Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cool Browser Tester ~ Question For My Readers ~ Happy Veterans Day

I found a cool browser tester a couple months ago, which you can type in the url of your site, and view it in different standard window sizes. You can type the url address of your blog in there too, and see how other folks are viewing your blog site. Check It Out! Love It!

My questions to all my readers (even those who don't comment,) is what size monitor, and screen resolution do you use? I have a 19 inch flat screen monitor, and my resolution is 1360 x 765.

Mine isn't even listed in the standard sizes! I found my PassionsFlame site doesn't fit well in the standard size windows, so I'm thinking I may have to revamp everything!

My blog seems to fit in with the standard windows ok. Just wondering how you all see it! I seem to make things bigger pictures ect... because I've got the bigger screen monitor. I also read there are many more folks who use the 1024 x 768 size.

A day to appreciate our Vets, my father who has passed on, was a lifer in the U.S. Airforce, and served his country well. We honor the ultimate sacrafice of all our heroes who have served and are serving our country! They are the reason we are free to be!


ochikeron said...

Hi jo,

I think I use 15 inch monitor. My resolution is 1280 X 1024! Your images display beautifully! I think I am using the standard size monitor. I am viewing okay in full screen size :)

>>browser tester
I never thought about checking this! Fun site!!!

Anonymous said...

Cool beenz! Bookmarking that one!

I have a 17" standard monitor, 1280 X 1024

and my laptop screen is a 17" widescreen, same resolution

they both display your blog and images fine.

Jo said...

Thanks Ochi,

I thought the site was neat when I found it. You even have a more different size than the standard ones given too! Your blog neat and tidy, I know it fits well in the standard! :)

Jo said...

Hi Nan,

Glad you like it. You have the same size as Ochi, seems you guys have another popular standard size! I'm glad my images look ok!
I'm mostly concerned with my website, which I know is off!

Nazarina A said...

Good morning Jo,

I have a 21 inch monitor with a screen resolution of 1152 x 864 pixels and a 32 bit color and I do watch tv on it as well.I program my media center from here as well.Even tv gives me a sweet picture!

I see your nature pictures like I am actually in that forest!!! You take beautiful nature pictures, I know I have said that already, but you do!!!!

Jo, God bless your Father!!!!Thanks to your father, a great American, we can all live a life where we can roam FREE!!!

I have some other sites monitoring my traffic, but I shall check out your suggestion. It is always fun trying new things, Thanks!

Jo, it is so good you and some of my other blogosphere friends, like Ochi for instance are leaving longer comments now on my site as well. We are becoming very comfortable with each other. When I was living in South Africa, I had a pen pal in France, only now everything is digital. I do not know when last I have actually written a letter though ha! ha!

Jo said...

Hi Nazarina,

You have the big screen I originally wanted, but the opening in my desktop was too small for it.
I could watch T.V. on mine too!

Thanks, I love to take nature photos. We are losing all our leaves here now.

I know what you mean about writing letters. I've a friend who lives in Florida, and we keep in touch by email. It's a wonderful world on the internet, so many things you can see and do. A wealth of information beyond our imagination!

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

I have no idea.... :(

They all looked about the same to me.

Jo said...

Hi Joyce,

If you click on screen resolution in my post it'll give your resolution. Your monitor is measured from corner to corner. It don't matter, just was wondering! :)

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