Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Prohibition Regression In Economic Recession

Is the so called sin tax leading us back into the Prohibition era? The Price of tobacco has risen $1.00 a pack or $10.00 a carton. A of bottle of beer at a major concert event could run you $4.50 - $6.00. The drink tax has been debated numerous times with a proposed 10% increase. FACT ~ Friends Against Counterproductive Taxation, an organization against the drink tax wants to lower the tax to 0.5%. The drink tax last month in Allegheny county was 7%. Drinking and smoking may become a luxury of the rich. Are we not being taxed and governed to death? Will smoking and drinking eventually become illegal, and they're intending to raise taxes even more?

Congress proposes to raise 65 billion dollars within 10 years to fund coverage for uninsured children. The drink tax is funding mass transit here. Officials complain that hundreds of thousands of smokers die prematurely from smoking. Then why don't they put the extra tax into heathcare costs and smoking cessation programs for the SMOKERS? How about funding for lung cancer, or lung cancer prevention? Uninsured children are a problem, but why should smokers pick up the tab! The righteous must stand for something, and more often prey on the faults and sins of others! Smokers must dig deeper in an already slagging economy, or quit cold turkey. For the small tobacco retailers, business will get worse and theives could be on the rampage like back in the prohibition days. Folks forced to bootleg and grow their own smoking tobacco!

A reformed smoker of 4 years on Mother's day, I can say smoking was a very satisfying and addictive habit. I still miss smoking to this day! Loving something beyond myself, I didn't want my child to be the next generation becoming a slave to the nicotine habit. Scrounging around for change to buy a pack of smokes, paying a tax which breeds off of a persons addictive habit. I was a diehard smoker standing on the corners of buildings feeling like an idiot, on display like look at me "I'm a bad person," "I'm a a sinner!" Meanwhile folks who smoke and drink are some of the best people I know! It was my choice to quit but I know how hard that choice was, so I don't condemn others for their chioces! We're all going to die of something, some of us sooner than others. We can only make the right choices for ourselves and those we love!

I quit cold turkey, which is the hardest way to go! I'll compose another post in the future with tips on how I quit! Hey maybe you can trade those pack of smokes in for a beer even up?! The price of each is almost the same in some instances! What insane tax will they think of next!
My Black Rasberry Chambord pictured above is one of my favorite liquers.


ochikeron said...

Hi jo,

Did you used to smoke?!?!
I can't imagine you smoking!!!

Yes, sure! I want to know how you quit smoking and why you started to smoke, too...

By the way, I have never tried smoking.

Do you drink a lot?

Jo Janoski said...

Hello! Ex-smoker here, too! I smoked for thirty years, 2 packs a day. I quit twelve years ago. My question is, if they goad everyone into quitting, how will they replace the tax revenues all those smokers are producing now? I mean, they tell you smoking is bad, but they sure do love your money it generates for them. What's wrong with this picture?

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Ochi,

Yes I did smoke as well as my mom and dad, and my sisters too!

No I don't drink a lot!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Jo,

It's a small world. You and I are so alike! I smoked almost as long and half as much!

Yes they are getting so much revenue from the taxes, it's their way to sock it to them. Otherwise they would sock it to us somehow! Someone has to pay, and I'm sure they'll find another way to get us!

terrymcdermott said...

This was a really great post. I like many of the item you have displyed.

Nazarina A said...

I never smoked and never ever did. When I met my husband, he stopped cold turkey as well. I just could not stand the smell of cigarette smoke!!! I do not care if one smokes, just do it outside and away from me ha! ha! My MIL is a chain smoker though and I used to tell her that it could only be bad for her and then she would get really upset, so now I do not preach anymore! We were watching this series "John Adams" and this dude sorry ha! ha! the second president, smoked until the age of ninety and even worked his land until the very end!
Like you, I do believe that the Almighty God ordains your time here on earth and whether one smokes or not, He calls the shots!!!!

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