Sunday, March 14, 2010

Edie Poodle Dog Rescued In Her Last Hour! Edie's Video Will Inspire Your Heart!

Edie's video is a must see, and be sure you grab a kleenex!! If you're an animal lover you'll be inspired by Edie and her rescuers. Millions of shelter dogs are euthanized every day, most are evaluated and judged to be put down by their indifferent behavior. Edie a poodle dog, was to be put down because of her defensive behavior. Eddie was rescued an hour before she was to be euthanized.

Edie appeared scared, cautious, and her fur was terribly matted! You'll be amazed at what a little love, perseverance, and patience brings out in poor Edie. Her rescue is captured in video by rescuers Eldad Hagar and Bronwyne Mirkovich! Eldad Hagar is the founder of Hope For Paws Animal Rescue Organization. Eldad and Bronwyne shot this video to create awareness of sheltered animals all across the world.

Most of these dogs are frightened and defenseless creatures, often thrust in a new and totally different environment. On many occasions the dogs are dropped off at shelters by owners, who just simply don't want them anymore. The dogs are taken from a familiar enviroment and thrown into a strange new place coming in contact with strangers.

How would we feel to be taken from our home, and put into a jail like setting? How would we be expected to act? Others come from abusive homes, and don't know whether to trust another human again! Majority of shelters are overcrowded and understaffed. Many shelters do the best they can. Yet if they could just take that extra time to evaluate new animal arrivals, it could save a sweet life like Edie's. How many Edies are passed over, simply because the dogs are plain scared, and need a hug to know it's ok!

I've had the pleasure of meeting animal lovers, rescuers, shelters, and animal groups on facebook, along with featuring Dogs on Death Row here on my blog! Hope For Paws Animal Rescue is trying to make a difference, one animal at a time. The animal crusade goes on everyday, and there are thousands just like Edie who are desperately waiting for just one more chance, and a little human compassion!

View all Eldad Hagar's videos, they speak a thousand words in the faces and demeanor of the dogs. The videos will leave you speechless, victorious, and full of animal inspiration!


Unknown said...

Poor Edie~~~

Hope he will be fine soon!!

Jo,you've the most big heart person I ever met.You're kind-hearted.I need to learn from you..

Jo A. T.B. said...

Thank you Jose, I know Edie will be fine she's in good hands. At first I thought she was a male and had to edit my post!

I feel the same about, you're kind hearted, the living way you talk about your family and boyfriend.

nazarina said...

Dear sister,
I cried so hard when I viewed this video, Poor little defenseless creatures. May God Almighty make their suffering swift and short!!!!
I know that you are such a voracious advocate for them because your whole blog is dedicated to them. You make me want to stop blogging about food!
Can I help you by maybe making a big basket of soap and raffling it toward this cause? If you want me to,I shall definitely make it and send it to you.Please do not for one moment think that I just "wanna" throw money at this problem because there are just so many cats that I can adopt.Now I will most probably have to go to the pound again and go and get my 4th cat after viewing this video. Please forgive me if I am rambling, I am still upset. This little fluff ball has tugged at my heart strings!
Please e-mail me about that raffle idea!

nazarina said...

I left a long comment here & now I see that it did not register! So I am going to try and memorize what I wrote.
I started out by saying " My dear sister, Jo,
I cried so hard when I viewed this video. The little Edie tugged at my heart strings... May God Almighty make their suffering swift and short! You are such a good advocate for these creatures and I wanted to know whether I could help by making a basket of soaps and send it to you so that maybe you could put it on your blog and raffle it and send the money to one of the organizations that helps animals. You would be the prudent person! Please do not think that I just want to throw money at this problem, because Lord knows that I already have 4 cats! Now that I have seen this video, I might just go back to the pound & get another pet!
BTW, from now on I am linking to your blog at the beginning of all of my posts!Please remind me if I forget!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Sweet Nazarina,

I knew you would be touched by this, being the animal lover you are1 Sorry for all the comment stuff! Your comments showing here! Your ideas are wonderful, check your email. We'll implement your idea together! I wish I could adopt them all! One thing we can be proud of is the way we love our animal babies! Thanks for reading me! xoxo

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