Sunday, January 30, 2011

Southern Alleghenies Ligonier Regional Juried Art Exhibition Photos 2011!

Upon leaving the 2011 Ligonier Icefest last Sunday, we headed over to view the fine art displayed in the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art at Ligonier Valley. Featured there was the 15th Annual Regional Juried Art Exhibition. The exhibit was a beautiful delight to the eyes, and below is only a handful of my favorite pieces in this exibition. Click photos for larger view!!

*M4d0nn4,* by Artist Sam Howard was my overall favorite. A wonderful Oil painting so full of vibrant color, and the madonna like portrait girl resembles my sweet niece Megan right down to her pouty lips and puppy like eyes. Could definitely be her twin!! This equisite art piece grabbed me as soon as I walked in the door. The photo is 24x 18 and Not For Sale!!

Another stunner was *Regal Duo* done by Elizabeth Asche-Douglas. Excellent facial textures added wonder dimension to the faces in her portrait. Photo 12 x 12 done in Ultrachrome ink w/acrylic platform and is for sale at $750.00.

*Jackie* by Norma Rowley also grabbed at my heartstrings, as I've a deep softspot for Labs, and this baby reminds me of my beloved Sampson RIP. I apologize for all the reflections as the lighting at the museum is very bright, and bounces off the glass of the portraits. The photo is clean and sharp, right down to every hair on Jackie shinny fur coat. Photograph is a digital photo-enhanced like the majority of the photos I take here on Literally In The Moment. Photograph measures 13 3/4 x 13 3/4 and sells for $250.00.

*Kamala's Flower* by Karen Ferrick touched on a femine side with her lovely pink lotus flowers, and gorgeous green reflections. A grand size photo done in devine pastels, measuring 40 x 19 and sells for $1,200.00

In conclusion *Passion Flower* by Melinda Myers Grass was another awesome flower portrait to draw my eyes into. Pretty pastel colors and finest detail of the flower stamens and stigma!! This oil on panel portrait measures 12 x 16, and sells for $500.00.

The exhibit features many more talented artists, and I highly recommend a trip to the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art. You'll be very pleased at the exhibit, and who knows you might want to buy one or two for your art collecting pleasures!!
I'm excited to report, I received my new red camera last week, and will be tweaking and studying to get the right shots I desire!

Stay tuned to Literally In The Moment for more exciting photographs and stories.

*All Photographs copyright of their prospective artists please do not use without permission from the talented Artists.*

All Portraits ~Photographed by Jo ~

View another Exhibit I photographed at the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art here:


ochikeron said...

Hi jo!

How nice you live close to such a nice place!!! I just realized your tree up this blog is beautiful! Is that taken by your new camera?! What make is your camera?!

I know you will get used to it soon ;)

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Ochi,

Thanks the tree is taken right in my backyard, from photos I took last year from the big snow storms we had!

The tree photo was taken by my old camera, which was a sony. My new one is a kodak, and it's a beautiful red one!

When I preview the photos new one seems to take really good pictures, but I must download to make my final determination. A good photo editing software is a must for good photos!!

ochikeron said...

Hi jo!

I saw on the news that there is (was?) a big storm again in the US! Hope your area is okay!!!

Do sony and kodak have the similar color output?! I tried olimpus and nikon but I guess I'd better stay with canon since I like their color.

>A good photo editing software is a must for good photos
That is true for these days!!!
Even the recipe sites have photo editing function to make the pics look appetizing!!!

Anyways, thanks for your comment! I was kind of shocked when Rakuten started such a copy site, but like you say, it might be a good change! Some users want to earn money by posting their recipes. ($$$ is reality) I'll try to keep my page up and see how it comes out!!!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Ochi,

Yes we're getting socked with the Winter one two punch!! Really here we lucked out of getting a large amount of snow!! But we did get some snow, then ice.

Oh today the sun came out was raining, and a beautiful rainbow came, but the clouds rolled in soo fast I couldn't get a shot!!

I really don't know about the color imput of sony and kodak, only that this new one seems to take clearer photos. Still haven't downloaded yet, but just from my previews I can tell.

You do deserve the money recognition for your wonderful recipes!! :)

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