Saturday, December 19, 2009

Looking To Adopt A Dog In North Carolina?

Virginia is the true face of a dog in need wishing for a forever loving home! If you're in the North Carolina area, Viginia a hound ~ yellow Lab mix is waiting for you. I've been featuring Virginia on my blog and facebook along with other dogs on deathrow.

The more exposure we can give to dogs in kill shelters, the greater the chance they may find a home before it's too late! Virgina grabbed my heart with her sad red eyes just reaching out to pull you into her grave predicament. Virginia is at the Blade County Animal Shelter in Elizabethtown, N.C. Here's Virginia's link on Petfinder: and also her link on dogs in danger:

Virginia has been granted extra time, but unfortunately she's in a kill shelter! If you're near to the area, and are thinking of adopting please consider Virginia!

I'd love to see Virginia in a new home for Christmas, and witness laughter beaming from those beautiful eyes. If you happen to adopt this sweet girl, please let me know!

I can say from experience that shelter animals are very loving. I adopted my OP cat from a shelter, and after the deaths of our first generation pets, OP has filled our hearts with daily joy!

You'll never find a deeper love than from a shelter pet or one who is is abandoned! You'll be blessed with loyal and unconditional love until their dying breath! Many shelters are in need of our help, especially during our tough economic times! Seriously consider adopting from your local shelter today, and truly make a difference in the life of a shelter pet!

Happy Holidays from Pennsylvania! We've had a total of five inches of snow falling yesterday and today! We just might have a white Christmas! More photos to come when things finally slow down! Stay tuned!!!


terrymcdermott said...

Great post and Merry Christmas

Jo A. T.B. said...

Thanks Terry! Merry Christmas to you!

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