Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fall's Final Farewell

Mother nature has teased us the past week with her mild temperatures. We were in the 60's today, expecting rain and temps to drop to half that by Sunday. I couldn't resist taking a shot of my ornamental grass, which resembles peacock wheat to me. See the contrast of the wispy ends, against already barren trees, as the sun peaks through white clouds. I wasn't sure the grass would grow, but it flourished this Summer growing so huge!

This shot taken at the end of my road, and the leaves have already fallen off. Regretably a sign Winter will soon mark the horizon, with empty tree limbs. Isn't it stunning to see the beautiful reds, the true climax of Fall!

I call this one my lucky money tree! Reminds me of golden coins hanging from the branches. Makes you want to grab one, and hold it in your hand. I've had a great time taking Fall foilage photos. I'm hoping our Winter is a mild one! Have a great weekend, stay warm!


Jo Janoski said...

Oh boy! We have ornamental grass like that, too. I absolutely love it. Are you ready for the cold blast tonight?

Jo said...

Hi Jo,

Even with the dry summer, my grass took off. Was just a baby plant last summer, a gift from my sister. They are quite beautifulwith their tall contrast!

The temps are dropping as I speak. Don't want the cold to come, but we've been very lucky so far!

terrymcdermott said...

These are such pretty pics!

ochikeron said...

Hello jo,

Seems like we had the same temp this weekend!!! Nice fall foliage!!! You should have fully enjoyed the autumn tints in the nice weather. How nice :)

You know what!? I am going to travel Fukuoka and Nagasaki in December, on my birthday with my boyfriend. Only two-day and one-night trip, though. Was Fukuoka your mom's hometown? I hope I can take good pictures to show you.

ozymandiaz said...

sweet pics
finally got cold, eh?

Jo said...

Thank you Terry. Winter is here now!

Jo said...

Hi Ochi,

Really did enjoy the warm weather while we had it!

Please do take some photos of Fukuoka, I'm sure it's pretty there! It's where my cousins live! Thanks!

Jo said...

D.B. What is up with your blog, nothing there? You ok? Yes it's Winter here now! Boo- hoo! We've been lucky so far though!

Dan said...

What a lovely place to call home, Jo!

Jo said...

Thanks Dan! The snows a flyin now!

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