Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Casualties Of The Economy ~ Part I 2009 Vacation Series!

Constantly observant and in tune to my surroundings. I was very affected by the fact there were folks actually living in the 1st motel we were staying at on our way to Virginia Beach! Kings Dominion was like a halfway point to the beach, and a place my daughter simply had to check out! I’m not much of a rider, so I stayed back and relaxed by the motel pool. A pool is a must have when we stay at a motel, we love to swim any time of day or evening for that matter!

I befriended a upper middle aged couple, who had lost their home in Gloucester Virginia. They had been living in the motel since the beginning of May. Due to the turning economy they were unable to hang on to their home. They lost their cats, most of their belongings, and ultimately their humble abode! Stripped to one vehicle for transportation,the once music teacher was forced to find any job near the motel. I could tell they were good people, kind and surprisingly in decent spirits in spite of their dire situation.

A devastating sight to behold, for our America has always stood for the land of plenty. I wished them luck on their journey to reestablish a new real home! The home casualties are not limited to Virginia, but are on the doorstep of every city throughout the country. We only need to look out of our existing lives to be touched by the devastation!

We stayed at the motel for two days, and I left there very humbled! The fallen infrastructure of all businesses big and small, lost mortgages and family homes. Who will become the next casualty!


ochikeron said...

Hi jo,

You had an extremely valuable experience. I know... I always think that that can happen to me, too.

How was the weather there?! Nice you take a family trip! Since I grew up, I haven't gone on a trip with my parents for a long time... Oh, maybe we went on a trip when we attended the funeral... that is something different, though...

Jo A. T.B. said...

Yes it was an experience to see how people are effected with the economy! The weather was hot and humid, great for swimming!

You should take a nice vacation with your family! What are you waiting for! :)

terrymcdermott said...

I told my daughter when she comes to my house in July, we would do things in town, and not spend much money this years. I think we are all in the same boat.

Jo A. T.B. said...

I sure know what you mean Terry, the very reason we drove our own car. We haven't taken a vaca in over 7 years! We spent the minimum we could!

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