Monday, February 7, 2011

Soap.Com Find Ease Of Shopping From Home!

A little over a week ago, I happened upon a wonderful new new shopping site called On the day I ordered they had a special promotion of half off on Pantene products, and also buy any Aussie product and get an Aussie styling product free. They only ran this special for one day!

My order before promotion code was $25.85 so it qualified for free shipping. I purchased a 25.4 fl oz Color Preserve Volume hair condition, a 25.4 fl oz Color preserve shine conditioner, a 12 fl oz color preserve smooth conditoner, a fine hair anti-breakage detangler 8.5 0z, an Aussie catch the wave mousse, and received a 10oz Aussie hair spray for my free product!!

The cost of one 25.4 oz Pantene hair conditoner went down to $3.78. I usually purchase my hair conditioner at Walmart, which is running these same hair conditioners online for $5.97. A savings of about $2.20 per bottle at I received $10.00 off my order because the promotion was for up to $10.00 off Pantene products. Still for $17.00 I made out like a bandit, and was able to stock up on our favorite hair products!! The biggest plus, I did it all from the convenience of my own home, and with the price of gas to travel 10 or more miles one way to my nearest Walmart was a huge savings in itself!

I receved my products in two days as promised, each product exactly as I ordered. I had a mix up with my free Aussie product and emailed their customer service. They got back to me almost immediately and called me to straighten out my order. I was very pleased with their service, and most of all the savings I received from their great promotion!! run by Marc Lore, and Vinit Bharara was created in 2010 "to make life easier for people." has a 1-800 number for your convenience, a liberal return policy, take manufacture coupons, and offers free 1- 2 day shipping on orders totaling $25 or more. What more could you ask for in an online shopping site.

You can bet, I'll be searching for more tremendous deals to stock up on!!

*This was not a paid review, but a shopping experience I wanted to share with you!*


ochikeron said...

Hi jo!!!

You've got an amazing discount!!! How exciting to get things at such a great deal! It reminds me of shopping groceries at Peapod when they opened their site! They shipped things almost for free and products were cheaper than at stores!!!

I hope they keep this service for a long time :D

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Ochi,

Yes it was a great discount, too hard to pass up!! I love when I can stock up on things I use everyday!! I'm hoping they do stay online for a long time!!

terrymcdermott said...

It has been a while since I have visited your blog. just thought I would stop and say Hi.

Nazarina A said...

Hi Jo,

Thanks for that beautiful comment yesterday. Yep! one can get pretty tied up with family and the regular chores & it seems that there is just not enough hours in one day! I try to be meticulous, but can be hard at times!

I think you have a great nose for smelling out those great deals!It sure is fun when one can save somewhere, especially when everything is so darn expensive lately! I used some of those coupons you sent me! Do you know of a great deal on organic cat food
by any chance? I thought I'd ask you, since you know the "skinny" on dogs and cats!!!
BTW, I love your beautiful new banner!!! I cannot wait for spring!

Much love!!!!!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Terry!!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hello Naz,

Thanks do you need some pamper or luvs diaper coupons!! My banner is one of the first photos I took with my new camera. Some of them turned out blurry so I'm not sure how I like my new camera!! Don't know of any organic cat food. but will keep my eyes open!! Hugs!!!

nazarina said...

Sure! You are like a modern day Sherlock! I guess you have the diaper coupon connection because of your little nephews he! he!

Are those tulips on your banner already from your garden, they are very pretty.You most probably have to get comfortable with your new camera, but it is really vivid!!!!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hello Naz,

I'll get those coupons in the mail asap for you, and I'll email you some websites to hopefully help save you money on diapers. Yes my nephews are quite done with them now!

The tulips in my header are from my hubby on Valentines Day! For the past couple years he has purchased tulips for me, and I replant them in the fall to rebloom back in the Spring.

It's become a my second flower planting ritual like my Mother's Day flowers. Aren't they just stunning, and are just as pretty when they fade away like oriental flowers. :)

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