Monday, February 15, 2010

Desperately Seeking Spring ~ Valentine Red Tulip Photos 2010!

Hoping everyone had a good Valentine's Day. My Sweet Valentine of many moons presented me with a beautiful red tulip plant pictured above. He included a nice cat card, and my favorite chocolates ~ dark chocolate M&M's, and Hershey's special dark chocolate kisses. I've been basking in dark chocolate Heaven since, and gazing into my deep red tulips pining for Spring! Dang he still loves me!

Along with many Pennsylvanians I'm more than ready for an early Spring, wishing for mild Winters we're accustomed to here! We're expecting 4-6 inches today and tomorrow on top of the almost 3ft of snow we already have since the blizzard of Feb 6, 2010, and it's snowed everyday since! Snow keeps freezing into ice as temperatures remain in the teens, and roads and sidewalks remain very slick! I'm glad to have my silky Cuddl Duds, and Land's End winter boots. We've put our winter clothing to very good use in this record breaking snow and cold, in fact this is the 2nd snowiest snowfall per month in history!

The snowy weather is taking it's toll on everything and everyone! Our snowplow is broken, moving icey snow in piles of up to 4ft -5ft. Our huge wood pile stock is almost depleted, and we'll be lucky to burn what we have the rest of this week! The artic blast has continued for almost two months, leaving many folks with high heating and electric bills. Snow piled on homes and buildings are on the verge of collapsing, and our schools were closed all last week! Mail and garbage pick up has been delayed, boo hoo!

I think red tulips are as pretty as red roses! I looked high and low in search of the perfect backround for these lovelies, and it finally dawned on me the snow on my front patio! The light contrast of white snow against bright red tulips was so captivating!

On the bright side, Spring is almost on the horizon hopefully only a month away! I'm longing to see my gorgeous tulips growing around my home! When my tulip plant fades, I'll save the bulbs to plant in my flower garden in the Fall. Aren't these red beauties just stunning? I'll be admiring them for awhile!

My camera is up and running for the moment thank goodness! Thanks for visiting, keep safe, and stay ~ Literally In The Moment! xo xo xo ~

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fourth Largest Blizzard Blasts Pennsylvania Region ~ Cool Record Snowfall Photos Feb 6, 2010!

We're still digging out from the 4th largest snow storm in history, which hit Pennsylvania and many other boardering states Febuary 5, & 6th 2010! I measured 20 inches of snow here in the country and notice the amount on my snow gage patio table pictured above! The storm has literally paralyzed cities, here in our region!

I like many other Pennsylvanians had already hit the grocery stores, as soon as we heard of a storm coming. I did my grocery last Thursday, and my store was absolutely packed, and of course the two day meat sale was going on! When a storm is remotely imminent Pennsylvanians hit grocery stores first, and many store shelves are almost cleared bear. We're always well prepared to be hunkered down, and for good reason as many roads are still impassable!

Plowing our driveway of almost 2 feet of snow was a feat in itself. Our friend had his utility truck stuck in the icey slush which was underneath the piled up snow! Took two trucks to pull his truck out, which was a very common occurance all across residential, and state roads. In fact they called for a state of disaster and in many counties including ours, where only emergency personnel and workers were allowed to drive on public roads! Anyone caught driving would pay a hefty fine! We remain in state of emergency as I type this post!

I call these my weeping pines. Alot of the snow had already fallen from these babies! Hundreds of trees in surrounding cities were pushed beyond their brink with snow, and downed thousands of powerlines. Some folks were under water conservation, because waterplants had no power! There're thousands of people without power in our county and counties statewide! We were fortunate to have all our power and utilites in working order!

The snow piled up and was blown to almost the height of our 5 ft fence. The snow was so deep I had to take the photo from the side of our house! Snow is above knee deep in most areas!

The tree above bending all the way down to the ground on the road behind our home! The snow this time around was a heavy wet snow! We only shoveled the back entrance to our home, which was backbreaking enough. I'm still sore from lifting heavy shovelfuls of snow! I tried to build a snowman, but the snow would not pack together!

I took a brisk walk after we finished our driveway and sidewalk! All my neighbors were digging out! I came to the tunnel at the end of our road and shot my photo ~" snow tunnel vision!" Isn't it gorgeous! I love walking here, becoming one with all the tranquility. The sun graced us with her beautiful presence on this gloomy day!

Snow piled along the road up to 3 and 4ft with a glaze of icy slush beneath! Reminded me of driving up to the Laurel Mountains a couple weeks ago! Trees majestically filled in with layers of snowfall, giving the landscape a whole new vision of beauty. The white snow adds more definition and dimension to bare tree limbs!

Our tree with the child swing was picture perfect when I made my way back home. Sun hitting the treetops and the sky turning a stunning blue! The fallen snow also had a pretty blue tint to it!

A fun one for all you basketball players this is my "Snow Dunk," photo! Gave me a smile as I walked beneath it!

My honey on the roof was worried about the amount of weight stressing our roof! He decided to do this after we shoveled off the sidewalk! So gave me more shoveling to do! Check out the guy and the blue sky! The last time we had a snowstorm like this one was in March of 1993.

The last photo here is my favorite I call "Snowlimbs," I took on the way back from my walk as the sunbeams lit the light blue sky. Chunks of snow were falling off everywhere from everything! I find beauty in everyday, it's all right before my eyes!
Everyone was in a rush to get their plowing done, our temps went down in single digits last night with windchills of zero. Another storm is only a couple days away, and we're going to be in the arctic blast for some time! All this wonderful mess is hard frozen now!
My camera is on the verge not sure what the problem is, may have to beg hubby for a new one for my birthday at the end of the month! I've taken hundreds of pictures, so my camera has done very well. I genuinely wore it out!
Hope you enjoyed the visual world through my eyes! Thanks for stopping by! Until next time stay warm, safe, and Literally In The Moment! xxoo ~ Jo

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gratify Your Chocolate CRAVE ~ M&M’S Dark Chocolate!

Looking to “Gratify Your Chocolate Crave?” Heads up dark chocoholic lovers savor a few dark chocolate M&M’S, and these delectable coated morsels will absolutely leave you craving for more! The new Valentines day Cupid Mix contains colors of red, pink, hot pink, and white coated irresistible dark chocolate M&M’S.

Dark chocolate M&M’S are blowing off the shelf, and many stores are finding it hard to keep them in stock! I know because I’ve had to search high and low to satisfy my own chocolate fix!
Chocolate has long been linked to be an aphrodisiac, and I can only speak for myself that chocolate can sure spice up your sex life. You can imagine the possibilities!

Recent research studies have indicated that dark chocolate can actually be healthy for you! Flavonoids found in dark chocolate are higher than milk chocolate. Flavonoids help to produce nitric oxide in our bodies, which in turn can lower blood pressure, aid in blood flow, and even may help to prevent blood clots!

Ongoing studies of the wonderful benefits of cocoa and dark chocolate are still being analyzed today. Finally something that tastes so good which may be good for us at the same time! We all must remember however, moderation is the magic key to good health.

Hooked ever since I tried these babies in the Fall, I’ve always possessed a refined taste for good dark chocolate. If you desire expensive dark chocolate taste for a reasonable price, grab yourself a bag of Dark Chocolate M&M’S today!

In search of an extra sweet gift idea for your Valentines lover? Be sure to include a bag of Dark Chocolate M&M’S, along with your special Valentines gift. Your Honey will absolutely love you for it!

©Jo A. T.B. 2010
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