Monday, October 27, 2008

Autumn PA Destination ~Twin Lakes ~ A Whisker Walk!

Yesterday I met up with my two sisters and nephew, and we drove over to Twin Lakes. Our Humane Society was having their annual Whisker Walk, where canines and felines get all dressed up in Holloween costumes, and parade around the lakes. You can pay a fee to walk with your dog or cat, or get sponsors to sponsor you and your pet. One guy had $500.00 worth of sponsors, which was the highest amount. It was another great Fall day with the dry fallen leaves swirling and crunching beneath our feet. Dogs and cats and their human caregivers gathered at the lower lake, hanging in small groups very mindful of their own space. There were many different full blooded breeds, and mixed ones too! We found a spot right in the center of both lakes, where I took the photo left of the lower lake. You can see the brick walkway to the right where they walked up!

The upper lake was also very picturesque, with the clear water, huge rocks, and beautiful fall treelines. They have a wooden gazebo in the center too, in which the middle is cut out and you can see the fish swimming in the water. Both lakes are stocked with game fish, and many fisherman come here to fish year round. We could see the fish actually jumping up out of the water. The stone walkway goes all around the lakes! Many people walk their animals around the lake, and walk here in general. You can click on any photo in this post to see it enlarged!

I took a few shots of my favorite costumes, as the cuties went by. This is Mattie the Springer Spaniel, wearing a homemade Lion costume sewn by her owner! I'm always amazed at how creative people are. Isn't she just so cute! I think she should've won an award, but she didn't!

A robust boxer dressed in a green dragon costume! He did win a prize, for I think the most unique.

This cutie Labradoodle puppy was dressed as a orange M & M!

Of course the female black labrador retriever dressed as a cow stole my heart. The owner said she would lick me to death, which was exactly the personality my Sampson had. The cute mixed dog had on a shirt that said " I love mailmen," was age 14 like my Delilah. There was no way my Lab could do that long walk!

Sylvester the cat was dressed in a Harley Davidson biker outfit. Sylvester was a shelter cat, I'm sure he was at the same shelter as my OP cat! I never thought to bring him in a cage, the cat is safe from harm this way.

Last but not least was the Peace Bus, lead by two Dashunds, and inside was seated a Chihuahua dog! Awhhhhhhhhh! The sign said "Dashunds for Peace. Loved it! They won first prize for Best over All! All the dogs got special treats at the end! They were all so wonderful, and we enjoyed watching their parade, and the scenic view of the day. Life is too sweet not to enjoy every minute of it!
We're expecting our first snowflakes of the season tonight!


ochikeron said...

Hello jo!

Very beautiful autumn tints! How nice you can drive over to such a nice place!

Are these all homemade?! Amazing!!! I saw something like these at stores, so I thought those costumes are bought. Did you see this with your dogs?

You know how to enjoy your time! It reminds me of living in Connecticut. There were many unique events there, too. Now I am too busy in Japan, forgetting something important. Thanks for posting this :) I really had a relaxing time!!!

Stay warm!!!

Jo said...

Hi Ochi,

Yes Autumn is very pretty here.

Not all the costumes were homemade, just the lion one!

Doesn't Japan have events there too! I'm glad you enjoyed the post! Keeping warm with our wood burner!

Anonymous said...

Awwwww!!!!!!!!! these are adorable. Love the dragon... We have 2 black cats; they go out as Themselves. :)

Nazarina A said...

Hi Jo,
When I read "Twin Lakes", I thought it was the Twin Lakes in Colorado ha! ha! Twin lakes here in Co is where one of the country's largest glacier lakes is situated! Anyway, I wanted to say that Twin Lakes Pa is very picturesque as well and we too are enjoying the beautiful Fall leaves. You take very beautiful nature pictures!

That animal costume show looked like you had fun. I liked the costume of the boxer as well.

terrymcdermott said...

I love the pics of all the cute dogs.

Jo said...

Hello Nan,

We thought my 2 year old nephew would love the animals too, but he was too busy running around! I bet your black cats are a nice decoration for Holloween. Did you ever take pictures of them by pumpkins, my sister did of her balck one so cute!

Jo said...

Nazarina it's so amazing how many place have the same name. If you ever have a chance, take one of your Twin Lakes for me. Would love to see it, and some others of your Colorado. I've never been there, I hear it's very beautiful!

Thank you I enjoy taking pictures, and doing photo enhancements. The boxer costume was a very good idea!

Jo said...

Hey Terry,

Glad you liked the post! I love animals so much as you can tell. Labrador retrievers have always been my favorite, along with Basset Hounds! :)

Jo Janoski said...

Oh my gosh! Far out! I love the peace bus. How come I didn't know about that? Dang it. I was checking out a Women's Club rummage sale near us. That was fun, too, but this would have been a hoot, or maybe a woof. Do they still have ducks at Twin Lakes...ducks and dogs...hmmm.

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

LOL! I enjoyed your parade! We had our first snowflakes--now it's all warm again. Go figure. The kids won't even have to bundle up over their costumes this year when they go out trick or treating.

Jo said...

They don't do much advertising, but mostly by the shelter. I'll email ya next year when I find the date!

Something different and cute to see on a Fall day. Yes the ducks are still there, some were even following wanting to be fed, which they discourage! The dogs were all on leashes, and very well behaved!

Jo said...

Thanks Joyce,

The parade was fun, for us animal enthusiasts. My family has always loved animals especially dogs!

Our weather here will also be warming up for Holloween. I'm glad not so happy with cold winds blowing!

ozymandiaz said...

Hey Jo
I thought you were AGAINST cruelty to animals
a couple of those outfits could be considered torture
Just sayin
seems like a blast though

Jo said...

Hello D.B.

At least it was a cool day for them to wear their costumes. I'm sure some were confining, there were many with little on too! As an animal lover it was a fun day in dog and cat land! :)

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