Friday, May 29, 2009

Money Pitfalls And Dreams ~ Poem

Money Pitfalls And Dreams

Money for many a high status thing
may yield fruition to a lifelong dream

huge fortunes kill sometimes maim
thrust in the spotlight of unwanted fame

money only merely ink paper after all
bitter root of greed’s sudden downfall

money can offer future security
purchases important daily necessities

money given morally can help the poor
open wide new opportunities door

others cope as needed thriving without
while others drink from a pouring spout

society has governed we can’t survive
the wrath of green moolah to stay alive

but can money buy freedom or happiness
or garner the rich feeling of self respect

only you choose your destiny...

©Jo A. True-Burkholder 2009

Response to Ozymandiaz: What is money? Thanks for the inspiration!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Eradicate Deficit And Extravagance On My Mind!

Why can't we just totally eradicate the Nationwide deficit, forget about budgets and bailouts! Put everyone back on a clean slate including big businesses and banks! Instead of becoming a goverment run country, where peoples feelings are put aside, and pride is only stuck in a sinking economy! Small businesses are dwindling every day and no one is bailing them out! Let everyone be debt free, that will certainly boost the economy! Government yearns folks to spend, but how can we spend when the cost of living is going through the roof!

Politicians promises change, why can't we start over where everyone is equal. Health coverage for everyone, not just the best coverage for the rich who can afford it! Deficits and budgets are falling on deaf ears. Sick and tired of the rhetorical hype, and watching everyone sink in the pit! The American dream is still alive, but put on stranglehold until the smoke clears, if the huge ominus cloud ever clears.

Our economy has taught us one thing, do not indulge in extravagance! Growing up with bare necessities, I sure learned the value of a buck. Remember our folks always told us "Save for a rainy day!" How much wisdom they held in their words, especially today! We learned to live with less, and spent less in the long run! I never missed the absence of material things, because I always had what I needed! A well implemented upbringing, will get you through the toughest of times! We can't blame the government for our own overspending!

I just keep thinking about the mess we're in, and embracing simplicity of old ideals just might give us the change we need to forge ahead. I'm not a politian, but it appears clear and commonsence After all it's not about how much you own, but honest inner integrity which makes you great and brings forth the most happiness! What do you believe in, what are your ideals?

P.S. Just finished emailing Pennsylvania Representavies on saving our parks here! May prove fruitless, but in turn may save a few! Anyone interested see Heads Up Pennsylvanians ~ Bill 850 To Close 35 Pennsylvania State Parks for addresses!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Heads Up Pennsylvanians ~ Bill 850 To Close 35 Pennsylvania State Parks!!

Laurel Mountain Hiking Trail taken Spring 2008!

The strong economic decline is not only hitting consumers hard , but will now affect our Pennsylvania State parks. Due to Senate Bill 850, 19 Million dollars will be cut from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources closing 35 of our Pennsylvania state parks, and 1,000 miles of state roads leading to them! We’ve 117 State Parks here in Pennsylvania, which means they could close nearly 1/3 of our State Parks by mid Summer 2009. Read full article here on the DCNR site!

Forests won’t be maintained against parasites which could eventually destroy them. This Bill could prevent preservation of our beautiful parks and forests for future generations! Another economic loss will filter down, with lost forest ranger jobs, forest maintenance jobs, and less clientele for restaurants and businesses which benefit from all the tourists who travel to enjoy our beautiful state parks and lakes!

I read through the grapevine that Laurel Mountain and Laurel Mountain Summit is slated to close! We hike the trail at least twice a year! We can’t let this happen folks, our region contains a multitude of awesome parks, lakes, and forest sites we must actively preserve! During these tough times many families can’t afford to spend a lot of money on vacations, and look to our natural outdoors for fun family entertainment.

State Parks and forests are the heart and pride of our Pennsylvania state and we need all of them! Many of our parks are free to visit.

I encourage all Pennsylvanians and tourists who wish to preserve the beautiful parks here in Pennsylvania join me to email and write our state representatives opposing the closing of all these parks. I was unable to retrieve the full list of possible park closings. Write to:

Governor Edward G. Rendell
225 Capitol Building
Harrisburg, PA 17120
Email ~

Senator Don White
Email ~

State Representative Mike Reese
Norvelt District Office
2230 Mount Pleasant Road
Mt. Pleasant, PA 15666
Email ~

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Late Frost, Landscape Mulch, And My Returning Gardner Snakes!

Due to my busy schedule, I've been too busy to plant my baby flowers! Good thing because we had a killer frost last night, and we're expecting one tonight too! We did however over the past weekend, till my flowerbeds, put down some black plastic, and covered with my favorite dark mulch. The mulch helps to hold the moisture in the ground, and you can see the outside areas especially recieve much sunlight. Photo above is one side of my home, I plant flowers on the inside and outside too! There are five sides to plant on the outside, and three on the inside close to the house! On this inside, my red rosebush to the left. purple phylox, diathus flower plants, and lilies all bloomed from last year! Glad we didn't plant our tomatoes in our vegetable garden! Most folks have already planted around the neighborhood, and are having to cover due to the coming frosts! We did get some more wood cut and stacked! Hopefully I may try to plant a few flowers tomorrow!

When spreading the mulch around my rosebush, I found two of my buddy gardner snakes have come back. I kept trying to get him with his tongue out, it's wild because they have red tongues! I'm thinking they're male and female shacking up together. The weather has been beautiful the past couple days, we had so much rain last week! Sparrows have made a nest in our house lightposts, and they fly back and forth all the time! New life is blooming all around me, and I'm humbled by all it's beauty! Spring is such a welcome site, after a long cold Winter. I'm absorbing the sights and sounds every chance I get!

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kicking The Smoking Habit ~ Tips For Diehard Smokers!

First you must be totally committed to kicking your smoking habit . You may fall off the wagon a few times, but persistence will prevail if your mind is totally made up. Choose a special goal day to mark your occasion, I chose Mother’s Day. Think of all the reasons you want to quit, write them down. Here are a few:

  1. Quit for yourself and your loved ones.

  2. You know smoking is bad for your health! Quit because of all the health risks to your body and for others who are subject to inhale your second hand smoke!

  3. Because you don't want to mingle around others, with your clothes and breath smelling like an ashtray. As a woman, I was always self conscious about the cigarette smell.

  4. You'll have a cleaner house and car! Surprising the amount of yellow smoke film cigarettes and cigars leave on your white sheer curtains and walls. You can imagine the damage to your lungs, which can't be thrown into the wash!

  5. Because you don't want to die prematurely, but instead live to see your children get married, and spend a good part of your life with the grandkids.

  6. The high cost of supporting your smoking habit is getting to be ridiculous!

  7. A whiter smile!

Somewhere down the line your children will learn about smoking and drugs in school. A major reason I decided to quit. Before my child reached early teens, I made my final choice to kick the habit. I didn’t want another generation of smokers in my family. My parents both smoked, and I could be the one to break the smoking generation chain. Plus you can’t stand there and tell your kids not to smoke, while puffing on a Marboro Light! My love for my child is truly deeper than my love for cigarettes.

The last thing you need is someone to preach to you, and tell what you should and shouldn’t do. I quit cold turkey, and believe me this was the hardest thing I ever did in my life. I truly enjoyed smoking, it was an exhilarating feeling. Smoking calmed me down when I was stressed or nervous. Pumped me up when I needed a lift. An upper and a downer all in one habit, almost as good as sex or chocolate. I still miss it’s euphoric effects today! Expressions only a diehard smoker would make! But here are some pointers you can focus on, when you decide to quit:

  1. Remember those hot cinnamon toothpicks we loved when we were young? I use them to help with my cravings. Target sells them online, or you can make your own! I like the cinnamon ones, helps take the edge off!

  2. Walk! Walking is the greatest and most rewarding of all exercises to me. You can take your dog or spouse on a nice hike in the woods. Especially after dinner when the urge to smoke is the greatest, and take a few hot toothpicks with you on your walk. Instead of concentrating on smoking, you'll see all the wonderful things in nature to live for! Plus your dog will love you for it, and you and your spouse may find a private spot to neck!

  3. Clean rooms in your house or garage. You have more time to beautify your home, or now as they call it crib, making every room a tidy place to be proud of!

  4. Always keep busy and active. I promise you'll have more energy, breath better, and be able to walk up stairs and hills, without losing your wind! Constantly moving around will help keep you fit!

  5. My Ultimate Life Protocol Learn To Love Yourself! Even when someone puts you down, keep being who you are! You hold the greatest power over your demons! People who can't stand by you, aren't your friends!

We’ll all face our mortality at some point in our lives, but let it be much later than sooner! Like the quote from my favorite Pink Floyd song: “Breath ~Breath in the air, Don’t be afraid to care! Leave but don’t leave me.” My longtime friend and I have a special motto: Love yourself first and the rest of your life will just fall in place! Usually it’s the opposite, we love others before ourselves, and let ourselves go. Typical adult behavior especially of women!

Remember life is our most profound gift and there’s only one uniquely you! Mother’s Day 2009 marked four smokeless years for me. My daughter was amazed at her mother for quitting a longtime habit. I look into her beautiful eyes everyday, and know I made the right decision for the both of us!

I wish you much luck on your smoking cessation endeavors!

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Friday, May 8, 2009

My Mother's Day Flower Planting Ritual!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there! Every year my husband and daughter buy me planting flowers for Mother’s day! I prefer live planting flowers as opposed to cut flowers, because I can enjoy the lovely flower plants long into the Fall months. Ever since I became a mother years ago, I’ve received and planted flowers on Mother’s Day! My mom used to come and plant with me! Do you have a special tradition that you do on Mother's Day?

We always make the trip toward the mountain to Laurel Nursery, where I’ve been a loyal customer for many years. The flowers are always hardy, and I can always count on them to grow well when planted. Mostly I need flowers which do well in the direct full sun, because my flower garden surrounds my house. We receive full sunlight most of the day around my home!

I usually start out with two flats of annuals and perennials. Flat number 1 above is a fine collection of Reddy Salvia, Mix Portulaca, Double Cherry Zinnia, Zahara Scarlet Zinnia, Red & Deep Purple Petunias, and the ever beautiful Yellow Dahlia.

Flat number 2 is a brilliant collection of Blue Ageratum, Double Madness Mix Petunias, 3 packs of Montego Mix Snapdragons, Red Petunias, Big Boy Tomatoes, and Eggplants!

Lastly I picked a pack of Majestic Giants II Sherry Pansies. I’ve noticed a lot of the new packs have gone from six to four flower plants per pack! We went last weekend to pick these out, because there are slim pickens on Mother’s Day weekend. So I’ve had my baby flower plants for a week already, and can’t wait to get my hands in the earth to plant my gems. We’ve had rain almost everyday this week, so the ground is too saturated. Seems we may have a break after Mother’s Day!

I’m missing my mom so very much, and I think of her every Mother’s Day. She was a major part of my life, and I’ll never stop loving her! If you’re still fortunate to have your mother, cherish her and spend all the time you can making memories. You’ll never get back that time, when your loved one passes on! My Mother’s day weekend is very full, spending quality time with all those I love! Have a good one, and party down!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Siberian Crabapple Blossoms ~ Tree Sapling For Unique Mother's Day Gift!

My Siberian crabapple tree has bloomed. The Siberian crabapple tree is so gorgeous with sweet fragrant white flowers, adding a special beauty to our yard!

The lovely buds are hot pink, and bloom fully to a beautiful white five petal flower with yellow pollen centers. The photo above reminds me of a Hawaiian Lei.

The white flowers add a special contrast to any backround, as seen above with the blue sky backround.

Our crabapple tree was a gift, and planted when we were first married 19 years ago. The tree planted as part of a tree conservation campaign taking place in Pennsylvania. If you’re looking for a gorgeous low maintenance tree, the crabapple will bring you many years of stunning Spring blooms.

We've lost many forest and city trees in our Pennsylvania region over the years. The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and and the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources join in efforts to restore millions of lost tree coverage in our Pennsylvania region. Tree Vitalize endorsed by Governor Ed Rendell in 2004, is planning to plant 1 million trees in the next 5 years, which by the way will not replace all the lost trees to our area! Present count of Tree Vitalize planted trees 93, 885!

We’ve lost millions of trees due to modernization and mother nature, and wild fires, all across the USA. Plant A Tree USA is another dedicated organization reforesting lands throughout the USA. You can even donate land from your estate to be reforested!

Trees look beautiful in many areas, trees help keep our air clean, shade buildings and pavement, and controls storm waters on our grounds. Arbor Day has already passed in the U.S., but now is still an excellent time to plant a tree in your yard, along sidewalks, or on large property areas. is another interesting site offering a huge amount of tree replanting information, including buying a tree for a Mother’s Day gift. What a unique idea, donate to plant a tree in your mother’s honor, which benefit different tree projects of your choice. Check it out! Or simply go to your local nursery, and pick out a couple tree saplings for your mom as a Mother’s Day gift.

Keep our planet beautiful, plant a tree today. Check your area for planting schedules, we just may help fill the deficit while beautifying our horizons for a future greener earth! A valuable gift to cherish which keeps on giving for many generations to come!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Country Living ~ Stacked Wood ~ Spring Fawn

Out here in the country most folks are taking advantage of great Spring weather before the heat of Summer arrives. Cutting and stacking wood is an early Spring task, and also tackled in beginning of Fall. We're fortunate that when trees come tumbling down due to weather, people call my husband to cut and load the trees for free. I've gone on runs with him to gather up limbs, and huge trunks of trees. It's nice when they are already cut, but most of the time they're not! My husband does nothing small, I stacked all the wood he had cut into these rows above!

These are humongous logs, even when cut! Some I can't even get my arms around. I don't know how my husband lifts them. We almost need a forklift to help lift them, even when cut in half! Everything is done by hand here, especially all lifting labor work! We do have a log spliter to cut them!

The largest pile is 4 deep, and I just stacked another making it 5 deep! In fact I broke a vein in my right wrist lifting and stacking all these logs! But with the cost of heating, this is free heat in our woodburner! Woodburning is the only heat that keeps our house warm, in the cold winters we've had in the area!

We have two massive piles like the one above to cut yet! Our log cutting has been put on hold, because of the satuarated rains we've had over the last weeek and a half! Behind the log pile is an old railroad bed we call the tracks, and beyond that are miles of cow pastures! Spring is quite beautiful here in our world turning green, filling in all the bare tree spots!

Lastly this was taken three weeks ago, a doe and two fawns were taking a nice walk in our yard. My husband has a salt block, and the fawns seem to have no fear. They just walk through like it's their yard! See the difference a couple weeks make with the rain to turn things magically green! Notice how the fawn blend into their surroundings. Deer move so fast it's hard to get a shot! Hey country work is never done!
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