Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hypermiling Cruising For Dollars!

Hypermiling are you doing it! They call it coasting, I call it cruising! With the rising cost of gas in the past few years, many are trying to find ways to preserve their car gas suppy! Living in Pennsylvania with all the beautiful rolling hills, I‘m an irresistible Hypermiler. I remember as a teen hypermiling my 318 Dodge Challenger which had amazing coasting abilities. We used to see how far we could coast our cars down the many hills here in PA.

A lot of folks push hypermiling into the danger zone coasting in neutral. Coasting in neutral is against the law in some American States. Coasting in neutral can cause your engine to stall suddenly, possibly causing an unwanted stop in the middle of the road. So unless you’re an expert, I wouldn’t recommend the neutral tactic.

Other ways to maximize gas efficiency is to make sure your tires are properly inflated, and carry only necessary loads within the confines of your car! Plan your destinations ahead of time. Map out the easiest routes to follow, with the least amount of stops! Make sure to shut off your engine when parked. Excessive breaking and idling wastes gas, and emits more emissions into our air supply and ozone.

Another great idea has been implemented by UPS for years. UPS drivers have been mapping out routes with mostly right turns. UPS has saved millions of dollars in gas costs by using this technique. By limiting left turns, there's less waiting time at traffic lights, for traffic moving in the opposite direction.

Most of all, be a safe and courteous driver. Road rage has become an unwanted epidemic in our society. Don't we have enough crime and hate already? At least for the moment, gas prices have become bearable! Our gas prices here are $2.09 and still fluctuating daily! Happy Hypermiling!

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ochikeron said...

Hi jo,

I never heard of the term "Hypermiling" but sounds scary!!! And you used to do that!? You are always young!!! I feel myself old... ha-ha-ha...

I hope to see the gas price I used to see... too bad :(

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Ochi,

I'm still doing it, when I can of course. I had someone today tailing my butt, some folks drive like maniacs! I still like to see how far I can coast! Old you are much too young to feel old!

Gas wast below $2.00 but went back up again!

terrymcdermott said...

This term is new to me also.

Jo Janoski said...

New to me, too!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Terry & Jo,

I can't you never heard of hypermiling! I guess they mostly use the word coasting, it's fun seeing the coasting abilities of cars. I think they could coast further today because of the lightness of car production weight now!

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