Saturday, May 8, 2010

PA Twilight ~ Sunset Photo And Haiku ~ Mother's Day 2010!

Life's beauty unveils
memories become moments
withering in twilight

©Jo A. True-Burkholder 2010

Mother nature like many women cannot make up her mind! In the 80's yesterday and in the 50's today! Typical crazy Pennsylvania weather. I took this twilight shot right out my front door, the first part of February. We had rain, and temps dipped way down to zero, and the rain froze during the day covered by a light snow! One of my favorite shots with the sun in the backround! We're close to freezing tonight!!

Talking about Mothers, Mother's Day is bittersweet for me, because my mother passed four years ago. I've many great memories of her, filling our home with great cooking smells. It was my mom who made our house a home. Her mere presence always brang a smile into our lives and always will. Her talents and love were unprecedented and irreplaceable. To say I miss her would be an understatement. The years haven't been the same without her, and I can say my life hasn't been the same either.

Yet life truly goes on and all mom desired most was for her family to be happy. Holidays seem to be the hardest to celebrate, even years later. It's almost if I miss her more the longer she's been gone! If you're lucky enough to have your mother, treasure her for every moment that you have. People say it, yet few realize how short our time here on this lovely earth is. Embrace life with every breath, and never regret a moment you have together loving each other. Memories are everything, never cease making them.. Lastly never stop taking photos. You don't know when our loved ones will make their final exit far into the twilight.

I'll be planting my Mother's day flowers soon, picked out 42 little flower gems to brighten my Spring flower garden. Happy Mother's Day and stay Literally In The Moment!

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Jo Janoski said...

That photo could have been taken last night! Brrrrr, it's cold around here. Lost my mum years and years ago in high school--still miss her in a way.

Jo A. T.B. said...

The photo could be taken tonight too, even colder tonight! Dang gotta cover some plants again! I'm sure it was hard for you to loose your mom at such a young age!

Anonymous said...

Keerrrrrrayzee weather! So what's the tomato forecast this year? The blight got to ours last year after all.

Moms are always with us... you never stop missing them when they're gone. :(

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hey Nan, so glad to hear from you, keep checking your blog but no new posts!! I've no idea how the tomatoes will do, but we still have some powder left from last year. I was able to savage some tomatoes because of the dust!!! So get some just in case!! You're right I'll never stop missing my mom!

ozymandiaz said...

its down to a chilly 70 or so here


happy (very belated) mother's day

Jo A. T.B. said...

Thanks D.B. Glad you're back from the wild!!

nazarina said...

This is Jo at her very best! You captured the light reflection perfectly!When you take these shots, it is almost as if flora and fauna stops and flamboyantly poses for you!

The weather here in Colorado is just so unpredictable. It snowed here just three days ago in the mountains!
We share that same feelings about our elders that have passed on. I sometimes want to ask them something and soberly realize that they are no longer there but things seem to work out eventually....I know that they had a hand in solving my dilemmas.
Don't you think that having this blog is the antidote to missing them?

Jo A. T.B. said...

Thanks Nazarina this is one of my favorite shots. I've another one I took of snowfall sunset going down on the farmland hills I walk! I need to download it to my computer from my phone!

I think of that often, wish I would have asked mom more about her culture, now I ask Ochi!! My blog like yours is a tribute to my loved ones and all the wonderful things I learned from them!!

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