Friday, January 1, 2010

Adopt A Tiger Ranch Cat For The New Year 2010!

Photo: Sabrina A Rescued Tiger Ranch Cat Courtesy Of Tails Wags N' At Site!

Keeping up with the Tiger Ranch Case, I found that the original Clarion shelter which took in Tiger Ranch rescued cats has since closed. Tiger Ranch cats are available for adoption at: Tails Wags N' At Shelter located at 728 Allegheny River Blvd, Verona PA.

Sabrina pictured above is only one of many Tiger Ranch cats rescued from Tiger Ranch Cat Sanctuary in Frazier Township. Needless to say which ever side you may be on, these beautiful felines are in need of a loving forever home. If you're looking for a cat, you'll just fall in love browsing through the photos of these cute and cuddly creatures listed here on these links from the Tails Wags N' At Site check them out~ You can see all their wonderful and different personalities:

Tails Wags N' At has also posted photos of the rescued cats who are fortunate to have found a home! Refer to their website for hours of operation.

In my atempt to report on the Tiger Ranch case, I missed posting links for the adoption of these poor sweet cats. So for my first post of the year, in honor of my own shelter cat OP, I wish to feature the Tiger Ranch Cats here on Literally In The Moment. I'll also put a permanent link on my sidebar so they'll be featured for anyone who is interested in a Tiger Ranch Cat adoption in the future!

A super benefit in adopting a shelter cat is they're already Litter Trained. Cats will love you unconditionally, and are very low maintenance in care. They're great companions and fun to have around your home! Adopt a shelter cat today and you'll be showered with a lifetime of love!


josephinechoo said...


Happy 2010 year!!!

Wish all the great things will happen to you..Good luck!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Jose,

Same to you, I know you'll be great in the New Year!

ochikeron said...

Happy New Year, jo!!!!!!!
I finally visiting my friends' posts. Time flies... my holidays have already ended. How was your's?

You know what?! I sometimes think it is nice to have a cat or dog when I fight too much with my darling. People say you can feel comforted by living with another family member like a cat or dog. Maybe next time, when we move, we will choose the house where we can have pets.

Anyway, hope your 2010 is filled with happiness! Always stay healthy :D Say hello to your husband and daughter!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Happy New Year Ochi,

It's very nice to have my cat around my home! I love having the furry ones around to kiss, hug, and baby! You have to really love them to have them. Wishing you health and happiness too!

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