Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hot Pink Stargazer Lillies And Gazania Photos!

My stargazer lilies have finally bloomed! They're an eye catching pink, with green star centers! We've had a record low July so far here in Pennsylvania! My flowers are finally perking up! We had a 4 inch deficit of rain, and now catching up with all the rain we've had. We are expecting rain everyday for the next week !

I picked up a six pack of Gazanias for only $1.50 at a nursery near my home! They remind me a lot of daisies! Gazanias do well in dry conditions! Plus they caught my eye, because they were in dire need of planting! I loved the color of the one above!

Mid summer is a good time to buy annuals, and perennials at a bargain price. I needed some flowers to fill in an empty area! I planted a total of 66 flowers this year!

Last week my pool turned green! I mentioned the cooler than nomal July we're having! The nights have gone down in the 50's, and days only in the 70's. Great for those who like Spring and Fall like weather, but I like it hot for swimming! The lack of people in the pool, and stagnant water has left our pool to collect algae! The chlorine has also dissipated really fast. We've since cleared it up! It's very expensive to keep up a swimming pool, all the pool chemicals have skyrocked in price!

I've had my Ester Williams pool for 15 years now, and I love it! My husband and I like to do laps back and forth, the main reason we chose an oval pool! We have a deep end where you can jump in and get wet, 6ft! Today is really humid, but the water is cool from the cold nights!

I've been keeping busy painting my house since the past weather has been ideal for painting! We've only one big wall left to do! How is your summer going so far!


ochikeron said...

Your flowers are super beautiful!!! I have lilie hair accessory just like this one ;) I didn't know Gazania, but it is really beautiful! How can those all petals grow sharp and pretty! You are a good gardener. I can't even grow herbs in my garden X(

I love your pool!!! It is interesting that you can actually purchase pool in the US. Most houses don't have pools here in Japan so there isn't a store to get one. I hope I can give you 10F. Too hot here... It is raining for a whole week but still hot. It gonna be over 90F after the rain... too bad.

Anyway, good for your painting! If you don't mind, let me see after you finished :)

Jo A. T.B. said...

Thanks Ochi,

A lot of my annual flowers planted in the Spring, are just starting to grow. They were looking pretty pitiful, until we finally got some rain and sun!

I'm one of the lucky who has a pool. It's a lot of upkeep, and expense. I love the privacy most of all! I'll take your extra 10F.

I'll email you a photo of my house when I take one! :)

Nazarina A said...

Your garden is probably the most colorful on your block! Tell me, Do you pick your flowers and display them in vases? I love to do this but mostly let them just look pretty in the garden!
Well Jo, the way you took these pictures looks like little postcards!
Truly beautiful!
We had a pool at our old house and definitely decided against it when we bought our current house. It is like you say too much maintenance!......But now that I have seen yours, I am missing my old one!
Always big hugs from me!!!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hello Nazarina,

Sometimes I do put my flowers in vases, especially my roses. They are finally starting to look more mature. Some flowers just faded away!

I love to take pictures as much as I like to write! Had two more poems picked up for publication! Crazy things happening, will email you sometime soon!

Big hugs right back atcha sweet friend!

terrymcdermott said...

I love the flowers. So colorful and beautiful!

How are you doing?

Jo A. T.B. said...

Thank you Terry! Hanging in there like everyone else in this economy!
Hope you're enjoying the Summer!

ochikeron said...

How is the temperature there, jo?! I just came here to say hello to you since I don't see your new post recently. I believe you are busy with your housework, I mean painting and gardening ;)

Take care and have a good summer!!!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Ochi,

Yes been busy with other things, just been popping in late at night! Yes the weather has been summery here finally, and we've been able to do some swimming along with the painting! Thanks for asking!

ochikeron said...

Hi jo,

Glad to hear that the temperature went up in your area ;)
Sometimes it's better being busy than making posts like me! Ha-ha!!!
I'm really drowsy now at work, you know X(

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Ochi,

Yes been busy with other things, but my eyes are always looking for great shots. Really can't complain about the weather, it's not too hot, just right! But I sure want some swimming weather, may get to 90 on Sunday! :)

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