Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin ~ McCain's Surprising Strategic Move!

Times are a changing! I'm empowered to see another woman in the spotlight! What an amazing move for McCain's campaign! He pulled a duesy out of his hat didn't he? Hey if we couldn't have a woman President, why not a Vice President? Who would've thought in this day and age that women would be holding such powerful positions? A proven fact women can do anything, and become anyone they want to be. Women have come a long way, from the 1920's when the Nineteeth Amendment was passed. The amendment giving all women the right to vote!

Sarah Palin referred to the time when women were allowed to vote, in her speech . The vital role of women to vote, in which she humbly attributed to be in the position she is today. I like how she is down to earth, five children -bless her heart! Her husband Todd Palin is a production manager for the Alaska North Slope. Their son Track, she is proud to say is serving our country in the Army. Governor Palin also paid tribute to the women who have come before her, Geraldine Ferraro, and Hilary Rodham Clinton.

Already news is coming out of the woodwork, ready to say she's inexperienced. Not a factor, you can learn anything you put your mind to. Knowledge and experience comes with the chance to be put in the position to learn. She is definitely a woman to follow in the spotlight, and rising up to the occasion with grace and determination. You heard the saying "Behind every man there is a good woman," now I say "Beside every man there's a woman willing and waiting to take his position!"

Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Favorite Love Song! What's Yours!

Time In A Bottle has remained through the years, my favorite love song. Remarkably resonating more in my life today, with timeless lyrics, and a tear jerking melody. Jim Croce had written this beautiful song for his son A.J. at his birth. Along with his wife Ingrid, the world was shocked by Jim Croce's sudden death. Killed in a 1973 plane crash with his musician sidekick Maury Muehleisen, after performing a concert in Louisiana. Jim Croce was only 30, and Maury Muehleisen only 24, both dying at the pinnacle of their music careers.

Jim Croce was inducted into The Songwriters Hall Of Fame in 1990, and has been paid tribute by the band Queen , and also The Righteous Brothers.

Ingrid Croce has created a wonderful website in honor of her late husband Jim Croce: Jim Croce - The Official Site which is still a work in progress. I especially enjoyed reading through Ingrid's autobiography section, which she tells about her life with their son after her husbands's death. Ingrid's strength to keep his legacy alive, is thriving in her Croce’s restaurant & Jazz bar located in San Diego. She has helped with the production of new Jim Croce CD’s and DVD’s, T.V. segments on PBS, and her autobiographical cookbook "Thyme In A Bottle," is in it’s third publication. Nice to know Ingid is remarried, and doing well in spite of all the sadness she had to endure in the past.

All Jim Croce’s songs are a major cornerstone in American music, and his songs and voice will remain an icon for generations to come.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bravo, The Naked Male Physique ~ Boscov's To Close 10 Stores!!

Refreshing to place my eyes upon a nude male for a change, or as my teen daughter would call it “Man Candy!” Society it seems embraces nude femininity much more readily than male.

We took a trek to Monroeville Mall to purchase a pair of DC shoes, which are all the rage, for my daughter’s back to school wardrobe. Our local mall didn’t have her size, and of course she had to have them. The Journey’s store there carried her size, and her wardrobe is finally complete for the moment!

We browsed the three story mall and found that the Oriental store I had frequented was gone, and that the anchor store Boscov’s was having a closing sale. Love this store, was only in the area for two years. They filed for Chapter 11, and are closing 10 stores due to the economy and lack of consumer spending. All a part of a restructuring plan, the under performance store closings will help the company regroup and regain it’s financial growth. You can find a list of their closing stores here! I hate to see fine stores go down, as I had been a part of closing a former Service Merchandise store, working in the Jewelry department for over 18 years.

I found some great deals on outdoor decor, and even picked up some xmas gifts. My husband bought me a pair of Thermolite boots for Fall pretty cheap. The weather gets rainy, muddy, and icy in my country area, so I need a waterproof pair of boots for around the house, especially in the Winter. Boscov’s carries some really nice quality merchandise, I highly recommend you check out their closing stores, you won’t be disappointed.

We ventured into the men’s department to check out stuff for hubby. My daughter was the first to notice the nude male mannequin. “Hey mom look!” she said laughing in her innocence! I said “ hummm pretty nice huh!” we both smiled. My husband out numbered walked further down the isle and shook his head.

In this modern day, women are on display like nothing. I’m not into exhibitionism, but with women nudity constantly being plastered on everything from ads to videos, I like the fact it’s a male for a change. Even if he’s a mannequin, the role reversal gives me some satisfaction. The male physique beautiful in it’s own right. I love everything about the male physique, being attracted to every part of a man’s body at a young age, much like my daughter. The feel of a man’s body close to mine, not only for wonderful sexual gratification, but to be aroused and held in the universe of male testosterone!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Fallen Musicians In Their Prime ~ An Interesting Video!

I just happened upon this video ~ Love it! How many of these fallen musicians do you recognize? Great accompanying song too! Chase's songs are catchy and stick with you! I like "Livin," too! A wonderful and touching tribute Chase Emery!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tiger Ranch Update Trial Date Set! Update 8-17-08

View Latest Tiger Ranch Update:
Tiger Ranch Linda Bruno Jailed Today! Sentencing Delayed! Update Oct 5, 2009!

See My Newest Updated 7-13-09 Tiger Ranch Post Here:
Tiger Ranch Owner Linda Bruno Pleads Guilty!

For those of you who have been keeping up with the Tiger Ranch saga, the trial date has been set for Tuesday, January 20, 2009. This should give both sides ample time to prepare their cases, for a long and hard battle in court. The trial will take place in the Allegheny County Courthouse.

More information can be found on the Defend Tiger Ranch Site , along with fundraising information they are conducting. I really enjoyed looking at the cat photos on the site, beautiful felines on wide open Pennsylvania property. I've never had the chance to visit Tiger Ranch, but when they do open back up, I want to take a ride to see it!

You can view all my previous Tiger Ranch postings here:

I along with all animal lovers await the outcome of this controversial animal advocacy trial!

Please view my new updated Tiger Ranch Article Posted 1-20-09!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Succulent Home Garden Vegetables!

The fruition of our garden has yielded us many delectable vegetables. The two larger tomatoes were the first ones to turn this week. With the recent national tomatoe outbreak scares, I'm so glad we grow our own. At least we know where they come from!

We've had tons of cucumbers most of the Summer. I like to pick them alittle bigger than a pickle, but not quite as large as the ones from the store. You've not eaten a real cucumber, until you've tasted one fresh from the garden. My daughter and I eat a daily cucumber salad, and within the past couple weeks I've been able to add in my cherry tomaotes, and some thin slices of green bell pepper. I just have to keep us in stock of our different salad dressings!

I'm still picking zucchini, which I 've fried, baked into bread, made zucchini parmasan, and frozen fresh for soups, and any of the above I choose to make in the Winter months. Along with being so versatile in cooking, zucchini is very rich in Vitamin A, potassium, folate, and manganese. Being one of my favorite vegetables, zucchini is a low calorie food. I read that the flowers of zucchini plants, can be fried as a fritters or tempura. Never knew that, I'll have to try making the flowers sometime, just to see how they taste. I'll let you know. You may have to wait until next Summer, because the plants are about done for the season!

Also not pictured are garlic, and onions which are hanging to dry out! We still have tons of green tomatoes, cabbage, and pumpkins yet to ripen. The only thing we don't grow is corn, which doesn't seem to get very big in our garden. I love to watch both my vegetable and flower gardens grow. There is something about planting seeds, and small flower plants with your bare hands, to create a mature beautiful plant. I never grow tired of living this natural country life!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Sunflower Smile!

I declare the magnificent sunflower Summer's official flower. These huge flower cluster beauties are growing abundantly in our vegetable garden. The bees were happily pollinating among the large heads, not disturbed by my presence at all. The stunning, vibrant yellow pedals make them a favorite for arrangements and flowerbeds alike.

Sunflower seeds make an excellent snack for humans, and also used as bird food. Sunflowers are made into peanut butter, or sunbutter. Sunflower oil is used for cooking, made into magarine, and used to make biodiesel. Some sunflowers are even higher in monounsaturated (healthy) fats than the ever popular olive oil.

I counted 18 flowers growing from one sunflower plant in our garden above.

I can't help but smile when I look upon the cheery petals of a sunflower. Artist Vicent van Gogh made the sunflower popular in his many sunflower paintings. I see sunflowers sold in several stores, and we have them growing here free every year. The seeds fall off naturally and are tilled for the next summer season. Amusing to watch the birds eat from the seed clusters, pecking in all kinds of positions. This year I plan to dry the seeds to make for snacks, and save a batch for bird food in the winter.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

I Can Feel It In The Air, Back In The Saddle Again!

So glad my blogger is back up and running again, I was getting a complex thinking only a select few were down! I do thank support for their hard work to restore our front blogger pages.

My blog back up on Friday night, but I ended up mesmerized by the 2008 Olympic Opening Ceremonies in Beijing. The 2008 drummers were my favorite. Their attention to detail and perfection very much like my own Japanese mother was. A stunning culture of a beautiful and proud people, who put on a great ceremony.

I hope to someday visit my mother's homeland in Japan, and finally meet up with my Japanese cousins. To come full circle to aquaint a family and heritage, I've never known!

Yesterday an all day clothes shopping spree preparing my daughter for her school wardrobe. Came home late exhasted, and finally had some quiet time on the computer, then we had a thunderstorm and power outage. I think this was an omen to stay off the computer, or the powers be against me!

Life has me turning in many directions, none it seems is my own. I did however get a poem contest entry in last week. I've been reluctant to enter much these days, as I feel the contests are usually for the writers who are well established. Nevertheless, I still try to get my work out there, even though it seems futile.

On another note the weather here feels like Fall already! The night air in the 50's is turning my pool water cold, and the days are not quite hot enough in the low 70's to swim. I can say the low humidity has been a nice change. But I know Fall is just around the corner, and the days are now growing shorter.

Summer life sojourns in sweet encounters, how I'll miss the many reflections. Like a lustful summer affair, love vanishes as fast as it began. Leaving an imprint on my heart, to remain forever.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Cast of Beatlemania ~ Packs In Largest PA Crowd!

Over the weekend we took a ride into the city to watch a rock concert in the park! The park was packed with the largest attendance, concert officials had ever seen. Tells you there's a lot of Rockers in my area! Hundreds of people were seated everywhere on blankets, and chairs. Live music filled the small city of my old stomping grounds, on a beautiful warm summer evening.

Listening to wonderful sound renditions, The Cast of Beatlemania performed all the Beatle songs to utmost perfection. You can listen to their live performances on their myspace page!

Although my generation was born when The Beatles came out, we grew up listening to Beatle music. Practically everyone knows the lyrics to these timeless songs, which still to this day resonate in our hearts.

Hard to pick a favorite Beatle song, because they're all classics! If they ever come to your area, or if you are looking to book a band, these guys will definitely impress you with their musical talent. I highly recommend you see them! I leave you with a video of my favorite Beatle song ~

Friday, August 1, 2008

Heaven Aligns The Earth

Heaven Aligns The Earth

where Heaven
aligns the earth,
where God and I
silently consort.
Lone hawk soaring
perched upon treetops.

where life exists
simplistic beauty.

where locusts,
and melodic cicadas
lull a summer day’s end,

where Heaven
aligns the earth,
fiery Twilight
sullen rain clouds,
a breathless sky.

©Jo A. True-Burkholder 2008

Last evening a summer storm left this beautiful piece of sky. You see through my eyes, how Heaven touches the earth. I often wonder if there’s a better paradise than this. The here and now of our living lives. Perhaps only a prelude of what’s yet to come!

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