Friday, September 25, 2009

Fall's Sutle Color Emergence Photo!

Peering out into our woods, you can see Fall is making a suble entrance. We've had a hot dry spell most of September. A lot of leaves are just turning black mostly due to the lack of water! I can't believe that I've had the chance to wear my shorts all month long! Our luck will be changing with the wind in the next few days!

The skies have been very loud and crowded overhead with all the military planes flying around for the Pittsburgh G20 Summit! Yesterday three black military helicopters were flying pretty low. I didn't grab my camera fast enough! Makes me glad that we don't live right in the city. I could hear the planes flyiing over all night long! I'm sure it was much louder in the city! A quiet weekend planned around home! Have a great weekend! Enjoy the sights!


Unknown said...


I love your Fall 's photo...Have a great day,Jo!!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Thanks Jose, funny how simple colors can be so eye catching!

Jo Janoski said...

Love the photo! I agree with you about the planes. We heard them all the time during the summit. I guess greater Pitt was a no-fly zone and they all diverted over us. lol.

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Jo,

Thanks, I didn't think of that diversion over our way with the planes! Glad it's over though!

Anonymous said...

Hi jo! I was really busy with my stuff, so I missed all your posts! It's already autumn in your area ;) How nice!

You know what. I love my bf but I sometimes get really nervous when he comes home late. You know what I mean. He still hangs out with a girl. Should I just ignore? Maybe he is serious about her. Or this might be my misconception. I don't know but I can't 100% believe him. Too bad... I love him so much so I don't want me being like this. But the time I spend with him is always great! What a pity. I hope time will heal this feeling. Do you think so? Please reply here, not on my posts. He-he ;)

I will post this as Anonymous...

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Anonymous!

I know who you are! Yes Autumn has arrived, in fact we had our first frost last night!

You're in a predicament, and I know how men are allowed to do as they please in your culture! But this is modern day, I would be like you upset.

I don't feel this is good behaviour for someone who is committed in a relationship! You must let him know this is hurting you, and making you feel uncomfortable.

Time will not heal a situation which is not reconciled, or solved in a manner in which you can truly be happy.

I'm sure bf wouldn't be happy if you went and did the same! But women are always looked down upon more so then men. The fact is most women wouldn't stoup that low, because of their deep love!

I wish you luck in solving your realtionship, I sorry that you must continue to deal with it!

ochikeron said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hi jo,

It is very difficult. I can't explain it well but sometimes I labor under a delusion. I first need to calm down before I act. This is something I learned from these feelings.

Anyway, mostly, I am happy being with him. I just have ups and downs.

Thanks for your advice!!!

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Hi, Jo! As always, your photos are gorgeous! You have a real talent for awesome photography!

I've had a busy summer--Disneyland and the California beaches for 10 days with my son Chris and his family, a Education Week at BYU, another week in Portland Oregon getting to know our new grandson Evan! Things are finally settling down.... I hope your summer was good. xo

Jo A. T.B. said...

Thanks Joyce I truly enjoy my photography!

Great you've been having fun in your absense from the web world! All the bustle helps us stay in shape! Summer was great here too, but as always way too short!

Take care, xoxo Jo~

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