Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Yellow Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly Pollinates My Zinnias Awesome Photos!

As the hint of Fall arrives here in Pennyslvania, a beautiful tiger swallowtail pollinates on my Zahara scarlet zinnias. My zinnias have finally grown fuller, a whole 28-30 inches wide. Took all summer for them to reach maturity, due to all the crazy PA weather! Seems I see monarchs in my area usually in the Spring and Fall! This fellow was the first yellow monarch I've ever seen!

I shot several photos of the yellow swallowtail fluttering against flowers, and the wind blowing his delicate wings. His stunning colors were beautiful against my bright scarlet zinnias. I was surprised the closeness he let me come within! My header displays the yellow monarch on my Double cherry zinnias. I thought very fitting for Fall! Isn't he just awesomely equisite!

Fall has descended quickly here in PA, especially the past few evenings. Lows have been in the high 40's. I do fear swimming weather is over in our region. We'll still experience Indian Summer, but the night air cools the pools temperatures even with a solar cover on! Sadly it'll be time to close our pool! School has started, back to an earlier schedule!

I've been busy freezing vegetables from our garden. We've had an abundance of green beans this season. Our corn did well, and I'm still picking salvaged tomatoes saved from the blight. Our cherry tomatoes did well, I love them in salads, and they're good in soups too!

Looking forward to Labor day weekend, we may catch a rock concert in Pittsburgh! We haven't been to a concert in awhile, love outside rock concerts!

Enjoy the beautiful Fall sights,stay tuned for more exordinary photos to come! :)


ochikeron said...

Nice fall color, jo!!!
You always take beautiful images!!! I love your monarch butterfly! The color of your zinnia really matches to it!!!

Already fall in your area? We still have hot weather here, but it is cooler at night than before. I miss summer but this summer was too much, so maybe I'd better look forward to the next one. Ha-ha ;)

We have long holidays this month! I can't wait, too!!!

I thought I read about the rock concert quite recently, but was it last year? Time flies!!!
Looking forward to reading your rock concert report!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Thanks Ochi,

I was chasing another butterfly around yesterday with different markings!

We've warm days here, but the nights have been very cold! Yes better summers for you ahead!

Its' been awhile since we seen a rock concert. I can't wait to go!

Jo Janoski said...

Beautiful! This is my favorite time of the year.

Jo A. T.B. said...

Thanks Jo,

We're having some great weather aren't we! Fall brings wonderful colors and sights!

terrymcdermott said...

I have been busy at woek and trying to catch back up. A very pretty post.

Nazarina A said...


I have been going through your different posts on this tranquil Sunday afternoon and enjoyed every bit of it. Lovely pictures!Let me tell you, our garden, this summer, did not deliver as well as other summers! Yes, your zinnias are picture perfect and so is your enthusiasm when talking about your garden!! The butterflies look almost surreal, you captured them perfectly!

Ahhh!!!! I feel your plight of the dreaded blight!.....And those tomatoes did so well until that darn pathogen concocted its virulent scheme!!
Did your heart not just cry out at such a waste!Sorry,I am not being melodramatic, I just cringe when loosing anything in my garden to this type of infection!
My, my how time flies!....Fall already,where did the summer go?

I missed visiting you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh so lovely! That's a tiger swallowtail! Some doctor's office or other around here had a giant "butterfly bush" in their plantings, and it was covered with these *and* monarchs as well as various other butterflies. What a time to not have the camera!!!

Our tomatoes are (rapping knuckles against head) still doing all right... will send you some if they produce fruit before Thanksgiving or killing frost, which ever comes first lol..

Anonymous said...

Oh PS you should consider sending these to word catalyst for their photo pages!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Thanks Terry!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Naz,

I followed that darn butterfly around like crazy trying to get some shots. I was surprised how close he let me come, other times he would just fly away when I came near!

Believe it or not this is just one butterfly in all my photos, and header too! Nan just posted below you that the name is tiger swallowtail.

I was able to salvage a good bit of our tomatoes! The cherry ones did ok too! Yes I fear Fall is upon us, a lovely season but we know Winter is just around the corner!

Good to see you back, Hugs~

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Nan,

Thanks for the name of the monarch, does each different color monarch have a name!

The garden growing season came late this year for many! My peppers are just now coming, and hubby planted pumpkins later this year so I can have for Halloween!

I may just send some photos over to Shirley! Thanks

Anonymous said...

The Tiger Swallowtail and Monarch are completely different species of butterfly. :) The monarch is ... well, the monarch, the black and orange one you are probably thinking of. It's the one that makes the huge migration to Mexico (and I think a more western group goes to California somewhere) every year. We once had something like 50 - 100 (we lost count lol) pass through our yard over a period of about 15 minutes--I've never seen that since. It was awesome. There's also a seashore town a couple hours' drive from here where they pass through in the thousands. We managed to catch the act once, when our son was in about first grade (lucky weekend pick). Guess what he went out for at Halloween that year? LOL!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Nan,

I know I've seen a few around here, all different colors!

Not sure which is which, but they sure are beautiful. I found one once that was trying to migrate I think but could fly far! It may have got sick from the frost!

I'm sure seeing many migrate would be quite a sight to see!

TitusL said...

Great Post :D
thought you might like my machinima film the butterfly's tale~
Bright Blessings
elf ~

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