Friday, May 8, 2009

My Mother's Day Flower Planting Ritual!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there! Every year my husband and daughter buy me planting flowers for Mother’s day! I prefer live planting flowers as opposed to cut flowers, because I can enjoy the lovely flower plants long into the Fall months. Ever since I became a mother years ago, I’ve received and planted flowers on Mother’s Day! My mom used to come and plant with me! Do you have a special tradition that you do on Mother's Day?

We always make the trip toward the mountain to Laurel Nursery, where I’ve been a loyal customer for many years. The flowers are always hardy, and I can always count on them to grow well when planted. Mostly I need flowers which do well in the direct full sun, because my flower garden surrounds my house. We receive full sunlight most of the day around my home!

I usually start out with two flats of annuals and perennials. Flat number 1 above is a fine collection of Reddy Salvia, Mix Portulaca, Double Cherry Zinnia, Zahara Scarlet Zinnia, Red & Deep Purple Petunias, and the ever beautiful Yellow Dahlia.

Flat number 2 is a brilliant collection of Blue Ageratum, Double Madness Mix Petunias, 3 packs of Montego Mix Snapdragons, Red Petunias, Big Boy Tomatoes, and Eggplants!

Lastly I picked a pack of Majestic Giants II Sherry Pansies. I’ve noticed a lot of the new packs have gone from six to four flower plants per pack! We went last weekend to pick these out, because there are slim pickens on Mother’s Day weekend. So I’ve had my baby flower plants for a week already, and can’t wait to get my hands in the earth to plant my gems. We’ve had rain almost everyday this week, so the ground is too saturated. Seems we may have a break after Mother’s Day!

I’m missing my mom so very much, and I think of her every Mother’s Day. She was a major part of my life, and I’ll never stop loving her! If you’re still fortunate to have your mother, cherish her and spend all the time you can making memories. You’ll never get back that time, when your loved one passes on! My Mother’s day weekend is very full, spending quality time with all those I love! Have a good one, and party down!


Dan said...

What a neat tradition. Happy Mother's day, Jo, and happy planting!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Thank you Dan, seems the rain has stopped for today. I just might be able to plant a few tomorrow to keep up with tradition!

Jo Janoski said...

A wonderful tradition. I love how your mother used to join you. Sunshine this p.m. Let's hope no rain tonight (Saturday). Happy Mother's Day!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hey Jo,

Yes, we did luck out on the rain! I'm missing planting with Mom to day, but it turned out to be a beauty of a day! Happy Mother's Day to you too!

ochikeron said...

Hi jo,

You start out with 2 flats?! And how do they come out when they are planted on earth?! Your house should be really beautiful with lots of flowers!!! How nice!!!

>>You’ll never get back that time,
>>when your loved one passes on!
Yes. You are right.
I know this and I always care about my loved ones but sometimes I can't stop being selfish... I don't know why I'm like this.

On mother's day, I don't do anything special. I always give her a gift and a card. I hope she is happy with those.

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Ochi,

Yes I start out with 2 flats! The flats consist of 4-6 plants per pack, and there are 8 packs in a flat! I just picked up some extra diathus flowers, because they're also my favorite!

It's good to be independent too Ochi, but it's been hard for me cause my family is so very small!

Really I'm sure your mother just wantes your happiness above all gifts. Yet it's nice to show your love in small ways.

Bradpetehoops said...

I like all the flowers, I like gardening of flowers and vegetables!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Gardening is very satisfying, and there's nothing like eating vegetables right from the garden! It's my favorite passtime! Happy gardening to you Bradpetehoops!

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