Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Lucky Three

Fanned Out by Charles Dana Gibson

Charlie Puckett stared at the entrance of an empty Dover Downs racetrack. He limped slowly over to the wooden sidewalk bench, and plopped himself down. He was dressed in his best Sunday black stripped sack suit, which had grown two sizes too small. The jacket’s bottom buttons left undone, allowing his beer gut to bulge out over his tight stripped trousers. A black round derby top hat, his newest prize possession, completed his whole attire.

Charlie was the last of “The Lucky Three.” The three elderly gents had made a pact as young lads. and ran like wild havoc throughout all their adult lives. Until a run of mortal bad luck, eventually caught up with the trio two years ago.

His ole friend Jimmy Johnson was tracked down by the bookie mafia, and beat to death for a measly ten thousand dollar debt. And just recently his buddy Alfred Dobbs suffered a fatal heart attack after winning one hundred thousand dollars at the racetrack. Alfred had placed a one hundred dollar bet on a horse named Eye candy. He squandered the one hundred dollars off his wife, when she left him. The unexpected excitement of the huge incredible win had done his already frail ticker in.

Charlie was feeling mighty lonely without his two close, rowdy sidekicks. His mind was a turning and a hankering, until a powerful revelation came. Why Mrs. Dobbs was still a fine lookin woman, plus she was now a rich one at that. He realized today would be a great day for a condolence visit, every good woman needs a ironclad shoulder to cry on.
Charlie stood up prying down his sack coat, and pulling up his trousers, but neither one would budge. Charlie walked proudly poised in his manly gait, taking a deep breath to muster up all his persuasive orneriness.

If he made haste, he’d be able to catch Mrs. Dobbs directly after church services. He tugged his derby top hat down closer to his head making his ears stick out even further. Charlie smiled thinking, perchance he could convince Mrs. Dobbs into spotting him a hundred bucks. Charlie was eager to place a wager on Eye candy, scheduled to run in the 5th tomorrow afternoon. The fortune hunter force of The Lucky Three, was still very much alive within him.

©Jo A. True-Burkholder 2008
My Blogfriend Jo Janoski has posted a wonderful sequel to my story above here "The Lucky Three Continues,"


Jo Janoski said...

Hahahahahaha. Oh, I love it! It's kind of cool to continue on from my story. Lots of fun.

Jo said...

Thanks Jo,

A fun prompt. Glad you liked it, I thought it fun to continue from yours, since you had picked the other guy. I originally wanted the other one, cause he reminded me of my father-in-law!

Shirley said...

Hey, another chain fiction in action! Good collaboration ladies.

ochikeron said...

jo, this is fun!
I want to know how Mrs. Dobbs reacts. Ha-ha!
I just read Jo Janoski's. How interesting you two can make such stories from this picture!!!

Jo said...

Thank you Shirley, a fun one!

Jo said...

Good evening Ochi,

Yes, would be fun to see how Mrs. Dobbs reacts. Jo started it, and I continued it. I don't write too many stories, but have a good time when I do!

Jo Janoski said...

Okay, it was irresistible! You can take it from there, or if not, let me know, and I'll finish it.

"The Lucky Three Continues"

Jo said...

Just love you Jo, wish I had more time. I've some senerios in my head, but hey if you beat me to the punch, please be my guest! The Lucky Three lives on! :)

Dan said...

Not that it takes that much doing, but you two Jo's have gotten me confused. I'm still scratching my head as to which Jo posted first, nonetheless, kudos to both for your entertaining stories.

Jo said...

I'm sorry Dan,

Jo J, put her response to her prompt, and then I wrote this blog post story as a sequel to hers, and then she wrote another sequel to mine!

Posted a link to her sequel at the end of this present blog post , just didn't have time earlier! Basically we just contined each other's stories!

I'm trying to figure out how I can make my name easier, so it's not so confusing to others with the same first name.

Nazarina A said...

Bravo, bravo ladies, it is almost as if you are listening to this story on the radio and I am glued to it!! I have a faint suspicion that Mrs Dobbs is going to swipe him with her umbrella LOL!!! I was trying to read it last night, but was quickly called away to do something. JO I have a couple awards for you!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Thank you Nazarina,

We had a fun time callaborating together. Jo J. made up the one character and I the other!

Hey I know what you mean, it's a busy time. My daughter's birthday party this weekend, and I'm doing Thanksgiving dinner, have to clean the house perfectly, and we're remodeling on top of that!

This is where I want to be right here in front of this computer writing, hard to find me time! As it is for many of us!

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Good job, ya'll!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Thanks Joyce!

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