Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ligonier PA Ice Sculptures 2011 Ice Fest Photos!

Zero degree windchills didn't prevent folks from attending the 20th annual Ligonier ice fest. The sun was deceiving today on this frigid Sunday afternoon, where the professional ice carvers from DiMartino Ice were busy creating their amazing ice sculptures, displayed on the Diamond in Ligonier PA. Folks were bundled in their warmest winter clothing, braving the cold to gaze at the glass like creations.

This ice carver was so intense in his creation, yet I went ahead and snapped a shot of him adding his beautiful finishing details to his ice sculpture. I'm amazed at the talent which goes into every piece they work on. Below are a few which caught my eye, but there a many more gorgeous sculptures displayed throughout the wonderful section of town!

The Zebra was a stunning piece which grabbed my eye right away. Notice the excellent detail on his mane!!

The squirrel was one of my favorites too. Adorable tail and face!!

The masquerade mask was another gorgeous ice scupture decorating the walkway. Check out the feathering and mask detail totally amazing!!

The guys always create a huge piece to sit on, this year it was a magnificent sleigh. Of course I had to grab a seat. I dressed in four layers, but forgot to wear two pair of gloves so my hands were frozen taking all my pictures. As you see, I'm wearing our Steeler colors!!! Isn't the sleigh extraordinary!!

We were so cold, we ducked into Abigales Coffeehouse to grab a hot chocolate, and tried to get warm. The chocolate chip cookies were luscious.

Another favorite of mine was the angel holding a dove. Isn't she just precious?

The four hawks above were a massive and awesome display on a storefront ledge!!

The penguin was also a nice touch to a storefront display of our Pittsburgh Steeler Spirit! Hubby couldn't wait to get home to watch the game, which the Steelers won. Way to go Steeler Champions!!

Last but not least was the Gazebo Grand finale, an astonishing, gigantic bird and heart ice sculpture which reached almost to the top of the gazebo. I don't know what the 90 represents, maybe someone will comment and let me know, so I can share it with you all!

If you're in the Ligonier area, be sure to take a drive or walk on the Diamond. The scuptures should remain in tact for awhile, as our PA weather has been stuck in freezing mode since the beginning of December. Very unusually cold for so long, but perfect weather for the beautiful ice scuptures to survive!! Thanks to the talented ice carvers from DiMartino Ice for another awesome display of their beautiful ice sculptures!!

Been busy the last 3 months, sadly lost a loving member of our animal family. Will post about it sometime in the future as our hearts slowly heal. My camera has been on the brink, I fear this is the last post my camera will take. I ordered a new one should come this week. We also stopped at the museum after the ice fest.

I'll have to make another post of the art exibit we saw, so stay tuned and stay right here Literally In The Moment.
View More of my Ice Fest photos from the past two years here:


josephinechoo said...

Hi Jo,

I remembered every year you went to this ice events,right??

I was amazed by the zebra & mask designs..They are really professional in handling those ice.

I'm great that you appear again in blog.


ochikeron said...

hi jo!!!

this is my 3rd time to see your ice fes post which means i know you for almost 3 years?!?! time flies.

needless to say i love the heart one :)

i know you are busy and things change around us! i always check your post when i see your post in my feed, so please post your update when you feel like :D

stay warm!!!!!

Jo Janoski said...

Brrrrrr. It's one degree outside as I write this. Love the ice sculptures. Are they local artists or do they come from other places? Just curious.

Nazarina A said...

Hi Jo,

Ditto on what Ochi says!I too, am a big fan of your ice sculptors! I especially love the sleigh with you in it! Beautiful shots, my dear & hats off to those amazing artists!I cannot wait for our ice
sculpting competition up in Breckenridge! Goodness knows I have yet to take the time and photograph them!

Wow, it is even colder in your state than here, but nevertheless, we too, have to bundle up in numerous layers! All I want to do is curl up in front of my fireplace with my cats and drink hot cocoa!

Is it cold or is it cold!!!!! Brrrr, I just want to hibernate, as I am sure you would as well LOL! I do however just dislike to clean out the darn thing. As a matter of fact, I have to clean it out pretty soon, a squirrel ran down the chimney, scared the heck out of me and my cats and brought down just an extra black cloud of soot with it! How it ventured down my chimney beats me!
You were in my thoughts a lot last week as I was using the Christmas saucepan holder you sent me.I love it! Otherwise, how have you been?

Jo A. T.B. said...

Thanks Jose, yes we've attended every year for 4 years now! The first year I didn't take any photographs!! Glad to be posting again too! :)

Jo A. T.B. said...

Yes time does fly Ochi, and look now you're married and remodeling your new home! I new you'd like the heart one!! Hope to post soon!!

Jo A. T.B. said...

We've had to bear a cold winter huh Jo!! DiMartino Ice is local, and located in Jeannette, I did go back and edit and put their link so folks could go back to their website for more info! In both our general area, but a good drive for us to get there!! Aren't they talented!! Thanks for stopping!!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Naz,
We love visiting the ice fest, and seeing the wonderful sculptures which are different every year! I also love to take photos as you know, and my camera is not turning on right something wrong with it.

I took one more set of photos at the art exibit, with my old camera and should get my new one by tomorrow so exicited. Will you please take a few shots of your ice scuptures there, would love to see them!!

You're so hilarious, reminds me of the bat that flew down our chimney last Fall! I could imagine the fright and frenzy which went on there. I put OP in the other room, while hubby tried to nail that bat. It was so scary we kept ducking cause it flew all over the house banging into stuff, and right at our heads!! A squirrel would be on the ground, and I'd be up on a chair!! How did you catch it, or did you let it out the door!

These wild critters can cause such an uproar. Now our chimney is in use with our woodburning, maybe you should burn some wood to keep them out!!

So glad you liked your trivet and could get some use out of it!! Will email you on what's been going on when I've some time.

Jared said...

Hey Jo thanks for your support every year and the pictures look great. The 90 in the heart represents the sponsors 90th anniversary of being in business. we hope you come out again next year.

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hello Jared,

I hope I did your wonderful artistry justice! Please feel free to email me, if you wish to use any of my photographs on your website, without my copyright of course!! Just don't like folks taking photos off my blog without permission.

You bet we'll travel up next year to see your awesome displays. Thanks for making the icefests so fun to view and photograph!! :)

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