Thursday, April 9, 2009

Three Year Remembrance ~ My Tree Of Life

The coming of Spring leaves me bittersweet. The season which brings vibrant life to the earth, brings forth memories of death to my heart each year. While robins fill the air with chirping song, my sweet mother lies six feet under the ground.

Death gives life, and life in return gives death. April 6th marked the three year anniversary of my mother's death. I still remember the last night I was with her, as if it were yesterday. We were very close. more like sisters than mother and daughter. Someone stole her small budda, I left there last Summer. Budda will bring theives much bad luck!

We decided on purple daisies, and yelllow daffodils this year for moma's black vases. The purple daisies have a yellow center. My nephew rolled his little red tractor on top of moma's shinny black headstone. When we buried moma that evening a full moon lit the darkness. I hated leaving her there all alone, yet it was as if the moonlight had welcomed her! In fact this week we had nights of glowing full moon!

The tree above was taken at our cemetary, which grows only a few feet away from our plots. When I die I'll be looking up at this big ole tree. Towering high to the sky, the tree of life barely makes it's branches in my photo. Much life scurries above thousands of headstones in this beautiful typical Pennsylvania country like setting.

I believe you can miss a person more, the longer they're gone! We hadn't even celebrated the first Easter when moma died. In fact holidays are the hardest without her presence. Yet her death brought the first two wonderful baby boys into our family. They've become our main focus now. Moma was the strong deep rooted tree, and we all continue to live on through her ever guilding loving spirit!

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Joyce Ellen Davis said...


Have a joyous Easter. A Family is Forever!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hugs back atcha! You're right moma lives through all of us!

Jo Janoski said...

What a beautiful relationship you had! I can only stand back and shed a tear with you.

Dan said...

Jo, I'm sorry your mother is gone, but sweet memories live on.

Is nothing sacred...I hope the budda thieves receive their just rewards!!

anGeLine said...

Hi jo,
I agree with you, the longer they're gone, the more you will miss them. Maybe because we scared we will forget how they look like, the moment having with them. So, we will try hard to remember it and it will make us miss them more.

Jo A. T.B. said...

Thank you Jo, we did have a close relationship. My life is empty without her!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Thnak you Dan, yes memories do live on forever! It's not even the money, but just the sentiment of leaving something special and to have it stolen!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Angeline, your thoughts are right on, all of these things I miss. Spend lots of time with your mom!

ochikeron said...

Hi jo,

I'm sorry to read this post, but I really understand how you feel. I always wonder what the death is...
Sometimes I even think I shouldn't depend on anyone...

But the truth is you are your mom! She is very close to you... Please smile!!!

Maggie said...


My father died 3 years ago on April 20th, and though I can't know how you feel, I can say I understand your loss. I thought the missing would become less intense in time, but I have found out that is not so.

I am sorry someone removed the Buddha from your mother's grave. I pray there was something they needed from it, which the buddha, in his divine wisdom, understands. I know it must be terrible to leave something on the grave of a loved one and find that someone has taken it. May the person(s) who did such a thing come to some understanding of what they did and return it or have the universe speak to them about their actions.

My best to you. I hope the memories of your mother surround you like her arms did when you were a young child, wary and in need of some reassurance.

Blessings to you and yours,

Jo A. T.B. said...

Thank you Ochi, you know what the Japanese believe, in reincarnation. This way a person never dies. I remember my mom saying that she had a mark on both her feet, it was a sign she was reincarnated in Japan! I've cried a lot of tears, but know I must go on for her!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Maggie,

We both lost close parents at the same time! I'm sure you do know how I feel, when I see you post about your father I know you loved him tremendously!

I keep going back to the store that had that buddha, and they're not carrying it anymore! I just have to keep looking!

Thank you for your touching comments! Hugs, Jo ~

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