Friday, March 7, 2008

Women Empowered ~ International Women's Day

Women Empowered

All women are beautiful in their own uniqueness. We all love our children in the same way, striving for a brighter future. We wouldn’t be here without a woman giving birth, nurturing us through the many years of growing and learning. Do we not owe everything to the women who gave their lives, and in turn becoming mothers to give our lives to our own children?

Women born to be empowered in femininity and sexuality walking proudly in our step. To be loved for who we are, and all we can achieve if given a fair chance. Women have made many strides over the centuries, paving the way toward equality and women’s rights. Yet there are still atrocities taking place all across the international spectrum.

Imagine all women united living in modern equality. Imagine the dreams flourished in reality, imagine the world wide possibilities. Perhaps here in the near future a Woman president!

©Jo A. T.B.

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ozymandiaz said...

As I have written, if not for women we would be naked, swinging form vines and such.
And would it not be awesome if we could simply call for the end of rape and it occure? Unfortunately, though, we men continue to be ludicrous. Of the women I have known intimately, far more than half have been raped, brutalized, stalked, or by some fasion traumatized by men in their lives, most by men they knew and trusted.
The really sad part, a good portion there of return to those some abusive relationships time and time again, beit with the same individual or with a like charactor, proving the real damage incured is not physical but to the true self, emotional and mental.
But none of this is new news, is it?

Jo A. T.B. said...

The problem is everywhere, but in some instances as in other countries, women cannot get away from it. They just don't have the resources we have here. Unfortunately like you said, there are some who just refuse to leave.
I'm glad there is a day to recognize it, my mother was one who did walk away, and I have always been thankful she did. Any abuse is sad, no matter what kind,
physical or mental. I know because the things I saw when I was real young, it took me a long time to trust! The emotions also filter down into the childrens lives also. But life is good now, and thanks for stopping!

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