Sunday, June 8, 2008

U.S Gas Price Comparison Checker!

Cool Gas Price Checker I found online. MSN Auto’s site receives information from 90.000 gas stations all across the U.S.A. You can type in your zip code and compare prices in your area. PA folks can check theirs here:
You can also use the same link above, for all out of state prices too. Just type in your zip code. Displays lowest, average, and highest prices of gas in your area.

Depends on how far you are willing to drive to obtain your lowest price. You may end up spending the extra amount you save in the extra miles driving to get to the lowest price gas stations! Seems there is a slight delay in posting current gas prices. As prices continue to fluctuate, and prices are not always received daily by every gas station.

But I think it’s interesting how you can check out prices in other states. Gas in my PA area ~ Lowest price $3.87, Average price $3.94, and Highest price is $4.09. I typed in my best friend’s zip in Tampa, Florida and her area Lowest price $3.81, Average price $3.92, and Highest price $4.04! I thought the gas prices last year were high!

If you scroll down to the bottom of the MSN site page you can also see the national average: Haviland, KS is at the lowest U.S. Price at $3.49, the National Average is at $3.99, and the highest U.S. gas price is in Groveland, CA at $5.29 (Yikes!).

Since gas is the big news of the century, impacting everything in our daily lives. I plan on displaying my area (LAH) low, average, and high gas prices here on my blog highlights to the right. I’ll update it as the prices change, or as I see it change, or as I actually fill my tank. What is the LAH gas price in your area!

Make sure you sign the Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less, Petition. There are over 1 Million Signatures!!


ochikeron said...

It is almost 200yen ($2) per litter (0.264 US gallon) here now!

I hope the fuel surcharge won't change before we leave to the US...

Jo said...

Wow Ochi,

If I figure right about 3.9 liters in a gallon, the price is about $8.00 per gallon there in Japan?

Here I am complaining and yours is about double ours! At least while you visit here, you will be paying less than you would in Japan! :)

Lisa said...

Hi Jo, Gas here in Oakland, CA has been at $4.83 for some time now. This is not something I feel I want to complain about. European citizens have been paying $7-$8 per gallon for gas for many years. Cheap gas in America comes at the expense of other global citizens/nations - there is a lot of history and politics behind why our country continues to pay less for gas than the rest of the world. We have to grasp this - and we have to realize the time of cheap oil is over. We have the intelligence and skills and talent to bring alternative energy into the forefront of our national energy policy and begin implementing these alternatives now, but we continue to be held hostage by the powerful oil barons running this country as well as old school politicians operating out of fear of change.

Jo said...

Hi Lisa,

I know we are all headed for $5.00 a gallon by July. You are already close to it now! I on the other hand plan to complain, and keep trying to get people to sign the petition, to do whatever I can to try to make a change. I can't sit back and say it's ok anymore, I have a family to feed.

Living out here in the country, we have to drive to get places, 8-10 miles one way to a grocery store, to work! I could walk 2 miles one way to a small convenience store. We burn wood in the winter, and I never use the dryer anymore. We have cut back so much, and are still feeling the crunch!

We need to demand change, we can make it happen. The economy is already suffering right down to poor little animals being abandoned. Next it will be children starving. I know I am only one voice, but my heart speaks the voice of many!

ochikeron said...

Hi jo!
>$8.00 per gallon
I believe so...
It originally costs higher than in the US, but too much! This is why I don't drive in Japan :(

>the fuel surcharge
I meant about the plane fuel surcharge. It is something "Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism" decides, so I just need to hope they won't increase before we leave.

Slowly but everything is getting expensive!!!

Jo said...

Hi Ochi,

I can see why you don't drive in Japan! :) Yes you are right slowly everything is getting very expensive. It's hurting everyone, everywhere. I worry about the future, especially for my daughter!
How things will be in her lifetime! You are young also, so much life ahead of you. :)

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