Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Country Living ~ Stacked Wood ~ Spring Fawn

Out here in the country most folks are taking advantage of great Spring weather before the heat of Summer arrives. Cutting and stacking wood is an early Spring task, and also tackled in beginning of Fall. We're fortunate that when trees come tumbling down due to weather, people call my husband to cut and load the trees for free. I've gone on runs with him to gather up limbs, and huge trunks of trees. It's nice when they are already cut, but most of the time they're not! My husband does nothing small, I stacked all the wood he had cut into these rows above!

These are humongous logs, even when cut! Some I can't even get my arms around. I don't know how my husband lifts them. We almost need a forklift to help lift them, even when cut in half! Everything is done by hand here, especially all lifting labor work! We do have a log spliter to cut them!

The largest pile is 4 deep, and I just stacked another making it 5 deep! In fact I broke a vein in my right wrist lifting and stacking all these logs! But with the cost of heating, this is free heat in our woodburner! Woodburning is the only heat that keeps our house warm, in the cold winters we've had in the area!

We have two massive piles like the one above to cut yet! Our log cutting has been put on hold, because of the satuarated rains we've had over the last weeek and a half! Behind the log pile is an old railroad bed we call the tracks, and beyond that are miles of cow pastures! Spring is quite beautiful here in our world turning green, filling in all the bare tree spots!

Lastly this was taken three weeks ago, a doe and two fawns were taking a nice walk in our yard. My husband has a salt block, and the fawns seem to have no fear. They just walk through like it's their yard! See the difference a couple weeks make with the rain to turn things magically green! Notice how the fawn blend into their surroundings. Deer move so fast it's hard to get a shot! Hey country work is never done!


ochikeron said...

Hi jo,

How is your wrist now?
Your hubby does this work for free?! That is too nice!!!
You can make money out of this work! He-he ;)

I was looking into the surroundings to find the deer!
This is a great shot! He is well blended into the surrounding!!!
Are the fawns there, too?

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Ochi,

My wrist is much better now! I thnk instead of trying to use one hand, I use two! Yes he does the work for free, for the logs! Most folks just want them hauled away!

The photo was of one of the fawns, sorry I forgot to state that! :)

josephinechoo said...

Hi Jo,

Isn't it nice to see green color trees and grass outside??So peaceful,right?

You have to get so many wood prepare for winter,is it sharing between you and some neighbours nearby?

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Jose,

Yes the Green is wonderful to look at! No we don't share the wood, it's all for us! We burn quite a lot in the Winter months. We'll probrably go through at least 3 rows or more for one Winter. I think we have enough cut for two Winters, and maybe enough wood yet to cut for possibly five Winters!

Dan said...

You don't soon forget a few hours on the business end of a splitting maul!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Dan,

Seems you've been there before, but hey hard work is good for anyone. Makes you appreciate things so much more!

Jo Janoski said...

I was going to ask if you have a log splitter! We used to rent one, until hubby finally bought one. I, too, am the official stacker. It is good exercise.

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hey Jo,

Isn't wood burning a nice cozy heat? I just starting stacking the wood, cause I can't stand the wood all over the place! Yes my hubby just bought our log splitter too!

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