Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Destination Virginia Beach ~ Part II 2009 Vacation Series!

Last Tuesday June 9, 2009, we left Kings Dominion and drove down 64
to Virginia Beach. We stopped at a visitors center on the way and picked up coupons for motels, restaurants, and brochures to main attractions! Let me tell you the coupons can save you some money. The 5 lane highways flipped me out, as well as the 70 mile per hour speed limit. In PA the speed limit 55-60, with mostly 2 lane highways! We found a wonderful hotel called the Red Roof Inn on I-264 Exit 15A close to VA Beach. In our coupon booklet. we had a coupon for $49.99, which saved us $10.00 off the price of a room for four! We paid $60.00 a night for our 2 night stay at Doswell and the motel was not near as nice. We ended up staying at the Red Roof Inn for 3 nights. Rooms and beds were clean, pool was wonderful, and the personnel were great and helpful!

After settling into our motel, we headed to the beach. The first thing I noticed was a immaculate statue of King Neptune. You couldn’t miss the astounding 34 foot bronze statue towering the Atlantic ocean beach entrance! Neptune is the Mythological God of the Sea, the amazing statue is one of the largest bronze castings in the United States.

We found parking two blocks away for $5.00 a day, and walked to the beach. We no sooner laid our blanket down, a huge storm cloud thundered overhead. We had driven over 400 miles to get here, and the beach was closed due to the impending thunder storms. We hadn’t even entered the water yet! What better way to pass the time than to go shopping! The beach shops are not located right on the beach like the New Jersey boardwalk, but one block over from the beach. The beach was not reopened due to the nuisance rain!

Wednesday June 10, 2009 we finally enjoyed a beautiful hot 90 degree day at the beach. I felt so stupid upon entering the water, I left my sunglasses on and they were lost in the ocean waves! The ocean was cold, but felt good with the high humidity! I always forget the power of sunrays on the beach and my back received a pretty bad burn. I did wear an SPF 50, but forgot to reapply after swimming! Virginia beach was just like I remember from several years ago, still breathtakingly beautiful!

I was astounded by the Tons of stingray eggshells which were in the water and all over the beach! Makes you wonder how many live ones were in the water!

Restaurant wise, we ate at Kentucky fried chicken, Denny’s, and a seafood buffet, and there were sushi restaurants everywhere so I had the chance to eat sushi. I wish I could have gone to a couple mores sushi places! For my friend Ochi, a photo of a dish I ate called Mermaid roll. Inside sushi was seaweed of course, salmon, shrimp tempura, avacado and on the side they gave me an egg plant tempura over rice! The green dip sauce was not very good, I took a bite, and almost chocked it was so hot and nasty like horse radish which I don’t like! The sushi mermaid was excellent though!

I ’ve one more part to my Virginia vacation series, hopefully we’ll take another vacation! Stay tuned for some great photos!


Dan said...

Jo, brings back memories. I lived in Virginia Beach four years when I was in the Navy. We went back to Williamsburg for vacation last year. Hope you enjoy your time!!

Jo Janoski said...

You guys are filling me with wanderlust...

Jo A. T.B. said...

I bet you loved living there Dan, the humidity is so much higher there than here in PA! I left here with an extra blanket and never had to use it! Yes we enjoyed our time! :)

Jo A. T.B. said...

So nice to take a vacation Jo, the last one we took was 7 years ago!

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

green sauce = wasabi? How cn you be Japanese and not LOVE wasabi???

terrymcdermott said...

I like the statue of Neptune.

Nazarina A said...

Daer Jo,

Please forgive me for not coming over sooner and saying hello!
On the other hand, I am glad you enjoyed your fantastic beach getaway. I am enjoying your pics!

Did your daughter have fun? I bet you enjoyed laying out and catching a tan as well and I bet you just did not want this vacation to end right?

The statue of Neptune is awesome. I have never visited this beach and now after seeing your pics.I sure would love to! I am coming over for the other pics!

Much love,

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Joyce,

I didn't ask what the green sauce was, I liked the green sauce on the mermaid roll, but the side sauce was not good. I don't like horseradish, so it was not pleasant for me, plus I took a big bite, which you are probrably supposed to dip!

We didn't have many Japanese stores around here, so my mom didn't buy to much Japanese food to famailiarize us with! I like most oriental foods!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Naz,

Yes we had a very wonderful vacation! The weather was hot the way I like it, and I took some warm clothes just in case and never had to wear them! Summer stuff all the way! My daughter had a fun time.

You will love it there, I suggest you go. A lot of sushi bars, wish I could have visited more, one was right beside our motel! Everything expensive though!

Hugs and love, Jo

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Terry,

The statue was truly amazing, we could see it from the road when we passed by the ocean. There is all kind of sea creatures around it even on the back! A lot craftsmanship was put into this baby!

ochikeron said...

Hi jo,

Wow! $10.00 OFF!? You are a smart shopper!

Thanks for the sushi picture! I was just going to ask you what the Green Sauce was but you don't know... Hmm... Anyway, the mermaid roll looks beautiful! I want to try it out ;)

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Ochi,

The mermaid roll was wonderful, it was the dipping sauce that was separate on the plate that was not too good! Joyce seems to think it was wasabi! I thought you might know! :)

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