Friday, January 8, 2010

Tiger Ranch Linda Bruno Will Not Face Jail Time ~ Update 1-8-10!!

Linda Bruno previous owner of Tiger Ranch was sentenced today and will not face jail time. She's to serve 2 years house arrest, after which she'll be responsible for paying $200,000 restitution and $12,000 in fines. After serving house arrest, Linda Bruno is to serve an additional 27 years probation! Although she received no jail time, Linda Bruno could face jail if she violates any terms. She's still to receive physchiatric evaluation and treatment, and have no further contact with animals.

The prosecution provided evidence that 7819 cats were accepted at Tiger Ranch between 2006-2008. There were 486 cats taken in the Raid on Tiger Ranch in March of 2008. A total of 6484 cats were taken in the year 2007, I cannot even fathom that many cats being dropped off! There were 7333 cats that were missing or unexplained for. The total number of cats taken in and missing is a phenomenal number of cats!

The Tiger Ranch case has taken many turns since I've followed from the beginning, and I'm sure we haven't heard the last of Tiger Ranch! Anyone interested in adopting the remaining Tiger Ranch cats may find information here on my previous blog post: Adopt A Tiger Ranch Cat For The New Year 2010 , or click on the Tiger Ranch Sabrina cat photo on my right sidebar! Linda Bruno looked thinner as she faced her sentencing, surely the trial has taken a toll on her.

I agree with the one Vet who was interviewed that we should never let another Tiger Ranch happen. I still believe that if Linda Bruno had some help or had asked for help, especially the year she had taken in 6484 cats that she wouldn't be facing these charges today. Had she made an appeal to the recues and to the public, maybe the situation could've turned out differently. I truly hate to see an animal lover be beaten down.

Please read additional interesting comments and observations from actual witnesses of Tiger Ranch made to my blog post here scroll down comments: Tiger Ranch Linda Bruno Jailed Today ~ Sentencing Delayed ~ Update Oct 5, 2009. It's amazing how the support for and against Tiger Ranch has teetered back and forth!

Let us all be united in one thing Animal Welfare, and bringing the plight of these innocent critters to the forefront of our hearts! I may not have the money to help, but I do have the means to feature stories and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves! If you're in the market for a dog or cat, please check your local shelter or even better yet check a kill shelter in your surrounding area to adopt a pet on deathrow today! Don't forget animal shelters and rescues can sure use our donations in these tough economic times! Stay vigilant and keep to the cause!

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nazarina said...

I feel so sorry for her and I second the feeling of kicking an animal lover to the curb!
However, we should realize that we are all here on this wonderful planet to take care of each other and all creatures great and small and that this fragile eco system does not operate on one person alone.
You are a constant & compassionate advocate for all these creatures and your plight for them makes a greater difference than by just throwing money at it. Believe me people acknowledge your work and you are instilling a sense of duty in all of us to do something to care for these creatures!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Nazarina,

I'm very sad for her I read a news article where she told the judge
"being rubbed in the dirt can teach us a lesson. I have been rubbed in the dirt. I am sorry."

Yes one person can't save all the animals, but had she had help maybe Tiger Ranch could've been a true sanctuary for the cats!

Thanks I certainly hope that I can make a difference in the lives of animals and aid in their constant welface, especially the ones on death row!

Times I feel much like Linda Bruno only one person against so many needy animals. Seeems almost impossible to save them all, yet if we even help to save one it's worth it!

terrymcdermott said...

Thanks for the update!

Jo A. T.B. said...

You're welcome Terry!

Helwig Kin said...

As a neighbor of Lin, I've have hundreds of cats die in my yard since 2003. We tried to help her - she wouldn't hear of it. She became defensive and kicked people off of the property. One volunteer found the now know Death Room where she put hundreds of cats to die when a little black paw was reaching under the door. When asked about the locked room she yelled "My room my business." Please do not think of her as an animal lover - she is truely a heartless animal killer. I was in court and it was shown that like 80% of the cats were starving - starving! How could anyone claim she cared?

Julie said...

It was demonstrated in court that Lin was a con artist and habitual liar. She had even conned the "Clinical Social Worker" who was supposed to evaluate her until she was shown the evidence of the blood, pus, and filth in her bathtub and all over the walls of the bedroom where she slept (shown in court). So many lies were demonstrated, I have lost count. Thankfully the Judge did not and saw her as the "sociopath" that she is.

Lin finally admitted to NEVER having a veternarian to care for those thousands of suffering animals! She admitted to conning others and it was demonstrated that she caused tens of thousands of animals to suffer for - MONEY. Please check the court transcripts if you have any reason to doubt me. I speak only the truth.

Anonymous said...

"Rubbed in the dirt"? What about the tens of thousands of cats she killed that are buried in the dirt?

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hello Helwig Kin,

I welcome comments for those who kwow actual events which happened at Tiger Ranch. So many events are coming to light here.

Can I ask why you never reported all those hundreds of cats dying? If I had a neighbor with a shelter with that many cats dying I certainly would get in touch with authorities?

Not that I blame you, but if there were suspicious goings on, why were they not reported sooner! Thanks for stopping by and telling me what you know! I welcome your comments!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Julie,

I must read the court transcripts. I felt there was a reason she was not vindicated. The evidence seems overwhelming, I guess I want to see good in people, which isn't always there! Money can make people do crazy things! Thanks for stopping by with your comments!

Jo A. T.B. said...


This was her quote not mine! I can't imagine that many cats being in one place can you!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Let us all be united in animal welfare, and keep fighting against animal abuse of any kind. I hate to imagine the scene that you all are describing about Tiger Ranch. I truly wish it never happened!

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