Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kicking The Smoking Habit ~ Tips For Diehard Smokers!

First you must be totally committed to kicking your smoking habit . You may fall off the wagon a few times, but persistence will prevail if your mind is totally made up. Choose a special goal day to mark your occasion, I chose Mother’s Day. Think of all the reasons you want to quit, write them down. Here are a few:

  1. Quit for yourself and your loved ones.

  2. You know smoking is bad for your health! Quit because of all the health risks to your body and for others who are subject to inhale your second hand smoke!

  3. Because you don't want to mingle around others, with your clothes and breath smelling like an ashtray. As a woman, I was always self conscious about the cigarette smell.

  4. You'll have a cleaner house and car! Surprising the amount of yellow smoke film cigarettes and cigars leave on your white sheer curtains and walls. You can imagine the damage to your lungs, which can't be thrown into the wash!

  5. Because you don't want to die prematurely, but instead live to see your children get married, and spend a good part of your life with the grandkids.

  6. The high cost of supporting your smoking habit is getting to be ridiculous!

  7. A whiter smile!

Somewhere down the line your children will learn about smoking and drugs in school. A major reason I decided to quit. Before my child reached early teens, I made my final choice to kick the habit. I didn’t want another generation of smokers in my family. My parents both smoked, and I could be the one to break the smoking generation chain. Plus you can’t stand there and tell your kids not to smoke, while puffing on a Marboro Light! My love for my child is truly deeper than my love for cigarettes.

The last thing you need is someone to preach to you, and tell what you should and shouldn’t do. I quit cold turkey, and believe me this was the hardest thing I ever did in my life. I truly enjoyed smoking, it was an exhilarating feeling. Smoking calmed me down when I was stressed or nervous. Pumped me up when I needed a lift. An upper and a downer all in one habit, almost as good as sex or chocolate. I still miss it’s euphoric effects today! Expressions only a diehard smoker would make! But here are some pointers you can focus on, when you decide to quit:

  1. Remember those hot cinnamon toothpicks we loved when we were young? I use them to help with my cravings. Target sells them online, or you can make your own! I like the cinnamon ones, helps take the edge off!

  2. Walk! Walking is the greatest and most rewarding of all exercises to me. You can take your dog or spouse on a nice hike in the woods. Especially after dinner when the urge to smoke is the greatest, and take a few hot toothpicks with you on your walk. Instead of concentrating on smoking, you'll see all the wonderful things in nature to live for! Plus your dog will love you for it, and you and your spouse may find a private spot to neck!

  3. Clean rooms in your house or garage. You have more time to beautify your home, or now as they call it crib, making every room a tidy place to be proud of!

  4. Always keep busy and active. I promise you'll have more energy, breath better, and be able to walk up stairs and hills, without losing your wind! Constantly moving around will help keep you fit!

  5. My Ultimate Life Protocol Learn To Love Yourself! Even when someone puts you down, keep being who you are! You hold the greatest power over your demons! People who can't stand by you, aren't your friends!

We’ll all face our mortality at some point in our lives, but let it be much later than sooner! Like the quote from my favorite Pink Floyd song: “Breath ~Breath in the air, Don’t be afraid to care! Leave but don’t leave me.” My longtime friend and I have a special motto: Love yourself first and the rest of your life will just fall in place! Usually it’s the opposite, we love others before ourselves, and let ourselves go. Typical adult behavior especially of women!

Remember life is our most profound gift and there’s only one uniquely you! Mother’s Day 2009 marked four smokeless years for me. My daughter was amazed at her mother for quitting a longtime habit. I look into her beautiful eyes everyday, and know I made the right decision for the both of us!

I wish you much luck on your smoking cessation endeavors!

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ochikeron said...

Hi jo,

Why did you start to smoke? Did you write about it before? Sorry if I am asking the same question. How about your husband?

But it is surprising to hear that you liked smoking more than your favorite chocolate!!!

My dad used to smoke but he quit more than 10 years ago. Now he doesn't even like secondhand smoke.

You are such a nice mom! Your daughter should be happy!!!

Jo Janoski said...

Congrats to you and to me! I quit in 1997 after a 30-year 2 pack/day habit. It was tough. Sometimes I still don't believe I finally succeeded, after a bejillion attempts. Your tips and mini pep talk here are great.

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Ochi,

I started to smoke because at the time it was a cool thing to do! Then I got hooked! My husband was an occasional smoker!

Smoking is a very addictive habit, yes I loved it as much as chocolate!

I'm still hoping my daughter never picks up the habit!

Jo A. T.B. said...


I can certainly relate! I quit at least 10 times, and realized that I couldn't be the couple a day smoker! I had to absolutely quit, and I'm glad you like the tips! I thought maybe I could help someone in their attempts to quit! Encouragement is everything, negativity makes you want to smoke!

ochikeron said...

Hi jo,

Yes. Though I don't like the cigarette smoke, I still think people who smoke look cool! But if I start now, I think I won't look cool. I don't know the right form to smoke... so I might look funny.
(I'm not thinking of smoking, just saying!)

My dad didn't smoke when I realized, so if no one smoke at your house, maybe your daughter won't ;)

Jo A. T.B. said...

There is a stereotype glamour associated with smoking cigarettes, yet it's a very addictive and harmful habit. I was a genuine smoker so I know it's aluring effects. I miss it mostly when I get nervous, and after dinner! I'm glad your Dad quit, they say you add on years to your life when you quit!

Bradpetehoops said...

Thanks for this post, my friends needs it. And other smoking fellas. Mormons are non-smoker religion they thought me this thinks I so glad and I'm young looking man.

Bradpetehoops said...

For me this is a great and wonderful post for the good health of the readers.

Jo A. T.B. said...

Thank you Bradpetehoops for your comments. Yes not smoking makes you look younger too!

terrymcdermott said...

I need tips on cutting back on sweets.

Jo A. T.B. said...

So do I Terry, especially chocolate!

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