave my daughter a bunch of these feathers. I put in a vase behind the mirror to add height to the corner. Pansies in a vase with pot pourri, add more color.

OP was mad that I wasn't paying attention to him, this is one of his favorite spots especially looking out the window at birds! The purple butterfly was purchased fall of 2007 at Boscovs when they went out of business. Another outdoor ornamental piece, I couldn't bear to put out. OP likes to chew the butterfly attennas, and gets yelled at!

The wine glass is a rose color and slightly slanted at the top. I fill with pot pourri, and I buy a pot pourri fragrance to use when guests come to my home! You can also spray pot pourri with your favorite cologne! The roses are actually a lavender purple, excuse my lighting in these photos!

I brought in an additional lamp to get this shot. More accurate in color of the fraize carpet. It's like a grape. I've many corners in my home!

Lastly I just wanted to feature my origami birds, my mom made these for me before she died. She is always with me in many things in my life. She created beauty wherever and in whatever she touched. The rice bowl with purple flowers I purchased many years ago at the Ames store before they too shut down.

Well there you have it a purple bathroom in my style! I'm going to make a part two for my wall art! Happy Spring cleaning and decorating!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Trooper Kevin Foley Guilty On All Charges In Dr. John Yelenic's Murder!

Breaking news tonight, the Jury has concluded that Trooper Kevin Foley is guilty of all charges in the murder case of Dr. John Yelenic. Kevin Foley will be sentenced in June. First degree murder carries a lifetime sentence in the state of Pennyslvania. The defense plans to appeal!

Although justice has finally been served in the almost three year old case, it doesn't change the fact that a bright young life was taken well before his time. It's a relief to know that a murderer will not be walking the streets, and now our friend John can rest in peace the third anniversay of his death April 13th!

I had expected to hear more from the defense, including testimony from Dr. Yelenic's ex-wife Michele. But it wasn't happening. I just can't imagine anyone inflicting such a horric crime against another person. There was sure some incriminating evidence presented in John's trial. Now we wait for the next sequence of events which will lead us to the sentencing! There is also a wrongful death suit filed by John Yelenic's family, against Trooper Foley, and Dr. Yelenic's ex-wife Michele.

Read my latest article Update 6-1-09 on Dr. John Yelenic's Murder:
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Friday, March 13, 2009

End Seal Slaughter ~ Sign Canadian Boycott Petition Now!

The Humane Society of the United States

Join me in signing a petition to end the Canadian slaughter of seals as young as 12 days old. Hurry the Canadian hunt is 2 weeks away, and these poor furry creatures will be suffering a terrible- painful death. I cannot bear to witness such a masacre. Take the pledge to boycott Canadian seafood, and in turn refrain from purchasing Canadian seafood products including crab, shrimp, cod, and scallops! The Shrimp I just purchased was from Illinois, another great reason to buy seafood products from the U.S.A.!

The petition campaign initiated by The Humane Society of the United States has reached over 600 hundred thousand signatures. Their goal is to reach 1 Million signatures! Join me and thousands of others from the United States, to alert the Canadian government we will not tolerate unnecessary killing of innocent animals! Only together can we bring an end to Canada's seal hunts! Click on the banner above, or go to sign the pledge HERE! Place banners and badges on your sites to keep everyone aware and bring this campaign to the forefront! We can be the difference in a hundred thousand Harp seal lives! Go for it animal lovers!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Justice For Dentist John Yelenic

Justice is finally being served in a nearly 3 year old murder case of Blairsville, PA. Dentist Dr. John Yelenic. The trial began on Monday March 9, 2009, in Indiana county. Dr. Yelenic was brutally stabbed and attacked to death in his home on April 13, 2006. He was only 39.
State trooper Kevin Foley has been charged with the murder of Dr. Yelenic. Prosecution has connected a bloody footprint, skin from DNA samples found under Dr. John Yelenic’s fingernails, and a scratch on Foley's face which appeared after the murder. The murder took place the day before a divorce between John and his separated wife was to be final. John and Michele Yelenic also have an adopted son J.J. Trooper Kevin Foley was also living with Dr. Yelenic’s wife Michele at the time of the murder.

Kevin Foley’s defense claims that evidence is misleading and will be trying to prove reasons the jury should not believe in the evidence. Their key witness is Dr. John Yelenic’s ex-wife, who states Kevin Foley was with her the night of Dr. Yelenic’s murder!
Dr. Cyril Wecht gave graphic testimony on Tuesday March 10, 2009 describing the fatal wounds Dr. John Yelenic suffered including knife stab wounds, his throat slashed from both ears, and in trying to escape to the front door, the murderer put his head through a pane in the door. The force was so hard, it pierced his jugular. Dr. Wecht said he survived another 9 minutes before bleeding to death. They described the crime scene photos as "horrific!" Blood loss was so massive blood leaked from the first floor to the basement!

What a terrible way to die. Dr. John Yelenic was a client of my husbands. John was a friend and a nice guy. He did not deserve to be murdered in this horrible way. All John wanted was a family of his own. He was a very compassionate and giving man. John had a thriving dental practice. The photo I came across above was taken years ago, when John had joined us one Christmas eve. My husband and I are watching this case intently, hoping that justice will finally be served for Dr. John, his family, and friends.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March ~ Cinquain


March brings
warmer sunshine
wind blown skyward kite strings
longer days promise sweet springtime

©Jo A. True-Burkholder 2009

Inspired by Terry from The Shamgar Report! He writes one every month! The flower above is actually green given to me from my sister on my Birthday last weekend. I forget what it's called, but I thought it was fitting for March.

My tulips and dianthus buds are already budding, with tips of green coming through the ground. Spring is just around the corner, can't come too soon! We were at 15 below windchill this morning, schools were delayed all over the area.
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