Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Late Blight Devastates Westmoreland County Pennsylvania! Late Blight Tomato Photos!

Late Blight has destroyed at least half my tomato garden, and I heard through the great tomato vine devestation has hit my area hard! We experienced a wet Spring, which helps to spread the fungus! Many tomato gardens have been totally obliterated by the pesky rapid fungus many sources say originated in Florida. Counties all around us have been widely infected with late blight.

Most folks in my area take great pride in their huge gardens, and depend on their canned or frozen stock of tomatoes to prepare homemade sauces, salsa, chili ect.. throughout the winter months.

The photo above of our big boy tomatoes are only a handfull of at least 50 or more ruined by late blight, not even including the tremendous amount of tomato stems which will yield no new tomatoes!

I spent a whole day yesterday removing all the dead tomato leaves and stems around each tomato plant. My husband grew these big boys from seed, and we planted 3o big boy and roma tomato plant seedlings on our hands and knees. I had previously used a sulfur powder, which seemed to help against total devastation. I then switched to a copper powder called Dragon Dust recommended from a friend.

By the time I removed all the dead stuff, there was only half a tomato plant left! You can really see the dead leaves on the plant in back of this one! Click the photo above to see the brown leaves and stems devouring our precious tomato crop! I took the liberty of removing yellow tomatoes to ripen on my windowsills, for fear they would just die on the stem!

My cherry tomatoes were the first to pick up the disease. Our plants were likely purchased with the fungus, and it spread throughout our whole tomato garden! A tremendous loss as you can see on the cherry tomato plant above. The stems turn yellow orange, and come off with little effort! The leaves turn brown and black and die within a short period of time!

On the bright side I do have a lot of green tomatoes, I'm hoping to possibly salvage! But with more rain expected the next few days, chances could be very slim! I learned you must dust often, especially if you experience a rainy season! Prevention is the key to keeping your tomatoes healthy!

On another note, I've been enjoying the summer weather we've been having, last weekend was beautiful humid and hot the way I like it! We hung by the pool the whole time! Taking advantage of all the good weather, and working hard to keep up my flower and vegetable gardens. I even made my sunflower seeds from my grown sunflowers sooo good! My best friend is home from Florida, hoping to catch up with her while she's here!

Go soak up some summer weather, we don't have much left!


josephinechoo said...

Hi Jo,

I' so sorry to hear that!! Your garden had been ruined..

I never plant anything before,so I'm not so sure about the sadness,but previously my mum got really upset if her veges or flowers been spoilt by some insects or anythings..

Jo A. T.B. said...

Thanks Jose,

We do have other vegetables that made it through the rainy season!

I know what your mom has gone through, insects can destroy gardens too!

I must check my left over tomatoes today to see how they're doing!

Jo Janoski said...

So far we've been okay. But my hubby grows with hydroponics, so maybe that helps.

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Jo,

Hydroponics seems to be a complicated process! Maybe you can do a post about it sometime, it's very interesting! How does the hydroponic tomatoes taste! Is there a difference!

Jo Janoski said...

No difference! They taste every bit as delicious as one grown regularly.

Anonymous said...

OMgosh, those are sad sad sad photos to look at. :( I only planted two tomato plants this year (my son's class grew them from seed). Got them in the ground late, though so they might have missed the worst of the rainy season we had in June. Fingers crossed.

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Nan,

Yes it's very sad. I had taken off the dead leaves and stems the other day, and two days later the green leaves and stems are already turning black. They're slowly dying, and it's a shame!

Just about everyone in my area lost their tomato gardens! Good luck on your two plants, copper dust may help!

ochikeron said...

Hi jo,

I'm sorry to hear this... Did that happen that fast?! I know how you feel because it was shocking when my plants were eaten by locust when I opened the window...

Anyway, I'm happy to hear that you are enjoying your summer!!!

My summer was kind of tiring... I needed to accept my bf's biiiiiig mistake, you know... He didn't admit the affair, but he knows I don't want him to do that, so I will give him another chance! He's a nice guy... that's why I didn't realize it for almost a year... Don't think I'm crazy. He came back to me, so I will love him even more so that he won't feel lonely. This was my biiiiiig mistake that I made him feel lonely. Guys are children, at the same time men. I should not act like mom but praise, respect, and be a lover forever. I learned it from him!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Ochi,

Yes it spread fast, I was able to stop the fungus from destroying the existing tomatoes already on the stem!

Your boyfriend is lucky to have your love. Many relationships have faltered over affairs, or even been destroyed all together!

I can't believe you are taking part of the blame for his mistake!

You're wise in your years to forgive him, and try to save your love! I know from experience it's very hard to trust again!

Bradpetehoops said...

Great blog, nice flowers and excess green tomatoes.

Jo A. T.B. said...

Thanks Bradpetehoops! I love photography, and have a lot of fun with it! Glad we're able to salvage some of our tomatoes!

ochikeron said...

You always understand me. Thanks!

It's still a conflict, you know... but I know happy time will solve it.

I don't know what will happen the next, but I'll be positive about what I chose!

Thanks for your words! You helped me a lot.

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Egads! Those tomatoes are really scary, girl! That said, I'm glad the rest of your summer doesn't look like that...

Nice to hear from you!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Ochi,

You're welcome Ochi! Your bf very lucky to have such a forgiving woman like you! It does take two to make a relationship work! I wish you both nothing but happiness!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Joyce,

Isn't it a shame, I was able to salvage half the tomatoe plants. No new stems growing, but lots of green tomatoes to turn yet! It wiped out gardens all around me! Looks like summer is leaving soon!

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