Monday, January 23, 2012

Ligonier PA Icefest Scupture Highlights 2012!

The ice storm which hit Pennsylvania on Friday Jan 20, 2012, left a thick layer of ice underneath at least 3 - 4 inches of snow our way! Couldn't even get into my husband's Toyota on Saturday morn for my commute to work! The truck doors were frozen solid. Luckily we were able to open my car doors, and start to defrost my windows. Much rather drive a 4 wheel drive on snowy days like this, but had no choice to drive my car. Roads were hazardous to say the least, snow covered and icey, yet I made it to work very close to on time!

Fitting the ice storm led the way for the 21st Annual Icefest held in Ligonier PA. Since I had to work Saturday, we headed toward the mountain on Sunday Jan 22, 2012. Temps hadn't rose out of the 20's all night so the icey snow was still hard and everywhere! I wore my boots with a good bit of tread, for fear I'd take a tumble on the icey sidewalks and roadways. The air in Ligonier was blowing when we arrived there, colder than back down the mountain at home! Sidewalks were very icey at the Diamond where the professional sculpters were busy at work. Be sure to click on photos to see in larger detail!! All ice scuptures are done by the awesome professional ice carvers of Demartino Ice ~

The first ice sculpture to catch my eye was this beautiful butterfly! In Japan, a butterfly represents a person's soul, living dying, or already dead. And if a butterfly lands near you, it means the person you love most is visiting you!

I was so impressed by these adorable replicas of Dora and her sidekick monkey Boots, that I decided to use them for my winter header. Aren't they just too cute and lovable?

Another very impressive ice scupture piece was this clown, with his open see through eyes! I couldn't believe how big, he was massive!! :)

One of the handsome Ice Carvers took a moment out to give me a smile. How much work and detail goes into every ice scupture they carve!

Another favorite of mine,was this cool giraffe, which stood taller than I! I'm close to 5' 5 inches so gives you an idea how tall this boy is!!

The grande finale was the galant Pegasus, which towered in the Gazabo and glistened in the sunlight. Oh such devine beauty against the blue sky and barren trees!

On the way out we caught one last glimpse of these 3 fish, displayed along a storefront wall! Aren't they just amazing! The Ligonier Icefest is always worth the trip, even in the ice and snow! I don't know how the Professional Ice Carvers come up with all the different displays every year!
I can't wait to see the ice scuptures Demartino Ice create for their displays next year!! If you need ice sculptures for any occasion, this is the place to order them!!

On our way out from Ligonier Diamond we headed across the highway to the top of Ligonier Valley cemetary. I took this shot of Laurel Mountains in the backround, where it looks as if the clouds are resting right on the icy white mountain tops. We headed up the road to Linn Run, where, I thought my life was flashing before me. The roads there were too icey for my car, but we slowly and finally made it back down!!

We then drove over to the museum, which I'll post some highlights of that exhibition soon! Hope all is well with you all. Wishing you a Happy New Year and stay right here Literally In The Moment.


Nazarina A said...

It's been a while since I've visited you; I truly miss those days when we would regularly comment & just talk about, what we were up to! Life just seems to get in the way of us girls having a good time!

Anyway, really beautiful pictures of the ice sculptures and PA scenery( mountains)! You religiously venture out in the cold to take them and entertain us all! I love them all! Just the other day, I had this beautiful butterfly come by my front door and I immediately thought of my Mom, so thanks for that beautiful story and pictures of the butterfly!

It's been unseasonably warm here and with this unusual weather aberration, comes high winds and forest fires. I am sure you saw the current footage of one forest fire raging on right now. It is close to us and I can see the smoke from my home! However, the winds have subsided a little and hopefully they can get these fires contained!
I just wanted to let you know that since all my visitors left, I am concentrating on getting your package ready for mailing. Just yesterday, I made my special wing sauce, so I hope that you guys are into grilling chicken wings and willing to take a chance on my wing sauce and all of the other usual suspects. I made some cute soaps for you as well.

Miss you!!!!

Jo A. T.B. said...

How lucky I am to have such a sweet friend. I've been too busy to post much, but hope to have a post up soon!

Glad you liked the photos, it's really the carvers who deserve all the credit! It was so icy that day, it was all I could do to get around. Soo afraid to fall.

It's been warm here too, on and off. Hoping for your and your family's safety in the fire situation, what a worry that is.

Always look forward to your treasures. Love ya ~~

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