Saturday, March 5, 2011

Valspar~ Love The Look ~ Love The Paint!!

With anticipated thoughts of Spring just around the corner, are you planning to paint or remodel a room in your own home? I recieved my Valspar sample the beginning of February, and I was impressed. Of course I'm already a fan of Valspar paints and colors because I used Valspar paint previously 2 years ago on our Purple Bathroom Remodel. The light purple we used is still very appealing to this day!!

Valspar is giving away free sample kits which include a 7.7 Fl Oz paint sample in the color of your choice, color chip, coordinating colors envelope, rollers, and a coupon for $5.00 off your next gallon of Valspar paint. You can't beat that for a great advertising deal, and you can even try out a color that you choose. Hurry over to get your Free Sample kit, I believe the kits are still being offered!

After much debate, I chose the color Dancing Rose-1005-6A, which is the first color to the left in the color chip pictured above. Valspar offers you a choice of a million rainbow colors!! It's like literally being in a color candy store, and believe me there's no lack of choices here!! You'll find it difficult to pick one, as all are so inspiringly beautiful. I dare you to try to pick one!!!

You can trust in Valspar to give you a quality paint, and most of all a finished look you'll cherish for many years to come. I can say from my own experience with Valspar~ You'll love the look, and Love the Paint!!

Go grab your sample and let me know what color you decided on. My whole house really needs done. With the cost of living prices and gas on the rise, I'll have to settle for one room at a time! :)

Think EARLY Spring and stay right here Literally In The Moment!!


ochikeron said...

Hi jo!!!

I remember your purple bathroom. I can't believe you can do the painings by yourself!!!

The sample set sounds cool!!! I like the pink you chose. It should be nice and warm :)

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Ochi,

I love painting rooms, it's such a thrill to go in and redo a room and make it your own special color!

Too bad you don't live in the U.S. or you'd be able to get one too!

Nazarina A said...

Mmmmm, I remember that beautiful purple bathroom too!Thanks for the tip on the freebie that Valspar has to offer! I just might need to go to the link,my husband finally finished the remodeling of the main bathroom! I am a little frustrated of the ongoing mess! will send you some pictures of the dramatic change!
Thanks for those coupons dear, I really appreciate & love it. Which rooms are you painting....simply love that rose color you chose. I have to make you some rose soaps & more spices!

Do you have any family in Japan.....My prayers are all with them & Ochi and some of my other blogger friends in Japan!
always much love from me!!!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Naz,

They run the paint link at a certain time tell on site, the hard part is picking out the color for your sample. It's a nice size sample great for painting a small table, or to do a swatch of what you plan to paint your room. I love the rose color I picked, might even think about using that color for my room too!

I would love to see your pics, it's so fun to see the before and after. Do you guys do the painting too!! I've mailed you some extra coupons today and emailed you too!
Just finished your wonderful red pepper spice we all absolutely love it including my sisters.

Yes, I've a cousin and his famly in Japan, and emailed him. He lives some 500 miles from Tokoyo. I'm hoping all is ok, haven't heard back!! Really worried seeing such devastation, especially where Ochi is! Hugs & Love back atcha!!

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Jo A. T.B. said...

Thanks dog harness appreciate you stopping by. Will be posting soon!!

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